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Pennsylvania police chief: F*ck all you libtards out there, you take it in the a**

The mayor of Gilberton, Pennsylvania is standing by her city’s police chief despite a series of profanity-laced and threatening videos.

In a video that has received wide attention, police chief Mark Kessler repeatedly tells those upset by his use of profanity to “go f*ck yourself” as he fires various automatic weapons.

Mayor Mary Lou Hannon told The Morning Call that Kessler had the right to express himself. The city would “not take action to quash free speech, whether or not each member of council or any member of council agrees with it.”

Ah yes, the freedom to act like a total fucking terrorist.

“I’m calling on all true Americans , all militia members, all true oath keepers to assemble, be ready to march on a tyrannical county government right here in Schuylkill county Pennsylvania, democrats are the true enemy of our country, our freedoms, our constitution, along with liberal news agency’s , liberal news reporters, much like hitlers nazis , time we clean these antiamerican thugs from office,” he wrote.
I'm not posting the video. You can go see it at the rawstory link, if you desire.

This is scary.

It's scary he's allowed to keep his job which is to prevent shit like this.

Police Academy Director Appalled And Embarrassed At Video

SCRANTON – Former Scranton Police Chief Dan Duffy says a video gone viral online shows exactly what not to do as a police officer.


“This is exactly what a law enforcement officer should not be doing out there publicly, especially identifying himself as a law enforcement officer. It`s an embarrassment to us,” said Duffy.

He can call for an armed march but he'd be down beating skulls and pepperspraying kids if any sort of peaceful protest occurred.

As I have been saying since before Obama's re-election these fuckwits are gearing up for a spasm of violence fueled in part by paranoid delusions, the ongoing unfettered racism promoted by right wing media and Republican/Teabagger politicians.

Florida has the SYG (shoot your gun) law, encouraging aggressive and predatory conduct by persons with such personality defects, here we have a friggin Chief of Police going fully unhinged, Rush Limbaugh with a badge and a gun. Collecting a paycheck derived from taxpayer money.

He has a webpage dedicated to his dream of a violent uprising: Chief Kessler's Constitution Security Force

The guy is 'gun nut- a term I used judiciously - of extraordinary proportion. The screed there is total 2nd amendment paranoia, which I figure is rife with closeted racism.

This is open stochastic terrorism and this numbnut should be under surveillance, since we are paying out the ass for that. Goddammit N$A do something useful.

There was little on Google News referencing this imbecile.

Really - do we have to just wait for this guy or one of his delusional followers to harm people before he gets a talking to in the woodshed? His mayor has clearly indicated she is useless - and won't be doing a damned thing about it.

If Occupy issued such a threat, what do you think would happen?

Pennsylvania State Police?




@Chief Mark Kessler: There's his twitter page: You are cleared to unload.

Originally posted to DFH Local No 420 on Wed Jul 24, 2013 at 05:41 AM PDT.

Also republished by Pittsburgh Area Kossacks, Philly Kos, DKos Pennsylvania, Police Accountability Group, Repeal or Amend the Second Amendment (RASA), and Shut Down the NRA.

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