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BBC:Syria crisis: Russia and US no closer

Syria crisis: Russia and US no closer

Speeches by key leaders at the end of the G20 summit in St Petersburg have laid bare the bitter divisions over possible military action in Syria.

Russian President Vladimir Putin restated his opposition to any strike, saying it would destabilise the region.

US President Barack Obama said action was necessary in reaction to the use of chemical weapons in Syria.

A joint statement from the US and 10 other nations called for a strong international response.

BBC:Nigeria Boko Haram gunmen 'tracked and killed'

Nigeria Boko Haram gunmen 'tracked and killed'

About 50 Islamist militants have been killed in north-eastern Nigeria after the military raided Boko Haram camps, army spokesman Sagir Musa has said.

Troops tracked gunmen who attacked two towns on Wednesday and Thursday, reportedly killing 20 people.

Boko Haram, which wants to create an Islamic state across Nigeria, has waged a deadly insurgency since 2009.

In May, Nigeria declared an emergency in three north-eastern states in order to battle the militants.

BBC:Colombia Santos: Farc 'to keep weapons until referendum'

Colombia Santos: Farc 'to keep weapons until referendum'

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos has said the Farc rebels would be allowed to keep their weapons until a peace agreement was ratified.

Mr Santos said no-one could expect the rebels to give up their weapons before a peace accord had been given final approval in a referendum.

He added that a ceasefire would be implemented once a deal was reached in talks under way in Cuba.

Critics say a referendum should not be held until the rebels disarm.  

BBC:Nasa's LADEE Moon probe ready for lift-off

Nasa's LADEE Moon probe ready for lift-off

The US space agency (Nasa) is about to launch its latest mission to the Moon.

The unmanned LADEE probe is set to lift-off from the Wallops rocket facility on the US east coast at 23:27 local time (03:27 GMT on Saturday).

Its $280m (£180m) mission is to investigate the very tenuous atmosphere that surrounds the lunar body.

It will also try to get some insights on the strange behaviour of moondust, which appears on occasions to levitate high above the surface.

BBC:Australia election: Millions head to polls

Australia election: Millions head to polls

Australians are voting in a general election, with opposition leader Tony Abbott's Liberal-National coalition aiming to bring to an end six years of Labor government.

Opinion polls suggest Kevin Rudd, who returned as prime minister three months ago, is trailing his opponent.

The rivals are split on how to tackle Australia's budget deficit, but both have pledged tough action to stop asylum seekers arriving by boat.

All citizens over 18 must vote by law.

BBC:Zimbabwe elephants poisoned by poachers in Hwange

Zimbabwe elephants poisoned by poachers in Hwange

Poachers have used poison to kill 41 elephants in Zimbabwe's Hwange National Park, an official has told the BBC.

Zimbabwe Parks spokeswoman Caroline Washaya Moyo said it was suspected that cyanide was used to poison salt pans but tests are still being carried out.

She said it was Zimbabwe's worst case of elephant poaching.

There has been a rise in the killing of elephants and rhinos in parts of Africa in recent years, mostly to feed demand for horns and tusks in Asia.

Reuters:2020 city contest becomes ‘least-ugly parade'

2020 city contest becomes ‘least-ugly parade'

(Reuters) - Would-be 2020 Olympic cities of Madrid, Istanbul and Tokyo parade before the Games' organizing body on Saturday in a "least ugly" contest as they attempt to conceal their blemishes and win the right to host the world's biggest sporting extravaganza.

All three cities are wrestling different demons which, in another contest and another time, would likely rule them out of winning the honor to stage the Games.

But in Buenos Aires on Saturday, the some 100 members of the International Olympic Committee must choose the least worst option and trust the winning city can deliver on their promises.

All three cities will present their bids to the IOC membership, with Istanbul first up, followed by Tokyo and then Madrid. Each city is being represented in person by leading statesmen.

Reuters:U.S. clears Smithfield's acquisition by China's Shuanghui

U.S. clears Smithfield's acquisition by China's Shuanghui

(Reuters) - The U.S. Committee on Foreign Investment has cleared the way for Shuanghui International Holdings Ltd's proposed $4.7 billion acquisition of Smithfield Foods Inc, the companies said on Friday.

