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I'll start this diary letting readers know that I'm extremely overjoyed with what I'm about to report... For years I've been arguing that when it comes to the control the corporate state has over us the most impactful is its control over our minds through propaganda.  I've written many times about the importance of taking the concept of counter-propaganda very seriously.  And I've argued that one very important area when it comes to counter-propaganda is mass media advertising.

Throughout most of that time when it comes to social justice activists, the idea of using paid mass media advertising to reach the public has not been one widely accepted.  I certainly understand the sentiment; they view advertising as one of the reasons we are where we are when it comes to the deterioration of democracy in this country.

My impression from having interacted with many boots-on-the-ground activists is that there is a certain purity of thought, a certain ethos about what it means to advocate for justice; and a certain (well-deserved) hostility towards the tools used by the corporate state to influence people.

I understand all of it very well.  But I have no such qualms whatsoever.  You know why?  Because when it comes to the fascistic corporate state we are truly dealing with very ruthless characters and institutions.  And so to a certain extent I believe that likewise, once you realize how truly evil this system is, you need to focus your energy against it with the same type of ruthlessness...

And as I always say, by ruthless I don't mean violence, or even illegality of any kind.  I mean a burning-fire visceral lust for justice; for retribution against those at the highest level who have committed crimes against the citizenry, against humanity.

But enough about that...  Now to the good news: There is an organization based in Washington, D.C. called The Partnership for Civil Justice Fund.  They just launched The 'Thank You Ed Snowden' bus ad campaign...

Yesterday marked the roll-out of the Thank You Ed Snowden bus ads on the streets of Washington, D.C.!

Because of the crowd-funding support this project is receiving, it is starting to take off! We are happy to announce it is now being expanded. We have taken out ads on five additional buses, which will hit the streets of D.C. soon.

As the press covers this exciting campaign, people across the country are joining the movement opposing the NSA's Surveillance State. Several online comments have captured the spirit of the project perfectly: "Courage is contagious!" "No army in the world can stop an idea whose time is come!"

Again, for me, this is one of the most exciting (and hopeful) things I've seen in a long time.  Imagine that!  In your effing face!  In the face of the corporatist politico sycophants that populate D.C.  In the face of the illegal surveillance police state.  And at the same time, educating the public, building consciousness, and confidence, and hope.  Hope that the deceptive narratives of the corporate state can be challenged so bluntly.
Check out my Sunday, June 23, 2013 diary: Run Snowden Run
The other day I wrote about a tipping point... I feel is coming soon.  People are realizing the true (evil) nature of a system dominated by supranational corporations hellbent in oppressing an exploiting us, doing so by paying off corrupt politicians and government functionaries.  Once that realization spreads, the tipping point will come.  It will be like a dam bursting!  The corporate state is coming down; the demise has already begun and that will be apparent soon, in my humble opinion.

P.S.  By corporate state I mean the captured of government institutions by the moneyed elite through a system of revolving door influence peddling corruption, or legalized bribery.  By it coming down I mean a people's uprising to force the end of the status quo in order to be replaced with democracy, with clean government that is responsive to the people and not to the powerful.  

Photos: The Partnership for Civil Justice Fund Facebook page

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