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I use the following definition of tipping point [Physics]

The point at which an object is no longer balanced, and adding a small amount of weight can cause it to topple.
As Gail Collins notes today
We need to discuss this as a matter of simple justice. These days, when you say “Texas” in the context of heavy-breathing Republican extremism, everybody immediately thinks of Senator Ted Cruz. Which is really unfair when there are so many other members of the state delegation trying to do their part.
Which has Kathleen Parker weeping in her Special K
While that thought settles in, we pause to note that, right now, the idea that Republicans could convince anyone that they should be allowed to deliver milk, much less hold the nation’s purse strings, seems remote.
The loony wing of the GOP is driving away business leaders who, once upon a time,  believed they could control the crazy.

The Tea Party had a notable victory when they overran the Heritage foundation with the appointment of a new idiot at large, Jim DeMint.

Since leaving, he has spearheaded a transformation at Heritage from a think-tank that pushed policy papers—and originally conceived of the individual mandate—to an aggressive organization that openly embraces the Tea Party and isn’t afraid to twist arms.
Hopefully the Heritage Foundation has dug its own grave with DeMint's anointment as conservative guru in charge. Give it time. Then again, I thought McCain's choice of the idiot from Alaska as his running mate might have opened many peoples eyes to the death spiral taking place within the GOP, I was wrong.

With the cartoon "real"  conservatives planning to primary every infidel to their cause next year; 2014 promises to be very interesting.

Will the real money in politics have had enough when they see late next year that instead of becoming more reasonable that in fact the frothing at the mouth has really only just begun.

The tea party presence within the GOP at the end of 2014 will be greater than it is now, and don't say we didn't warn you.

We warned you about Hate radio

We warned you about "birtherism" driven by racism.

We warned you about your misogynist War on Women.

We warned you about gerrymandering.

We warned you about voter suppression.

We warned you about just hating government.

We warned you about electing crazy people.

You scoffed because you thought that you could control the rancid heart of your party, not only that; you encouraged their lunacy

Well 2014 promises to be an interesting year and I believe the GOP's tipping point will occur in 2015. I have reserved a cargo container full of Kleenex for the occasion, I am creating a mailing list later on today.

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