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Yes, the 87 Republicans who voted to reopen the Government and raise the debt ceiling are traitors! Traitors to, um...

From Buzz Feed:

WASHINGTON — A tea party group has launched a campaign to support primary challenges against all 87 Republicans who voted for the deal in late October to reopen the government and raise the debt ceiling.

The Tea Party Leadership Fund, a PAC affiliated with the group, began a fundraising push — dubbed the “Primaries for Traitors Fund” — shortly after the shutdown deal passed in the House, and they are now ramping up efforts to find “credible candidates” in each of the districts, said the fund’s treasurer, Dan Backer.

“From our perspective, we see this as a signature vote. You can’t be a conservative and vote to raise the debt ceiling,” Backer said. “I recognize there are some places where voters may actually think that was the right vote. And there may be places where you have an incumbent who wins with 90% of the vote every time and there’s not a credible challenger. I recognize that, but we’re certainly going to do our best.”

Backer says the group has honed in on a few specific members to start: Illinois Rep. Rodney Davis, New York Rep. Peter King, North Carolina Rep. Robert Pittenger, Louisiana Rep. Charles Boustany, and most importantly, Backer said, House Speaker John Boehner in Ohio.

(my bold)

I wonder what makes one a "credible candidate" in these primaries. Maybe you have to support drone-hunting licenses. Or maybe they show you a picture of a bi-racial family, and if you don't gag, you're out.

How exciting that the Goposaur Civil War is only just getting started. 2014 may see bigger Democratic gains than anyone could have dreamed.

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