The deal, which would be the biggest purchase of a U.S. company by a Chinese firm, still needs shareholder approval at a special meeting scheduled for September 24.

Shuanghui and Smithfield expect the transaction, valued at $7.1 billion including debt, to close shortly after that meeting.

Experts in Washington and on Wall Street had expected the deal to get the nod from the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS), an inter-agency executive branch panel that examines foreign investment for potential threats to national security.

Reuters:Syria, Egypt turmoil nudges Israel, Palestinians toward peace

Syria, Egypt turmoil nudges Israel, Palestinians toward peace

(Reuters) - Turmoil in Syria and Egypt is nudging Israelis and Palestinians toward peace, a U.S. official said on Friday as Secretary of State John Kerry flew to Europe for talks about that conflict and a possible U.S. strike on Syrian targets.

While the chief U.S. diplomat's three-day trip was originally designed to focus on Israeli-Palestinian peace talks and will include a lengthy meeting with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in London on Sunday, Syria is sure to consume many of his conversations with European and Arab diplomats.

Kerry will meet European Union foreign ministers in the Lithuanian capital on Saturday as the U.S. Congress weighs whether to give President Barack Obama the authority to conduct military strikes on Syria following an August 21 attack in which Washington accuses Damascus of using sarin gas to kill at least 1,400 Syrians.

The White House has argued that any strike would aim to deter Syria, and others, from using chemical weapons and it has denied any intention of getting enmeshed in Syria's civil war.

Reuters:Obama: U.S. will probe reported NSA spying on Brazil, Mexico

Obama: U.S. will probe reported NSA spying on Brazil, Mexico

(Reuters) - President Barack Obama promised on Friday to look into a report the United States spied on the leaders of Brazil and Mexico, allegations that have caused tensions in Washington's ties to its two biggest Latin American partners.

Obama met with presidents Dilma Rousseff of Brazil and Enrique Pena Nieto of Mexico during an international summit in Russia and discussed reports that the U.S. National Security Agency snooped on their personal communications and phone calls.

"I assured them that I take these allegations very seriously. I understand their concerns. I understand the concerns of the Mexican and Brazilian people; and that we will work with their teams to resolve what is a source of tension," Obama said at a news conference.

Rousseff, speaking earlier on Friday, indicated she was not fully satisfied with Obama's assurances during their meeting late on Thursday. She said Obama had agreed to provide a fuller explanation for the reported spying by Wednesday, and that she would decide whether or not to go ahead with a planned visit to the White House next month based in part on his response.

Reuters:Obama meets Russian activists but avoids criticizing Kremlin

Obama meets Russian activists but avoids criticizing Kremlin

(Reuters) - President Barack Obama trod carefully in talks with Russian human rights activists after a G20 summit dominated by the Syrian crisis on Friday, avoiding direct public criticism of Kremlin policies the United States has denounced.

Following a tradition that has irritated President Vladimir Putin, who accuses Washington of meddling in Russia's affairs and backing his foes, Obama made a point of meeting civil society leaders while visiting for a international gathering.

Obama's huddle with activists came at a sensitive time when ties are badly strained over Syria, Russia's sheltering of U.S. spy agency contractor Edward Snowden and the disputes over human rights that mounted after Putin started a third term in 2012.

The United States has accused Russia of curbing freedoms, stifling dissent and discriminating against members of the gay community with a series of laws Putin has signed since he returned to the Kremlin after four years as prime minister.

Reuters:U.S. prosecutors add China bribe allegations to GSK probe

U.S. prosecutors add China bribe allegations to GSK probe

(Reuters) - U.S. authorities are investigating British drugmaker GlaxoSmithKline Plc for violations of U.S. anti-bribery laws in China after Chinese government officials accused the company of bribing doctors, three sources familiar with the probe said this week.

The sources did not want to be identified because the matter is not public.

The investigation is part of a wider probe of drugmakers' sales practices in China, said one of the sources, adding that the Department of Justice has expanded a probe into GSK's business practices in other countries to include the Chinese bribery allegations.

A company spokesman on Friday confirmed the new line of inquiry in response to questions from Reuters.

WSJ:Fifteen Patients Possibly Exposed to Rare Brain Disease

Fifteen Patients Possibly Exposed to Rare Brain Disease

Hospitals in three states have cautioned 15 people that they were exposed to potentially contaminated surgical instruments used on an elderly New Hampshire person who died last month from a suspected rare and fatal brain disorder.

