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"The world is made for those who aren't cursed with self-awareness."
-- Annie Savoy, Bull Durham
Well, this is rich.  Buried in a front page Washington Post article this morning is this little nugget.  In the GOP's mad scramble to find a way to avert a government shutdown but still placate their tea party base, John Boehner floated an idea:
Another Boehner ally, Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.), predicted that Boehner would instead seek to add a measure that would eliminate subsidies for members of Congress to buy health insurance — although some Republicans complained at the morning meeting that such a move would create an economic hardship for their families, GOP aides said.
To which the response should be: Are you freakin' kidding me?!?

So, now laid bare, we get where these selfish fools live.  "If it helps me, I loves me some government subsidies."  Screw the working poor who literally depend on food stamps to eat...take food out of their mouths.  Screw those who don't have enough money to buy health insurance...cut their Medicaid.  Screw you federal workers who have experienced real economic hardship through the sequester, and will feel even more once the government is shutdown and they get an unpaid vacation...continue our unreasonable, unserious demands to avert a shutdown.  Screw those who don't have health insurance and risk financial ruin in a medical emergency...defund Obamacare.

But wait.  You want us to practice what we preach? Get rid of our subsidized health insurance? Well, screw that too...we need that money!

It's high time to say "Enough" to these idiots.  The President has likened their behavior to blackmail.  Others have called it hostage-taking.  But really, their behavior is that of an abuser.  You see, an abuser uses physical or psychological abuse on their victim to make them believe that unless the victim gives into their demands, they won't be able to survive.  The abuser manipulates their victim into thinking that they can't live without them.

In this scenario, the House GOP is attempting to abuse us into thinking that unless we give into their unreasonable demands, the government will shut down and/or the debt ceiling will not be raised, and that prospect will frighten us to the point that we need to "negotiate" with them.

The only way to break the cycle of abuse is for the victim to demonstrate they aren't afraid of the potential consequences.  In this case, Democrats (and the American people) need to firmly say: "Fine. Shut the government down."  It's the only hope we will have to break the cycle of abuse.  I say this as part of a family that will be directly affected by the shutdown, as my wife will be put on unpaid leave for the duration.  But at this point, the shutdown will be better than living in constant uncertainty every few months of whether the government will temporarily remain open (and let's remember, that's all the continuing resolution does) as opposed to having Congress actually do their damn job and actually govern, say by passing bills for appropriations that go beyond a few months.

If the House GOP is worried about their families because they are on the government teet, fine. Let's see how they feel when the government is shut down due to their abuse.  I'm reasonably certain a lot of them will be off the government payroll come 2015.

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