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I have been a member of DK since 2006.  In that time, I have only felt the need to take a break once.  It was related to work pressures.  Now, I think I have to step away again.  More below the fold.

On some level, this is, again, related to work pressures.  But that is not the whole story.  For those of you who are familiar with me here, but don't read C&J or New Day (including a good many of my R&BLers friends), you won't know about recent events.

I have a "low-functioning" autistic son.  What does that mean?  It means a lot.  One thing it means is that, at age 14, he still is functionally non-verbal and wears pull-ups.  I would not wish for any other child than the one I have been blessed with.  But being his parent can be challenging.  After my wife and I separated several years ago, I asked a close friend, who had babysat my boy, and whom I trusted and my wife tolerated, to come live with me to assist me.  He lived with us for over nine years.  I can't tell you how grateful I have been for his support.

That is, until two weeks ago.  As you might imagine, my boy has a team which works with him.  That includes, during non-school/non-camp weekdays, a home aide from morning until I get home from work.  Two Tuesdays ago, the home aide called her office and accused my friend of physically abusing my son in front of her, and then called the police.  He's is jail now, awaiting trial.  (He had been arrested before I ever got home).

Anyone who has ever been involved with the legal system in this kind of situation can imagine the chaos which has ensued, both external and internal.  What really happened?  Was I trusting someone who betrayed that trust?  The questions are endless.  And my son, who can't talk, can't answer them.

My friend used to put my boy on the schoolbus in the morning, and take him off in the afternoon.  Now that's my job.  On a good day, that means that I will get to work 1 1/2 hours later than I used to.  On a bad day, I will get there 3 hours later and leave 1 hour earlier.  I don't have time to spend on Daily Kos right now.

Of course, it's not just about the time.  It's about reserving all of my strength to love my son as much as is humanly possible, and to start to build a new and safer environment for him.

Why am I even telling you folks this?  Because there are people here about whom I truly care.  And even a few whom I love.  From a distance, I respect and admire the grace so many of us are blessed with here.  And I don't want to go away without being clear that it has nothing to do with drama here; just personal drama.  

I will miss all of you while I am gone.  And one day, perhaps soon, hopefully soon, I will be back to tell you how everything has worked out so well, that I can afford to spend some time again with a group of people worth knowing.

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