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Shapiro's Deli in downtown Indianapolis had not quite seen the likes of this scene, I imagine, before Saturday, September 28. :D

 photo F2A2E818-90BF-4327-925F-650C5FC6A681-1344-0000010F4C521AD0_zps04adb4e2.jpg

Yep, I am now an official BOOB - a member of the Benevolent Order of the Orange Boa! More fun details & pictures below the orange boaesque squiggly thing. :)

The perfect weather I ordered arrived right on time! Here's the front of Shapiro's.

 photo 7B3DF345-088B-4A46-931E-6C5B560730CA-1344-0000010DB1A9FA4B_zps06de745a.jpg

Here's the view towards downtown Indianapolis.

 photo 1A8D718F-7648-4750-90DB-7C5EA69FEDB8-1344-0000010DD21EB0A2_zps667ee25a.jpg

Shapiro's is basically in the shadow of Lucas Oil Stadium, too!

 photo 34E2344C-867A-4311-B37C-A84BB1101743-1344-0000010E06D92ADB_zpsf498660e.jpg

When Indianapolis Kossacks made their way to the back of the restaurant, this sight greeted them.

 photo A898A72F-BFC4-4AAF-8A2E-BDFF6C3BDA3A-1344-0000010D9226605F_zps3843dffb.jpg

 photo 6C982E72-8A7D-491F-A9E4-7D4E184BB91D-1344-0000010D4925D2B8_zps5e95ea50.jpg

In the clear bowls on the table are magnets with our group's logo that I had made for such an occasion for the ages; here's an up - close & personal view!

 photo 77CDDAAF-6B84-4AA7-8EA1-987189664BF8-1242-000000B83C9EF551_zpsc526d1e7.jpg

AND, I have a few left, so, if ya' ask nice, I might send you one. ;) ANYWAY, shortly after 2 pm, the Indianapolis Kossack invasion of Shapiro's began. Hawksana was the first to arrive followed shortly afterwards by Alexandra Lynch & Avalonbear; here they are enjoying Shapiro's fare!

 photo D4D37E35-6EB5-4A45-8CBE-49504B692CD4-1344-0000010E3DC3ED08_zps5a0e546f.jpg

im2004lurker & MKDAWUSS arrived soon after. im2004lurker's enjoying his food; MKDAWUSS is still making up his mind but taking time to chat with us!

 photo 12625638-F6F1-438C-90DA-69D287167A26-1344-0000010EA34D61E1_zps86315696.jpg

Everyone else followed in fairly rapid order - Mokurai, Annan, Greek Goddess & her faboo husband, Kevin, and finally our tri - athlete in the bunch, zenbassoon. Now, ladies & gents, let me remind you of what the meal of Indianapolis Kossack fearless leaders are - a New York rheuben (no Swiss), a potato pancake, a big 'ol slab of cheesecake, and a Diet Coke [gotta maintain my girlish figure, ya' know!] - YUMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 photo 52745381-FED3-438B-97B8-46E33D3FE775-1344-0000010E6B22A927_zpsfa72834d.jpg

And, here we all are enjoying great food & great conversation - including a very fun ice - breaker courtesy of Annan. :)

 photo 97BFE308-62AC-42EF-BCE9-76000235F269-1344-0000010EBA61BD6F_zps62d6b03f.jpg

We played a game I'm calling "2 Truths & A Lie." We wrote 3 interesting things about us on index cards; 2 things were true - 1 a fib. The object was to figure out which one was the liar - liar - pants - on - fire! ;D Out of this game, we all found out that we are a damn DAMN interesting bunch! Our group consists of musicians, non - Indiana natives that are now making Indianapolis home, archeological diggers in Israel, coin collectors, folks who've lived abroad, Wicans, moon shine runners, senior Indiana state tennis champions, professional dancers, chief cooks in Buddhist monestaries, and some who occasionally (very occasionally!) voted for Republicans {gasp!}. I will leave it to the specific Indianapolis Kossacks who possess these abilities to reveal themselves if they so choose. ;D

We also found out that day that we are smart, passionate, compassionate, and very politically & socially engaged (or as much as we can be) group of people who live in a state guess the best way for me to describe the relationship is kind of how Allen Ginsberg described his relationship to our country in "Howl."

I’m with you in Rockland/where we hug and kiss the United States under our bedsheets the United States/that coughs all night and won’t let us sleep

We are concerned about access to health care, we are concerned about marriage equality, we are concerned about gun control, we are concerned about social & economic inequality, and we want to make our state "that coughs all night and won't let us sleep" better from the ground up - neighborhood by neighborhood. We want to make "Hoosier" lives better. And, when we get discouraged in these efforts, we can lean on & support each other. So, here we are - the group shot of us that day after we ate, drank, and were merry!

 photo 4D92F9C5-AA52-4D1E-8FA2-797E327437B6-1344-0000010F34963245_zps3b2c3636.jpg

I want another shin - dig soonest! Potential dates are Saturday, October 26, Saturday, November 2, Saturday, November 16, & Saturday, November 23. Suggest some locations, too; I'd love love LOVE to have an even bigger crowd at the next par - tay!

Originally posted to CityLightsLover on Fri Oct 04, 2013 at 07:22 AM PDT.

Also republished by Indianapolis Kossacks and Friends of Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow.

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