The odds other patients contracted Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, or CJD, are considered very remote, health officials in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Connecticut said. But because typical sterilization techniques aren't guaranteed to wipe out CJD, hospitals tracked down patients who had surgery with the same instruments used in May on the patient who later died.

Health authorities haven't disclosed specific details regarding that patient, but a spinal-fluid test lead them to suspect CJD, which causes memory loss, other cognitive problems and typically kills within a year, said Jose Montero, director of public health at the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services.

The disease can only be confirmed through autopsy results that are expected within four weeks, he said.

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  •  Coming on Sunday - 11:00 am Pacific (14+ / 0-)

    Aji will post Part II of her diary on Sunday, September 8th morning at 11:00 am Pacific.  Part I of her excellent diary from last Sunday is here - RaceGender DiscrimiNATION: Indigenous Women at the Crossroads of a "Male-Dominated Dystopia."

    Thank you.

    RaceGender DiscrimiNATION is a new Daily Kos Series
    This Sunday Aji is posting at 11:00 am Pacific Time

    RaceGender DiscrimiNATION is a group focused on the historical and contemporary issues of prejudice, discrimination and hate based on race and gender as well as the intersection of race and gender.  We will discuss the impacts on our rights to equality and fundamental human rights and freedoms in all aspects of our lives, including political, social, cultural, educational, personal and economic.

     photo DSCN0332_zpsc372bcdd.jpg

    The group's editors are Aji, Avila, BroadBlogs, dopper0189, GenXangster, Glen The Plumber, hepshiba, JekyllnHyde, mallyroyal, Nulwee, Ojibwa, Patriot Daily News Clearinghouse, rb137, remembrance, rserven, shanikka, Vyan and tim wise.

    Please remember to republish these diaries to your Daily Kos Groups.  You can also follow all postings by clicking this link for the RaceGender DiscrimiNATION Group. Then, click 'Follow' and that will make all postings show up in 'My Stream' of your Daily Kos page.

    Support Small Business: Shop Kos Katalogue - A Riddle Wrapped in a Mystery Inside an Enigma

    by JekyllnHyde on Fri Sep 06, 2013 at 09:02:20 PM PDT

  •  Anyone know whether... (10+ / 0-)

    Julian Assange is expected to win his Australian Senate race?

    And if does win, how much time does he have to actually appear in the Senate to take his seat before the results are invalidated or whatever?

  •  Why would surgical instruments (10+ / 0-)

    be sent across state lines to be used in surgery? This doesn't make sense to me.

    Hospitals in three states have cautioned 15 people that they were exposed to potentially contaminated surgical instruments used on an elderly New Hampshire person who died last month from a suspected rare and fatal brain disorder.

    The good thing about science is that it's true whether or not you believe in it.― Neil deGrasse Tyson

    by maggiejean on Fri Sep 06, 2013 at 09:03:34 PM PDT

  •  Do People Want To Wear Their Phone? (10+ / 0-)

    From CNET: Galaxy Gear: Samsung's big move to one-up Apple

    With the launch of the Galaxy Gear smartwatch, Samsung has declared that it's done being a follower. Whether the market will agree is unclear... Gear represents Samsung's chance to break with the view that it's simply a fast follower. No, Samsung isn't the first company to release a smartwatch, and Gear isn't its first attempt in that market. But of all the smartwatch makers out there, Samsung is the only one with the large user base, marketing oomph, and brand awareness to actually gain some traction. Gear is Samsung's opportunity to show it can make something innovative and buzzy and establish itself as a leader early on. In that, at least, it has succeeded; this time around, it's Apple playing catch-up.

    Apple has hinted at future device categories, but it's uncertain when it may launch a wearable or what the product exactly will do. Market watchers have speculated about an iWatch release either later this year or in 2014. In the meantime, Samsung will face a bevy of rivals already in the market. That includes Sony, Pebble, and Martian, and chipmaker Qualcomm launched its own smartwatch Wednesday. Even if those don't have high sales numbers, they have been generating plenty of buzz.

