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As if it weren't already difficult enough to navigate the obstacles between us and gainful employment:

-- cheap overseas laborers
-- competitive forces of inexpensive interns
-- the bias against aging in fast-paced tech world
-- the planned downsizing of gainful companies by corporate raiders

As if all that weren't already difficult enough, now we've got to navigate the unseen scenarios, buried deep within the 'national databases' that few of us old-world applicants can even find, let alone easily surf through:
Sreening your applicant from every angle.

Know Who You're Hiring
    - 50% of all resume's contain false or misleading information.
    - Approximately 6% of today's workforce have a criminal record.
    - Approximately 38% of credit reports contain derogotory information.
Employee turnover is expensive.  Our goal is to provide you with a better way to decrease your turnover rate.

Web-Based Technology

    - Leveraging the power of the internet, we give you access to the information you need 24x7.
    - Reports may be managed and ordered online and are archived forever.

It's tough even for the DIY-employer to navigate those dusty data trails sometimes -- SO as per usual, corporate laziness is another mother of invention.

Now they can hire someone to Do It for You (DIFY) -- you know, dig up that internet dirt, so that they don't have to.  So they can legitly feign ignorance and innocence, when they send out all those 'blanket rejection' letters:

Background Checks  --

Many background check services offer a vast array of investigative tools. Some services offer you unlimited access to their databases and records, putting state, federal, and county records at your fingertips. Other services will prepare detailed reports for you on the individual you have asked them to research.
[...] has reviewed and ranked the best background check services available today. We hope this information helps you select the background check service that's right for you!

    Background Report 360 offers fast, accurate, and user-friendly background checks. The website connects you instantly to Internet-based records, allowing you to investigate and locate practically anyone. Background Report 360 is an affordable service that earns our highest rating.  Read More ...

    Gov Resources is a self-service online public background check website. You can search any public record you are looking for through this website, allowing you to find information about friends, family, neighbors, potential dates, acquaintances, and fellow employees.   Read More ...

These days, prospective Employers in this brave new 'national database' age, will find themselves saying with ever more frequency:

        "Congratulations you got the Job! ... Ummm, Wait a second, NO you don't.

         Sorry, there was someone ... 'better qualified' ... you understand, right?"

(and all those prospective applicants, had better politely say "yes."  Databases being what they are and all, you know that once-dreaded "permanent record.")

[ Source -- a rose by any other name” – chupin's Xstitch free | Claire93's  ]

        "A Rose by any other name would smell as sweet."
Well actually Bill, that may have been true in your day and age of sonnets and playwrights, but in this age of linking disparate databases to each other everywhere -- it's not so much anymore.

What's in a name actually does matter ... more than most ever realize ...

Background checks prone to mistakes, can shut out jobs

November 20, 2012 --

PHOENIX — Darlene T. Martinez was grateful to be offered a housekeeping job at a local hospital soon after the Progressive Group of Insurance Cos. closed part of a call center where she had worked. This was in early 2011, in a much weaker economy.

Although the position would mean a cut in pay, it was steady work. Besides, the benefits were great, she said.

Somehow, Darlene T. Martinez was confused with Darlene Foster Ramirez, who was found guilty in 2009 of dangerous-drug possession in Navajo County. The hospital rescinded the job offer, and Martinez was left scrambling to remove another person's felony from her record and find a new job.

The case highlights questions about the accuracy of background checks, which legal experts say can be filled with errors because of incomplete databases and confused identities. These errors can be difficult to fix, costing applicants job opportunities and disrupting livelihoods.

Stupid Database!  Who built that thing?  Who loaded it, from where?  Who QC'ed the data results?

And who the hell forgot to turn off the soundex matching?  

Hey, good thing no one really cares about all those "false negative" hits anyways -- that's just the price of progress.  Afterall, there is no such thing as "perfect data," right?

It's good enough for government work, where the tolerance levels are set in the millions.

Besides it's not like there's any serious standards and stuff, on how to avoid the many gotchas of building and using national databases, to track and predict human behavior. You've met humans, right? Messy, confusing, inconsistent creatures -- most of them anyways. How can they expect the humble data-bot, to straighten out all that?

Employment Background Checks Gone Wrong

September 1st, 2011 --

Four points are worth emphasizing:
     1)  A best practices background screening methodology must include the use of a national criminal database BUT (and that’s a big but) its use should be limited to being a tool to scope the background check. It’s only to be used as a tool to guide local-level records searches. (Read more on the use of national criminal databases.)
      2)  Database searches are inherently incomplete. To rely on a ‘national’ database as the end-all-be-all source of information is a dangerous practice.
      3)  The Fair Credit Reporting Act requires, among other things, that CRAs maintain strict procedures designed to ensure that public record information used to make employment decisions is complete and up to date.
      4)  Companies that sell database searches without verifying the identity of the subject do not have your best interests in mind.

[ Source -- 1.5. Android Activity Lifecycle -- ]

No worries though, prospective data sweepers and miners, and future data service providers, the Congress of America has got "your best interests covered."

They know that even the best-made automated computer processes are prone to make glitchy mistakes, Murphy's Law being what it is and all ...

Background check gone wrong --legal-answers

[ Question: ]
if a background check comes back with false info and it causes you not to get the job can any thing be done.

Attorney answers:

It would be very difficult to do anything unless you can prove that you would have gotten the job had the information been correct. That is a very difficult thing to do, because it can be alleged that there were other more qualified individuals or that the employer just decided to hire a particular individual over you. You would have the burden to prove otherwise. If you can get a statement from the employer that you would have gotten the job but for the discrepancy in the background check you will be in a much better position.

SO, future National Database Services providers of America, the Congress has got "your best interests covered":

They put all that oh-so inconvenient "burden of proof" right back where is belongs -- on the consumers, you know those pesky "American Job Applicants" of last resort.

Hey Employers, they got you covered too.  Hire away.  Or not.  More now than ever, this costly decision to invest in America and hire actual American people, is entirely up to you (and your shareholders).

And of course, whatever sketchy excuses you can pull out of -- that ever-growing "permanent record," without a Quality Check in the world.  

SO, Applicants Beware, as per usual you're the ones on the hook. In the land that Opportunity, forgot. Otherwise known as America in the National Database Age.

Originally posted to Digging up those Facts ... for over 8 years. on Fri Jul 05, 2013 at 03:10 PM PDT.

Also republished by Unemployment Chronicles.

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