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Screencapture of NewsBusters story: Daily Kos: Kick the Poo-Smearing Tea Party Perverts
Fuck. Our liberal media bias has been exposed! But to be fair, they are right here: We were rubbing their faces in their big capitulation, and having a blast at it! Not that it makes the crazies happy, as you'll see below the fold.

just remember these Kos idiots are the guys who crap on flags, etc. Real Americans, eh?
Fess up. Who crapped on a flag?
Wait until this mental cobweb wakes up and realizes we have all the guns...................LOL at lib-dweeb stupidity!
I missed the Amendment which says, "You lost an election? Shoot the winners!"
This is just what the Left wants, a violent confrontation with Americans who wish to protect and defend the Constitution. Just how long before this leftie dialogue turns physical?
As they have diminished the lives of babies, they will diminish our lives. Their final solution is coming quickly. We must wipe them out before they wipe us out. War is approaching.......
So I'm confused. It's the LEFT that wants the violent confrontation, or the Right? I'm getting mixed messages.
I hope these hate artists know and understand what goes around comes around and their turn is coming and soon I might add. You can count on it.
We had our turn. It was called "George W. Bush". The universe has a lot of balancing out to do before it makes up for that disaster.
Why do these children only talk this way in their comfortable echo chambers? Shouldn't they voice their concerns about Tea Party activities... you know... at a Tea Party activity?
We prefer elections.
The Daily Kos and Move-on are extreme leftists who want the government to cocntrol the people and everything they do, much like Stalin, and his ilk did. It was an abyssmal faillure and cost many innocent people their lives. It will not allow them to project their extremism on people who simply want what our Fore Fathers set up; a Constitutional government who recognizes the rights of individuals to control their own lives. It is they that are the extremists and want to destroy the American way of life.
Fess up: Who has killed millions of people here?
Tell-ya-what, that leftist raving is that of a lunatic and it will be Schadenfreude-City indeed, when democrats and the left have their jive shoved back down their own throats, forever made to wear the symbol of failure, the fact they supported Barack Obama and his transformation folly!!!
Will that jive be shoved down our throats at gunpoint? Because the ballot box doesn't look promising for our teabagger friends.
Such hateful rhetoric towards a group of people that want a smaller government, lower taxes, personal responsibility, a thriving economy and a president that will lead and not divide the country.

When ObamaCare kicks into full gear maybe they will see the light but I seriously doubt it.

Don't forget "and also run around bragging about all the guns they have and how they'll use them against liberals and refusing to accept the results of democratic elections". That one is kinda important, too.
Sadly, this is typical of today's liberal leftist democrat socialist. This guy is just using the most insulting and inflammatory words he can think of, as part of a deliberate scheme to try and provoke his perceived enemies.

He and people like him do this because they want to try and pull us down into the sewer with them, to try and feel better about their own depravity.

We won't do that though. We will stand and be counted because we are better than them, and they know it.

Fess up: Who likes to insult Republicans with insulting and inflammatory words?

Oh wait, that's probably me. And, yeah, pretty much all of you. Score!

I think it's great that the world can see the inner workings of the anarchist brain. These losers hate everyone. And even more obvious is that the Democrat Party, the MSM, and the Teachers Union wholly own this stunted, malnourished political offspring. I'd test Al Gore's DNA specifically.
I don't think "anarchist" means what you think it means, regardless of what Al Gore's DNA has to say about it.
Congrats, libs! You preserved status quo for the real winners in this, Wellpoint and Wall Street! Long live QE! Vive la corporate health insurance - right? How about next we pass a law that everyone will be forced to give hundreds of dollars each month to Applebees, all in the name of eliminating hunger. Libs can always be counted on to make sure more money ends up in Wall Street even as they claim to be for the little guy.
Uh ...
These Kossacks are fascists. I don't know which is more frightening, them or memories of the Nazis and what they did to people they didn't like.
Good question. What is more frightening? The people who killed millions of undesirables, or a bunch of people posting on a website?
It really is hard for today's liberals to embrace the tenants of the Constitution, (and the founding fathers understanding of a limited federal government), when they, (the liberal progressives), have spent their entire lives being indoctrinated through the public education process. They've been spoon-fed every piece of information, (falsely), that the mean old conservatives are a threat to their lifestyle of living under the government's yoke of entitlements. Capitalism is their enemy, along with the free market principles of individual investment, individual responsibility, and sadly, the individual liberties that has eroded over time by submitting to their masters in a central government. This cradle to grave mentality has poisoned the American spirit of individualism, and again, we can place much of the blame on the public education system that has instituted the revisionist version of our history, (by virtually re-writing the historical facts and instituting their own set of lies to fit their narrow liberal agenda/ideology). Tea Party Republicans, (and their quest to bring back to life the true intentions of our framers of the Constitution), ARE THE SINGLE BIGGEST THREAT to their crumbling ideology of a socialist state, run by a central government---ceding all of their liberties to their masters in Washington, and living their lives for these masters to afford them every provision necessary to sustain this lifestyle of servitude, basically, embracing a communist/marxist society.
You know who else thinks tea party Republicans are THE SINGLE BIGGEST THREAT? Republicans.
They're totally intolerant, they're hateful, they're as evil a force as has ever been seen on this earth, they're here to destroy the USA as a free Republic, and THEY"RE WINNING!! So get used to it, or get rucked up to grind THEIR asses "Into the goddamn dirt."

This ain't politics like "your momma and daddy" knew it. This is total war, and if our side doesn't wake the hell up, there ain't gonna be an"our side" much longer.

Most (but not all) in the MSM don't even realize what they are facilitating. They just think that Da One is going to turn this "mean old country" into all love and kisses and a liberal dreamland. They will be the most shocked schmucks in the country when the regime comes after them after it finishes with the opposition like the Tea Party, and has "kicked" them to death, literally.

Don't think it can happen? Read a history book.

Have a nice day!!

You had me at "get used to it".
And just what do these idiots offer the country, except hate, higher taxes and the importation of poverty via the illegal aliens who will end up turning on them once they achieve power.
Nothing. Nothing at all.
the dems/liberals hate the tea party. they saw the power of the people when they joined together at the grassroot level to stand up for something they believed in, freedom. it scared them to death that the people could and did rise up and oppose them. they are so afraid of what the tp is capable of doing (remember 2010 elections) that they used the irs to silence the tp/conservatives (and because their voice was not heard, it was assumed that the tp was dead and the dems went on to win in 2012). i really do believe if the irs had given these groups the go ahead, things would be much different today. oh but they made a huge mistake this go around and in 2014 the tp and conservatives will keep th ehouse and take the senate.
The tea party was effective in 2010, even though they didn't have tax exempt status, but the IRS stole the 2012 election by asking additional questions from applications by tea party groups, and eventually granting them all tax exempt status?

So is the conspiracy that tax exempt status killed the tea party?

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