    The cost of Samsung's watch/phone will be around $299.99 and a two-year service contract with your cellular provider.
  •  this guy is fooling with (10+ / 0-)

    payday lenders!  #yay

    Making ‘Too Big To Fail’ Banks Help Poor Borrowers

    For consumer advocates the biggest problem has been indolence by the regulators. Those who get paid to enforce the finance laws often work hard instead to curry favor with the regulated because that is the well-worn path to lucrative employment after leaving the public payroll.

    The hero of the remarkably effective law enforcement strategy that caused so many payday lenders to abruptly quit in New York, with repercussions across the nation, is Benjamin Lawsky, a former federal prosecutor in Manhattan who is now superintendent of banking for the state.

    Lawsky simply sent a letter August 5 explaining the law to licensed banks and to NACHA, the National Automated Clearinghouse Association. The clearinghouse is how banks move money around digitally. Predatory lenders use the system to reach into the checking accounts of customers, to withdraw money to repay loans.

    Ted Kennedy: “The work goes on, the cause endures, the hope still lives, and the dream shall never die…”

    by jlms qkw on Fri Sep 06, 2013 at 09:10:52 PM PDT

  •  Latest at (12+ / 0-)

    Michigan Democrats already campaigning on Labor Day for 2014

    The election may be more than a year away, but Michigan's declared Democratic candidates for federal and state offices will be campaigning this week and next in Washtenaw County.

    On Labor Day, Democratic candidates for Governor, U.S. Senate, and U.S. House will be headlining Labor Day Laborpalooza at Gallup Park during the late afternoon and evening.  They will be joined by most of the county's representatives to the Michigan House and Senate, all of whom will also be on the ballot next year.

    This Saturday, one of these candidates, Pam Byrnes, who is running for U.S. Congress in the Seventh District, will begin a tour of all seven counties in the district.  She will finish her campaign swing in Chelsea on Monday.

    This is still newsworthy because the three-day swing begins today.

    One of three Mixed Use Party candidates suspends campaign for city council

    University of Michigan film student Jaclyn Vresics, one of three candidates for Ann Arbor City Council on the Mixed Use Party ticket, announced Wednesday that she was suspending her campaign for Ward 1 council seat.  She announced the action in an email quoted by

    "Although personal reasons require that I withdraw from the election, the Mixed Use Party has my unwavering support. I have full confidence in Conrad [Brown] and Sam [DeVarti] as candidates, and I maintain my belief that the party's platform will bring much needed and beneficial change to Ann Arbor."

    Despite the suspension of her campaign, Vresics' name will still appear on the general election ballot alongside incumbent Democratic city councilwoman Sabra Briere and independent candidate Jeff Hayner.

    The Mixed-Use party looks like a coalition of Libertarians and Greens, a Green Tea Party, if you will.

    "The party of ideas has become the party of Beavis and Butthead." ~ Paul Krugman.

    by Neon Vincent on Fri Sep 06, 2013 at 09:11:42 PM PDT

  •  saluting the most echo-logically oriented diarist (4+ / 0-)

    saluting the most echo-logically oriented diarist

    Don Benedetto was murdered.-IgnazioSilone(BreadAndWine)

    by renzo capetti on Fri Sep 06, 2013 at 09:28:29 PM PDT

  •  American rights to Soviet devices (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    JML9999, side pocket
    According to Dr. Carl Sanders, the developer of the Intelligence Manned Interface (IMI) biochip, “We used this with military personnel in the Iraq War where they were actually tracked using this particular type of device.”

    It is also interesting to note that the Calspan Advanced Technology Centre in Buffalo, NY (Calspan ATC), is engaged in microscopic electronic engineering of the kind applicable to telemetrics.

    Calspan was founded in 1946 as Cornell Aeronautical Laboratory, which included the “Fund for the Study of Human Ecology,” a CIA financing conduit for mind control experiments by emigre Nazi scientists and others under the direction of doctors Sidney Gottlieb, Ewen Cameron, and Louis Jolyn West.

    The Air Force is among Calspan’s leading clients, and Eglin AFB has farmed key personnel to the company. The grating irony is that the Instrumentation Technology Branch of Eglin Air Force Base is currently engaged in the tracking of mammals with subminiature telemetry devices. According to an Air Force press release, the biotelemetry chip transmits on the upper S-band (2318 to 2398 MHz), with up to 120 digital channels

    There is nothing secret about the biotelemetry chip. Ads for commercial versions of the device have appeared in national publications. Time magazine ran an ad for an implantable pet transponder in its 26 June, 1995 issue. While monitoring animals has been an unclassified scientific pursuit for decades, the monitoring of humans has been a highly classified project that is but a subset of the Pentagon’s “nonlethal” arsenal.

