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On August 31, at approximately 5 PM, our guildie Flintpaw succumbed to late-stage lung cancer.

In RL, he was Scott Hinkley, of Richmond, Indiana. He was a journalist for nine years, then he ran a tech company that did web design for not-for-profits, then became a teacher.

He is survived by his wife and daughter. His daughter has inherited his WoW account.

Here is the obituary written in this thread on the guild forums by Hardradda, his friend of 29 years:

I am saddened beyond words, for my friend of 29 years has passed away. He was surrounded by his family during his last hours, and many of his friends were nearby. He went into surgery on Wednesday to reduce the fluid in his lungs, and discovered two days ago that the cancer had gotten much worse since the day before, basically spreading throughout his lungs. At this point, he and his wife in consultation with the doctors decided that there was nothing more to be done, and all treatment was stopped with the exception of morphine for pain management. He died at approximately 5 PM yesterday evening, August 31, 2013.

Scott was a curmudgeon with a heart of gold and a silver streak of loyalty a mile wide. He was a rare individual, someone whose like I've only seen in one other person. He is survived by his wife and daughter, and the world is a crueler and plainer place without him.

Good evening all.

Yesterday, on a flawless late summer day, my friend Scott was laid to rest. The service was a testament of the kind of person he was - humorous, wickedly clever, a steadfast friend, a loving husband, father and brother. He liked snark, could be darkly sardonic, and believed that Tastycakes were the last best hope of mankind. He liked music and played the piano, but not as well as he wielded a computer keyboard. He spun a radio show on the 300-watt radio station at college (Biscuits and Gravy, 6-9 AM one day weekly), and for some reason despite his very good musical taste decided he liked Grand Funk Railroad. He couldn't play softball worth a damn, but loved getting on the field wearing a Phillies hat, surely pretending to be Mike Schmidt. (It's all good - I wanted to be Stan Musial).

He loved playing WoW. He loved running with this guild, and convinced me to join up after switching to the Dark Side and moving my toons to a new server. He may be gone, but his toons have all been passed to his daughter - his account is now hers. Maybe some day we'll see his monk running around Pandaria again.   

And here is the obituary written by Dkosmama, our Guild Leader:
We are all sadden by the loss of this rare man. Flintpaw was a self-described geek, who was passionate about teaching, politics, math, theater, Warcraft and Doctor Who. I was so lucky to have had the opportunity to raid with him a couple times early in MoP, and even though we wiped every time all night long, Flint made it all fun. I remember when he first came into the guild almost two years ago. In his application, he wrote: "When I read about your guild on WoW Insider, I made a virtual beeline for your application page. As I mentioned above, I've always dreamed about finding or starting my own "grown-up" guild for educated, progressive people with families and jobs, but I've always been discouraged by the apparent lack of interested parties on other servers. I am a public high school teacher and I spend a good deal of my day explaining why "gay" should not be used a pejorative or pointing out the Texas-sized holes in the latest conspiracy theories brought in by my Fox News-obeying students. When I log on to play WoW at night, I don't want to have to feel like I'm still at work. Not to put too fine a point on it, but Wreck List sounds like my Wow dream come true." Warcraft was important enough to Flint, that is it including in his obituary:
Flintpaw in RL was Scott Hinkley, of Richmond Indiana. He was a journalist for nine years, then ran a tech company to help not-for-profits with website design, and then became a teacher. There is an incredible story about Scott and teaching here: This is what teaching should be all about. Flint and I bonded early because we both care about education. As this story demonstrates, high-stakes testing doesn't improve learning outcomes. Passionate, caring, insightful teachers who are willing to go the extra step and really connect with students, teachers like Scott, can change the life trajectory of their student.

He will be missed by his guild. At the request of his family, donations can be sent to Lillian Hinkley Scholarship Fund through West End Bank, 34 S. 7th St. Richmond, IN 47374.

We will have an in-world memorial service, probably in Pandaria, as soon as Dkosmama's computer issues are repaired. Watch the guild site and MOTD for details.

Flintpaw's characters have been promoted to Ancestor of Wreck List by our guild leader.

Strength and honor, Flint. Until we meet again.

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