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It should be obvious now to all that your mistrust of the Republican Party establishment was well-placed. Rather than follow through with your bold opposition to the socialismization of America, your "leaders" have, as you predicted, thrown you under the bus, capitulating to the Democrat Party and the illegitimate "president" from whom you're trying to save us.

Now pundits and party leaders are piling on, pointing fingers at you and your leaders, scapegoating you for the chaos brought on by the triple demons Pelosi, Reid and Obama and their refusal to negotiate like the meek mewlers they've been up to now.

Yep. You can hear the villagers approaching with their pitchforks and torches. And they're all Republicans.

Your so-called friends are hanging you out to dry to save their own asses, even though everything you see on TV and hear on radio and read on the internet tells you you are right and they are worse than wrong; they are traitors.

The time has come for you to stand by your convictions, if convictions they truly are. You tried coat-tailing on a party that has proved, as predicted, to be nothing more than status-quo abettors. Now, if you really believe in the worth of your arguments, and that Americans, if they get a chance to hear your message, undiluted by the compromising wafflers of the GOP, will flock to your banner, put your money, and votes, and reputations, where your mouths are.

It is time for a third party.

You can whine all you want about betrayals and lip service and Republicans in Name Only, but the hard truth is they have the name. They have the party. You don't.

If you still believe, after all this, that your vision is the only hope for a country sliding into socialist decline, then prove it. Put your wares on the counter, hang out an "Open for Business" sign and let the customers decide for themselves. You won't win majorities at first, but if you're correct that you know better than extinction-bound elephants what America really wants, put up.

Or shut up.

Instant Update: I see from a quick browse of the Recent list that we'll be hosting a few new acquaintances from the other side of the aisle today. Welcome, fellow citizens, and please convey this note back to your lines.

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