    Defense News for 20 March, 1995:

    Naval Research Lab Attempts To Meld Neurons And Chips: Studies May Produce Army of ‘Zombies.’

    Future battles could be waged with genetically engineered organisms, such as rodents, whose minds are controlled by computer chips engineered with living brain cells.... The research, called Hippo-campal Neuron Patterning, grows live neurons on computer chips. “This technology that alters neurons could potentially be used on people to create zombie armies,” Lawrence Korb, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, said.

    A report in Defense Electronics in the early 1990s said that a Richmond, Virginia firm, Psychotechnologies purchased the American rights to Soviet mind control devices.

    Defense Electronics described a spring, 1993 meeting between Clinton Administration officials and Soviet psychotronics experts. Amongst the US agencies represented at the meetings were the FBI, the CIA, the Defense Intelligence Agency, and the Advance Research Projects Research Agency.

    Clinton Administration officials wanted “to determine whether psycho-correction... programs could be undertaken by the US Government. These devices could be used to affect judgment or opinion of decision-makers, key personnel or populaces.”

    Also meeting with the Soviet experts were officials from giant international corporations, such as General Motors, and researchers from the National Institute of Mental Health.

    The 22 August, 1994 Newsweek magazine reported on a secret Arlington, Virginia meeting between experts from the FBI’s Counter-Terrorism Centre:

    ...Using electroencephalographs to measure brain waves, then uses computers to create a map of the subconscious and various human impulses, such as anger or the sex drive. Then through taped subliminal messages, he claims to physically alter the landscape with the power of suggestion.

    President Lyndon Johnson’s Science Adviser, Dr. Gordon J.F. MacDonald wrote the 1968 book, Unless Peace Comes, A Scientific Forecast Of New Weapons.

    MacDonald described how man-made changes in the electrical earth ionosphere can be used for mass behaviour control.

    He said that low frequency electromagnetic oscillations can attack the low frequency electromagnetic brain waves in human beings. He stated, “Perturbation of the environment by geophysical warfare can produce changes in behavioural patterns.”

    In his 1970 book, Between Two Ages, Zbigniew Brezezinski  described “weather control” as a “new weapon” that is a “key element of strategy.”

    He added:

    Technology will make available, to leaders of major nations, a variety of techniques for conducting secret warfare, of which only a bare minimum of the security forces need to be appraised.

    Brzezinski predicted the exact types of electromagnetic psychotronic weapons that the US Administration is now developing for mass behaviour control of citizens.

    He stated:

    It is possible — and tempting — to exploit, for strategic-political purposes, the fruits of research on the brain and on human behaviour... Accurately timed, artificially excited electronic strokes could lead to a pattern of oscillations that produce relatively high power levels over certain regions of the earth...

    In this way, one could develop a system that would seriously impair the brain performance of a very large population in selected regions, over an extended period.

    It’s not going to be easy to reverse the forces that have conspired for decades against working Americans. - President Obama

    by anyname on Fri Sep 06, 2013 at 10:57:45 PM PDT

    •  CWAN (2+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      JML9999, side pocket

      Lieutenant Colonel Timothy L. Thomas (USA Ret.) is an analyst at the Foreign Military Studies Office, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.
      The JWID '97 network, called the Coalition Wide-Area Network (CWAN), is the first military network that allows allied nations to participate as full and equal partners." The demonstration in effect was a trade fair for private companies to demonstrate their goods; defense ministries got to decide where and how to spend their money wiser, in many cases without incurring the cost of prototypes. It is a good example of doing business better with less.

      At the end of July 1997, planners for Joint Warrior Interoperability Demonstration '97 "focused on technologies that enhance real-time collaborative planning in a multinational task force of the type used in Bosnia and in Operation Desert Storm.

      It’s not going to be easy to reverse the forces that have conspired for decades against working Americans. - President Obama

      by anyname on Fri Sep 06, 2013 at 11:16:22 PM PDT

      [ Parent ]

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