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Breitbart screenshot:
That's referencing PPP's latest Iowa polling, which included a GOP-only subsample of just 250 Republicans, or a crazy large margin of error of 6.2 percent. Anyone who reads too much into a sample size that tiny is a moron, so yeah, par for the course for Breitbart.

But I didn't choose this story because of poor poll reading skills. I did because it's the perfect vehicle for showcasing how much the crazy GOP base hates Marco Rubio. Plenty of examples, below the fold.

Ricky Rubio the hispanchurian mole,
Down primrose lane he has taken us a stroll,
Stepping on his dong in one big blunder,
His dreams of the presidency have been rendered asunder,
We have been conned by a perfect bung hole
Keep refining your racial purity controls. Here's a hint: skin color. Anyone who is even a mild shade of brown hates conservatism and is a hispanchurian mole. On with your purge!
This shows you how the rank and file are much smarter than the politicians. This was supposed to be Rubio's ticket to the White House. I have asked Rubio McConnell and many others why we need 12 million new Democrat voters and have not gotten an answer. Republicans look at this poll. The people do not want amnesty.
The "people" support amnesty, assuming that by "people" you mean, you know, actual people.
Rubio had me fooled while I lived in FL (2001-2009). I hope he realizes that taking this stand on immigration has ended his political career, unless he moves to CA or NY and runs for office. He would need to have a sex scandal to ensure he is competitive in those states.
He can also wear a diaper in Louisiana, since it's all the rage. Or go hiking in Appalachia.
amnesty will destroy the party and the country

well at least it will destroy the politicians supporting it too.

yeah Rubio and all you other amnesty supporters, take the lobbyist and special interest monies while extending your middle finger at the voter. you wont get the media, the democrats or the newly amnestied illegals votes, and you will not get ours either.

your destroying yourselves along with the rest of us.

NO votes for ANY amnesty supporter, no matter what the race or the opponent.

I have voted Republican for 30 years, if they nominate a RINO in 2016 i`m out.
I often wish I could take out my common sense, logic, and reasoning and become a liberal. It would so much easier to be mindless....yet angry, 24/7.
It's sad that we have no one to vote for if/when they nominate a RINO.
You would need to insert compassion, empathy and joyfulness. Then mix in some intelligence, smarts and critical thinking. Only then could you join us in laughing at Sarah Palin, Louie Gohmert, Michele Bachmann and everyone at Breitbart. It'd be fun! Sadly, I'm not holding my breath.
Indicates that the respondents prefer politicians who stand strong.
What I don't get is Jeb Bush at 14%. Either there were a lot of Democrats in that poll or the Republicans surveyed have a death wish for their party.
Actual poll results:
Rand Paul 18
Chris Christie 16
Paul Ryan 15
Jeb Bush 14
Marco Rubio 11
Ted Cruz 10

Actually indicates that there isn't a single Republican with real support. Compare to the Democratic side:

Hillary Clinton 71
Joe Biden 12
Elizabeth Warren 5

(And no, Elizabeth Warren isn't running.)

Schumer's marching orders worked to perfection, and Rubio followed them like a good soldier. Now the once "darling" of the GOP is an also-ran who MAY follow in the footsteps of Charlie Crist and become an "enlightened Democrat". (or even worse, Hillary's VP candidate)
Ew. No thanks. He's yours. Our politicians can speak on camera without choking.
Maybe he can run in Mexico, Im sure he won lots of followers down there.
Too bad he's Cuban.
Rubio was warned by talk show hosts and a few outspoken GOP prominents to run away as far as could from the immigration bill but he stood firm. he is standing firm in 5th place....he has only himself to blame.
Don't tell these guys that Chris Christie is in second. Has that guy been listening to Rush Limbaugh lately?
He blew it, big time. Saying one thing and doing another is a trait of Liberal politicians who would never be elected if they spoke their true intentions. Time to switch parties, Marco. You have all the makings of a Bill Clinton.
Rubio shouldn't even be on the radar. I'll take a true reformer any day than a fake RINO...Go Scott Walker 2016
Rubio vs CRUZ, no contest. We now know who the real Mexican American is.
Neither of them.
Note to all RINOS. Repubs are toast without the conservative base. Your RINO candidates will NEVER win. NEVER. Two elections in a row this has been proven. Note to Prebus--conservatives are withholding their donations until the party returns to its conservative roots. Democrat lite will no longer be tolerated.
Note to Prebus [sic], some random guy in a comment board on a crazy site is now the president of all conservatives. He's sent marching orders. Sucks to be you. Out.
Two questions for "RINO-hating" republicans:

FACT: Working for, introducing or voting for amnesty (illegal aliens CONTINUING to live here, in their CONQUERED territory) IS TREASON!

Question 1: Why has Rubio NOT fallen to ZERO?

Question 2: Rand "juegando del juego" ALSO SUPPORTS AMNESTY!!!!! Why is Rand "juegando del juego" Paul BEING PROMOTED BY THE REPUBLICAN MEDIA AND REPUBLICAN VOTERS, while Rubio is being demonized?!?!?!?!

What is "juegando del juego"? It's certainly not Spanish. But yeah, I get your point. Genghis Khan 2016!
Mark Levin needs to pick a candidate immediately, so that every conservative in the nation will rally behind, and donate to, one conservative and one conservative only, and reject the 12 other RINO turds, from Jeb to Ruse-io, that the GOP/FOX News Establishment will throw at us to distract and dilute the conservative vote.
Who's your daddy? Mark Levin is your daddy!

Why do you need a daddy? Damn, conservatives are weird.

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