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Breitbart headline:
In an interview with CNBC's Maria Bartiromo from The Barclay's golf tournament that aired on Friday, Mickelson was asked how it felt to pay over 60% of his British and Scottish Open winnings in taxes.

"It's not making me want to go out and work harder," Mickelson said.

For the record, Mickelson makes $36 million per year on endorsements alone. He won $1.43 million at the British Open and around $800,000 at the Scottish Open. Since he has to pay taxes where he earned the income, the Brits will take 45 percent of his take, with California taking another 13 percent slice. So assuming there are assorted other taxes that add up to 60 percent of the haul, he ended up taking home what, about $900,000? TYRANNY! I mean, he BUSTED HIS ASS for two whole weeks to earn that cash!

Lucky for the world, there are plenty of other golfers that would be happy to pick up the slack for him. So he should feel free to retire to Somalia. They don't have socialist taxes there. Then some other poor sap will have to suffer the indignity of paying taxes on $2.2 million of earnings for two week's work. Sigh.

Not that the Breitbarts see it that way, as you'll see below the fold.

Got to pay those high taxes so Obama and politicians can spend all our money on vacations, plane rides and whatever. Oh yeah, I forgot, they also give food stamps, welfare, cellphones and other freebies to the lower class so they will vote the thieving politicians back in every time. Guess who's stuck in the middle getting the shaft?
Millionaire golfers, that's who. Totally shafted.
The LEFT believe that AMERICA was only an 'aberration' and that U.S.CAPITALISM'S spectacular initial successes were only a flash-in-the-pan and so our MORIBUND ECONOMY, that is all that Marxist/Socialist OBAMA has been able to muster, is all that there ever COULD have been under the normal and usual STOP BLAMING HIM.
That's 100 percent correct, maybe!
I can relate with Phil, even though I don't make anywhere near where he does. A lot of old people, and genuinely disabled people are being screwed over because the government has made it way too easy for lazy people to get benefits to get a bigger voting bloc for Democrats. I know Social Security is a pyramid scheme, but there are a lot of old people dependent on it. Too many, younger a-holes who only care about themselves and care nothing about the weak. Also, thank you government for legalizing abortion and enabling the killing of a generation. Liberals preach about taking care of the weak, but they enable the strong to sh!t all over the weak.
Raise your hand if you expected abortion to make a cameo. Yeah, me neither. But he can sure relate to Mickelson, even though the golfer isn't middle class, isn't old, isn't disabled, doesn't rely on Social Security, and something something about abortion.
Phil figured out what Obama's "Redistribution of Wealth" is all about. Sounds to me Phil is not happy to have his hard-earned "Wealth" Distributed to someone who does not work as hard as he does. How has Obama's "Hope and Change" benefited America. The blueprint to climb out of a Recession was put in place by JFK and President Reagan. But Obama, who believed his Press Clippings, decided he was more Intelligent than JFK and President Reagan. Sadly, it is the Country that suffers the consequence of Obama's Arrogance and Dishonesty. Community Organizing prepared Obama not for Governing a Country, but taught him how to Create CHAOS, which he has done Brilliantly!
Let me see. According to the article, the bulk of these taxes -- 45 percent -- must be paid to the Brits, whose Prime Minister is apparently some dude named "Obama". Mickelson apparently just figured this out.
Phil, get out of Kalifornia while you still have some money left! The Socialists will suck your wallet dry!
Go Phil! The $900,000 left over from your two weeks of back-breaking labor means you have nothing left, except for $900,000, and however millions more from those endorsements, which means you will DIIIIE!
What a F$%%#$ Joke. I was born and raised in CA and left 20 years ago. To watch the Democrats turn the worlds 5th Largest Economy into a looming Detroit just makes me want to puke. California politician are nothing more than a bunch of DBs!!!!!!!
Yeah, things were dicey there for a while with Schwarzenegger and the stupid super-majority requirement in the legislature. No longer.
Phil needs to move to Texas, the heck with California. They are just greedy and no good ever comes from it.
There's no one greedy in Texas. Why, the oil companies are veritable charitable operations! Well, unless you are purchasing their products...
This is a classic example of how Marxist/Leninist redistribution economics saps Detroit's, Chicago's, New York's, Los Angeles', viability and continued economic expansion. Every BLUE state should wake-up and smell the's impossible to keep reaching into a citizens pockets for public sectors: 1)greed, 2)power and 3) corruption. Eventually "the well runs dry!!!" What part of "running dry" don't Progressive New Left Activists understand? Jeez! Look at every tin-horned dictatorship (Cuba, for example)! Look at the granddaddy of them all THE SOVIET UNION! What part of feckless public policy don't American Blue state governors understand? Pray. Amen.
It's British taxes, dude. British. Not Cuban. Then again, Britain has looked a bit rough since the Conservatives took power.
Just how much of a tax credit will he get if he sends all of it to the 501c(3) The Phil and Amy Mickelson foundation. What is the maximum donation to a 501c(3) and does that lower any state tax. He could have "loopholes" that he does not get any money but niter does the state.
Mickelson is so lucky to get tax advice from internet message boards. He can now fire his accountants and save some of those dwindling precious resources.
Everyone can make choices as to what city, state or country they choose to live in. One of the dot - com billionaires just changed his nationality to Singapore. People have chosen to live outside of Detroit because they did not like what they got for their money in that city. The more money one has, the more choices they have and the more significant these choices are.
Yet California remains home to more billionaires than any other state.

In fact, eight of the top 10 states are Blue States. Hmmm....

The illegal aliens and welfare dolts are smiling today because the benefits they will receive from Mickelson's efforts. Reminds me of the story of "The Little Red Hen".
Those people sure were worried until Mickelson won that tournament. Illegal aliens and welfare dolts are really into gold.
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