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Soo… here’s the thing.  I promised myself I will only do this once, but I am desperate.  I have tried to document the corruption here in Florida in a weekly series but you might have noticed I haven’t posted as much this year.   Long story short, I am suffering and need some help.  I am now among one of the victims of our antiquated health care system.  

Earlier this year I was great.  I started a new job and was making decent money.  I was very busy but was able to pay off bills, had great insurance, and finally was able to save a little bit for a rainy day.  

Then things went south in September.  My wife lost her job, and I lost mine suddenly because the company nosedived.  Luckily, I was able to find work quickly, but the health insurance I have currently sucks… it has a VERY high deductible and is essentially just a savings account.  Luckily, I had money stowed away so me and the kids were fine.  I thought we would be okay.

Then I got sick.

So my wife rushes me to the ER on an early September Saturday.  I am in pain but it disappears while I am there.  The doctors charge me handsomely but did nothing as I suddenly got better.  I think its all over.  Then the next day, I am in the WORST PAIN in my entire life.  For several hours I am screaming for pain relief in my chest area.   I get morphine, more drugs, Cat Scans, blood tests, EKGs, the works.  The pain subsides finally, but I realize I have trouble breathing because now there is a ton of belching and acid reflux that continues to this day.  Cardiologist says I'm fine.  After several days at the hospital I realized they were just bleeding me dry without helping, so I leave.  The bills devastate me.

I then go to a reputable GI doctor.    Endoscopy… fine.  Colonoscopy… fine.  Ultrasound... fine.  X-rays.. fine.  Meanwhile, I lose a ton of weight.  I ask for the doctor to check my gall bladder as I read people with similar afflictions found issues... but he blows that off saying the ultrasound showed nothing and instead pushes me off to a research hospital.  Although he refers me as "URGENT" the research hospital probably won't see me until January... which means not only do I suffer for another two months in pain and little sleep but I start at 0 for my deductible again.  

I'm not sure I would even be able to go for new tests because now I’m broke.  I have overdue bills accumulated for $5000+  so far and they just keep coming (I've posted a picture, that entire stack is bills).  I've met my deductible, so tests are covered at 90% from now until Dec. 31.  Then I start over-- paying for everything until the deductible is met.  I already missed a lot of work.

Things turn on a dime.  I went from this being a great year to the worst year of my life.  

I love my family and decided to put my pride on hold and ask for help.   If you are in a good position in your life (and only if) please consider throwing a few bucks my way to get us through this difficult time.  

I have depleted my savings and might have to go on long term disability, which means we’ll be worse off than ever because that is a 40% decrease in income.

Meanwhile, I get to listen to lectures about health care from Rick Scott and his band of GOP assholes who pay EIGHT DOLLARS A MONTH in healthcare for 100% coverage.   It’s not right.

One last thing, there are people worse off than me. If I collect nothing I will not be disappointed one iota in this community and the good things you have done.  Thanks and God Bless.

oh... and I will never ask again.  promise.

Go Fund Me


2:58 PM PT: I always considered myself a tough guy with my law enforcement background and my combat in the desert.  But I want you all to know that when I saw the outpouring of emotional and financial support I cried like a Boehner.  You have no idea how much you've helped my family.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  

Mon Nov 18, 2013 at 7:16 AM PT: When I started this diary, I thought at most I would get a few buck to help with one of the smaller bills.  I am now able to pay the largest single bill that I have.  As of 10EST this loving community raised over 2700K.  That is frankly more than I expected and can't thank you guys enough.  

Originally posted to DKos Florida on Sun Nov 17, 2013 at 10:48 AM PST.

Also republished by Kossacks helping each other and Community Fundraisers.

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