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... in the Kos Katalogue that are made with love: Oregon Gal and edrie

Oregon Gal posted a diary last week in which she told us about the current challenges she is facing in running her goat farm. What she lacks in money she has made up for in persistence and determination to take care of her goats; but persistence and determination do not pay the bills or feed her lovely creatures so she cautiously posted this diary and asked Kossacks for help. I am so glad she did because it gave us the chance to dote on her and her goats, an opportunity we otherwise would not have had.

Money is tight for many of us, I am sad to say that all I could do for Oregon Gal was to rec and tip her diary, but even this she was happy with. So for this afternoon's Kos Katalogue I am highlighting GOATS! and you can adopt your very own which will help Oregon Gal pay for the feeding and caring of each goat, improvements to her farm and supplies to run her business and livelihood.
Mudball loves to roll in the mud but it is Mudball's face that tugs at my heart.  
A mature doe like Mudball eats about 1/2 a ton of hay each year.  Sponsoring Mudball or one of her sisters would be $60 for a year, $30 for six months or $5 a month.
This is I am Goat, a doe born this spring with no ensuing identity crisis.
I am GOAT could be sponsored for $30 for a year or $15 for six months.
This is Ramone, the herd sire. I am now officially. losing. it! What a handsome gentleman!
Sponsoring Ramone for $60 a year would cover all his hay needs and allow for the extra high protein grain that he needs to perform his duties as herd sire.  $30 would cover six months and $5 would feed him for a month.
April Moon getting some love at the Farmer's Market.
April Moon could be sponsored for $30 for a year or $15 for six months.
Anyone sponsoring a grown doe, or Ramone, or Albie, or two kids for a year can request and will receive an assortment of goat cheese in November or December for the cost of shipping only.  Shipping is not cheap but the cheese itself would be sent at no charge.
For more mom and baby goat images that will tug at your heart please visit Oregon Gal's diary from last week. For specific questions about sponsoring a goat, please leave a comment for Oregon Gal.

When you dote on your goats you have happy goats and when you have happy goats you get delicious goat’s milk, and when you get delicious goat’s milk, guess what? You make wonderful goat cheese! Sorry for the silliness, I should probably leave that to Glen The Plumber. But I do love goat cheese.

So maybe adopting goats is not your thing but you enjoy gourmet cheese. You can order goat cheese lovingly made from contended and happy goats for yourself or for a gift and you can feel good about sustainable farming and living at the same time. Oregon Gal says the best time to order goat cheese is November or December, it will be delivered in time for the holidays.

Fresh Sicilan Ricotta Salata flavored with sun-dried tomatoes, basil, garlic and pine nuts
Fresh chevre is available in plain, garlic and chive, basil with roasted Oregon hazelnuts, sun-dried tomato with basil and garlic, roasted garlic, roasted red pepper and greek olive.  

Oregon Gal not only puts her heart into her goats she graces her community with a yearly fund raiser for the food bank. Last year she did a bake sale that raised $600.00  keeping the food bank going for the month of January. Even though her business and livelihood has been impacted by the economy, Oregon Gal still manages to provide the best quality products that her customers have come to know.

Quoted from Oregon Gal:

I love that goats produce something so valuable and so good in every way.  I love that all over the world, there are goats living well with humans, socialized and integrated. There is more goat milk consumed worldwide than any other milk and more goat meat consumed than any other source of protein, and although I don't eat them myself, I do drink the milk and consume the cheese. They are funny.  They are sweet.  They are quiet and peaceful.  Sisters will graze side by side for their entire life.  Will sleep leaning against each other.  Living this life and sharing it with them is a wonderful blessing.
Indeed, Oregon Gal is a blessing to her community and to ours.
Oregon Gal's Paypal link is You can also find Alsea Acre Goat Cheese on Facebook. (Don't forget to Like it). Oregon Gal also has a great blog site up, please visit her at to read about fundraisers, baking and goats.

In our family, we have a deep love of animals. My daughter can do no wrong when it comes to the animals who embrace her as one of theirs. I believe that if she can express empathy and caring for animals then her heart is growing and developing with creativity and strength. There are some people who have a natural way with animals, who've developed a method of communication that touches deeply the soul of live creatures and who in turn trust them ten fold. While many people love and care for animals, not all of us have developed an intuitive understanding and communication with them that is pervasive and satisfying. If you think I'm trying to say that some people can talk to and understand what an animal thinks or is trying to say, I'm not. I wish it were that simple. But some people just have a way of intuitively knowing and feeling what it is an animal needs, like encouragement, empathy, praise... and moving to the deeper realm of feelings and needs... a way of loving and understanding so special that an animal's life can turn from traumatized to whole.

edrie is such a person to animals and humans. I met her last June at a time when I was in need of healing. I wrote about my daughter, edrie, her horse Sani, and my experience of finding emotional healing in the presence of horses here. edrie is used to facilitating healing, it's what she does intuitively and I am in awe of her for this. So when the opportunity came to promote Kos Katalogue, it seemed appropriate to showcase edrie's jewelry and to provide an opportunity to give back a little of what edrie gives to the Daily Kos community and beyond.

Please spend a moment viewing edrie's work to see how she utilizes energy and healing as inspiration for these beautiful pieces of jewelry.

i work in amethyst when i am out of balance energy wise - it is such a soothing stone and helps to calm negative energy...
Beautiful healing stones - amethyst necklace and earring set
22" in length $185.00
this special stone brings tranquility and peace to the wearer - it is a calming stone that enhances meditation and balance. amethyst is a stone worn by healers and is used in healing troubled energy.

the larger blocks of amethyst in this necklace offer strong support to balance one's psyche while the round beads offer strong energy to speed healing. the stones are separated by sterling silver beads and a silver clasp, also bringing balance to the wearer.

amethyst is a stone of peace and love - and the wearer will find comfort and solace when embraced by its energy.

Beautiful multicolored Pearl Necklace
Up to 22" long $125.00
These delicate pearls are individually knotted and accented in sterling silver. The clasps are also sterling with a choice of heart shape designs or other styles.

The necklace length up to 22" will be offered at the same price - it is yours to decide the length of these gorgeous pearls. Earrings can be added at no extra cost.

Teardrop Pearl Necklace with 14K Gold Clasp
The classic elegance of this individually knotted and weighted Teardrop Pearl Necklace is timeless. The Pearls are very high grade freshwater pearls with high luster and are color matched. The shape may vary slightly for each strand. The clasp and finishing beads are 14K Gold. You can choose 16" or 18" with each pearl knotted separately with Japanese Pearl Thread. (For an additional $25, I can make a 20" or 22" strand.)

Earrings are also available in either 14K Gold Studs or single Teardrops with 14K Gold wires upon request at no extra cost. (Prices vary according to Pearl size.

Vibrant Jade Teardrop and Pearl Earrings
These beautiful teardrops will grace the wearer for any occasion! The earwires are sterling silver enhanced by silver rondelles to accent the teardrop Pearls that top the Jade.

These classic earrings are a beautiful addition to any woman's collection!

forever yours - beauty that lasts 1000 years
18" $175.00
this necklace made from petrified wood comes from the living tree changed through quartz chalcedony mineralization over 1,000 years. simply put, the tree has turned to stone - holding forever it's history and it's beauty!

the polished round beads accenting the rough stones are also petrified wood, giving a sense of movement throughout this beautiful fossil.

the rough and smooth combination represent the rings of living encountered by all living creatures as we pass through the journey of this life.

edrie's Shop on Etsy
Paypal link is
Are you looking for the link to the Kos Katalogue virtual store?
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