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Again the police use the public as first prize in a turkey shoot. This time a 67 year old confused woman was shot and tased repeatedly although she posed no threat to anyone besides perhaps Sir Robin.

Again this shows that police are not being held accountable for the damage they do to society. If they were, bringing a weapon out would have never entered their mind. It goes against all guidelines of conflict resolution to brandish weapons, you automatically put the opponent on the defensive. Or in the case of the confused woman just have a literal blast putting holes in her body for no apparent reason. Other than "non compliance". I've dealt with the aged in my working life, it takes little effort to TALK to them and Listen to them to define the problem and work on addressing the actual issues. Creating a resolution accepted by all.

When the police arrived, both David and Dolores were in the backyard; Dolores still had the letter opener, and David was trying to calm the distressed woman. When Sgt. Courtney Letalien walked into the yard with a shotgun, she immediately tried to remove David from the yard even as he became upset at the sight of the shotgun and repeatedly pleaded with the officer to put the gun away. He explained that he had not been stabbed, that force would be unnecessary and he could calm his wife, even if she would not comply with orders to drop the letter opener.

That was when her partner, Officer George Reed, took the first shot at Dolores Seyfried with a Taser.

“When Delores did not fall, Letalien immediately shot Delores with the less lethal shotgun at her thigh,” the complaint states. “When once again Delores did not fall or release the letter opener, Letalien shot Delores once again in the other thigh. The second round did knock Delores to the ground but she was able to get back on her feet. Defendants allege that Delores maintained her hand on the letter opener during this time. When Delores turned to walk away from the officers, Letalien shot Delores a third time in the left buttocks with the shotgun. When the third round did not cause Delores to fall, Letalien switched to his Taser and deployed a cartridge with one probe hitting Delores in the back and the other hitting her on her right buttocks. Letalien found this force to be ‘effective’ when she fell to the ground.  Reed then tried to step on her wrist to handcuff her, David says, and thinking she was resisting, Reed Tasered her again.” [source]

How much of a coward must one be to torment a frail and confused woman?
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