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1. You should fight a health insurance law, of which the conservative Heritage Foundation was a major architect.

2. You should keep fighting the law throughout the President's reelection through legal battles, GOP presidential primary debates, and meaningless repeal votes in the House of Representatives.

3. As for the legal battle, you should spend million dollars funding the legal challenge so everyone knows you are serious because, in your view, the law is unconstitutional.

4. You should nominate the GOP governor as your party's standard bearer, who created a very similar health insurance law which is to this day a stunning example of how well the health insurance law will work.  This helps your cause because in case your legal challenge is unsuccessful, you want a presidential nominee who will seek to replace the law with something else (like Romneycare but not like Obamacare despite the fact that everyone on the right views Romneycare as liberal Massachusetts version of Obamacare).

5.  As for the repeal votes, you should votes to repeal this law 43 times --- cause that tells us how serious you are.

6. You should enlist the assistance of every GOP governor to do as little as possible to move the law ahead --- actions that only hurt the voters of the state.  See Tom Corbett as a major example of how this hurts the self-same governors' reelection  chances.

7. You should use the debt limit process in Congress ---- which your party has used to finance pointless wars and tax cuts for the rich ---- to gut a law that will help the middle class, students, minorities, single parent families and young voters.  You should go out of the way to alienate as many of these groups in general; as a demographic point of view, these groups will eventually render your base (older angry white people and ultra-conservative Christians) into a meaningless minority.

8. You should try to defund the program, even though by doing so you cede the "we want too repeal this bad law" argument.  Defunding the program means you recognize the law a valid but you don't want it to have the money to work now.  (BTW, the law has basically built in a bypass to get around recalcitrant governors and legislatures so the federal government steps in to create exchanges if the states fail to act.)

9. Given the fact that the exchanges are opening in a couple of days and government shutdown or not, people are going to begin choosing health insurance plans for themselves, the defunding is stupid all by itself so you quickly move to number 10.

10. So oppose, debate, repeal, appeal, don't cooperate,  and defund don't work and now you are begging for delay.  Between October 1 and March 31 of next year, people will buy insurance from either state exchanges or ones set up by the feds.  

Come November 2014, a lot of voters (read young voters) will have purchased health insurance.  You think they will watch a commercial that reminds them that "Congressman X voted 43 times to repeal ACA, he supported paying millions to fight the law in the US Supreme Court, he fought to gut and defund the ACA and he wanted to delay giving voters access to low cost health insurance.  But he gets great health insurance and its free for him but he wants to keep you from  getting the same health care he has.  Congressman X is working against us.  Its time for him to go."

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  •  It's not bad negotiating until they've lost (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    Susan from 29

    And so far, they haven't lost anything yet. These tactics have worked very well for them in the past, and they might still work with getting even more 'concessions' and 'compromises'. They're also raking in millions of dollars in fundraising.

    And we can only speculate about This negatively affecting future elections - personally I have my doubts that the American people will remember the R tactics, and the damage they've done to the country. Voters RE-ELECTED George Bush, and then voted Rs back into power a scant 2 years after they were kicked out for trainwrecking the country.

    I'm not locked up in here with you. YOU'RE locked up in here with ME.

    by Fordmandalay on Sun Sep 29, 2013 at 05:41:35 PM PDT

    •  Its always a bad move to ask for less and less... (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:

      when your opponent won't work with you by moving his bargaining position.

      You are right about making concessions but that's the point

      Say you are John Boehner, and I am Barack Obama.

      "Sorry, Mr. Speaker, every time I have negotiated with you in the past, you and your party have not held up your end. You and your caucus cannot be trusted so I will not negotiate with you"

      Feel free to cry....

  •  The problem is gerrymandered districts (0+ / 0-)

    with voters so deep red and deluded that they would happily vote again for the folks who tried to take away their Obamacare because they've been convinced that it's something awful, even while they enjoy its benefits.

    It's like those old Republican people standing by the side of the road with signs that say "keep government out of my Medicare!"

  •  The GOP’s Football Gag Logic (0+ / 0-)

    It’s not the fact that the GOP pulls away the football before the Dems can kick it, but they want Americans to blame Dems when it is clearly not the Dems fault.

    The reality is that instead of kicking the football the Dems kicked the GOP in their azz.

    The GOP have been outmaneuvered, outplayed, and outsmarted by the Dems.

    Americans to GOP, “F&#k you and the horse you rode in on!”

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