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First, I would like to thank all of you who responded to my first diary about my internet friend's sick kitty. I appreciate it very much. My friend obviously noted the concern about the kitty being left alone expressed in comments on her blog because she added something to that post eventually:

Caps in original. :-)

There have been two more blog posts since then with further information (see below).

This was posted on 29 November:

Kitties, I am home.  I drank and drank when I got home and had some wet food to eat.  I let mom hold me a little while and she heard my snuffle and stuffy nose.  :-(  While I was gone I got a shot for my allergies.  Not sure what else as there was no charge except for my urinalysis which was clear.

They still maintain that this is largely allergies, mom does not.  Yes, I have them but the shot would have taken care of that.  Mom called the Vet again and there was a voice mail for mom while her phone crashed to the floor and broke apart. Essentially that if it is a rhino virus (sp)  it will have to work its way thru.  You can't give antibiotics for a cold.

A person commented on my last blog and said "why is it better to go to the Vet hospital if there is no one there to take care of you?  Can't your mom take care of you till they return to work"

This is a question that needs and deserves an answer, so here goes.  Mom was afraid for me and had tears when she was advised to leave me there again.  I had been lethargic, sleeping in one place for hours at a time, eating little, drinking too little, sneezing and made odd little jerking movements under the skin plus I was incessantly licking my lips.  I did not play and I did not sleep with mom nor did I bring toys in to her..just once and only one. That's why mom took me back to my Dr. The long and the short of it?   She was afraid.  As for waiting several days here at the house,  I needed to be seen and assessed then, not days later.  I got a shot, something for nausea and assessed that moment half an hour before they closed for the Holiday.  There were people there at given times to keep watch on all of the woofies and kitties there in the hospital, medicate and talk to the Dr.  None of us did without anything except our dear families.

I am in on favorite brother's bed after I drank and drank.  Had that bite to eat and now, I am curled on the bed's soft blanket.

I know mom will do all she can to help me and make me comfy.  She loves me so.

Mom also has my fave brother here while he recuperates and we are ALL so grateful for each warm and loving well wishes for him and for me, and for my mom as well.  You are the beauty of the blogging community and the reason we are all truly a family.

The "brother" mentioned is one of my friend's sons.

The following was posted on 30 November:

Kitties,  I am home still.  Mommy was heartened that I got into bed and slept up against her pajamaed tummy.  I stayed till she had to answer the alarm and get up for Brovver at 0130.  When she got back I had gone elsewhere but eventually I came back to her.

I am sneezy, one eye running and my nose is running like a wee faucet.  That's why I am licking my lips, mom thinks.  My nose is congested.  Mom took your advice and went out and bought a humidifier.  Instead of my thick comfy bed I am in my PTU presently but both bed and PTU are in this computer room so mommy has it running in here.

She called the Vet and drilled and grilled him.  He swears on his Terrier's head that this is all allergy!  I know my mom thinks a cat  cold.  Mom told him what she'd read about colds and cat herpes too and he again swore that I had neither.  Mom says a cold...he says allergies in the worst way.  But if I am not better, back I go after a few days.  If I am holding my own..brovver has a very important appt. Monday to keep with his surgeon.  If need be I will go in Monday later but mom somehow thinks now that I am home and have her to bury into, I will get better.  I DID eat supper, a decent one too, and I drank pretty often.

This morning, I came in all wheezy and snuffly but I did a good job on my stinky goodness and I was having a fresh drink of water right after mom laid it down while still in the bathroom.  (I have two watering holes).

I had lunch too, Kitties!  Pretty decent amount.  I made one pee over night..a big one, and one poo.  Whew.

So, now I wait with my humidifier and hope I eat and drink and cod knows I am resting!!! I had my tail up once.  The rest of the time it's down but mom said she saw it sailing proudly once...cutting the air as I made it into the living room.

As you can see, there is major disagreement about whether this is an allergy problem or a cold. I don't expect anyone here to resolve that issue (constructive comments are welcome, nonetheless), but am posting this as an informational progress report.
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  •  Tip Jar (9+ / 0-)

    The more people I encounter, the more I appreciate our cats.

    by Old Sailor on Sun Dec 01, 2013 at 09:01:13 AM PST

  •  one thing... (6+ / 0-)

    that is important.  I have one cat who is FIV+ and rhino viruses is pretty much his fallout from his disease.  One time, it was very scary because even though I knew he seemed to have lost a little appetite (which as we all know, it happens with cats and we say they're being fussy), suddenly I realized he was not drinking, not grooming, and it was clear he could not breathe through congestion that was now out of control.  He was panting.

    It took 2 weeks of nebulizer treatments (which I had to bring him to the vets to have done... essentially they put him in a small closed chamber) plus antibiotics to get him back to his normal.

    So even with rhino viruses... sometimes, antibiotics are warranted.  What can come from a cold can turn into an infection.

    Really really important to monitor.

    My vet and I do think my cat also has allergies.  He had a horrible reaction to something this past spring from outside and again I was hauling him to the vets for tests and shots.

    Right now, we keep things in check with Lysine - free form because it's easier to open up the caplet and pour into food and mix.  He gets 500 mg in the morning and 500 mg at night.

    The other thing is something that is fairly new to the regiment, but seems to be helpful - it's holistic drops for allergies.

    ps - Lysine absolutely does help.  Previous to dosing him daily (the past few years I had then upped it to twice daily), I would be bringing him in for a "cold" at least twice a year - to which he got clavamox.  Now he gets antibiotic shots if I have to bring him in.  It's more expensive, but less stressful since the one shot is good for two weeks while he heals.

    All the suffering of this world arises from a wrong attitude.The world is neither good or bad. It is only the relation to our ego that makes it seem the one or the other - Lama Anagorika Govinda

    by kishik on Sun Dec 01, 2013 at 09:17:00 AM PST

  •  I don't want to be alarmist about kitty (3+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    Old Sailor, whaddaya, greenearth

    But I can't help but be reminded of a kitty who, at that kitten stage where they go from weighing nothing (and love zooming through the air) to beginning to get some weight on their bones (and still love zooming).  This kitty (who was being kept in a screend-in porch due to conflicts with the existing cat) went flying -- and slammed the flat part of his skull against the corner of a piece of 3/4" plywood.  His skull cracked at the point of impact, and also at several other places.

    The only symptoms he showed were those of a cold/allergies -- runny nose, eyes, etc, but no fever.  Of course, he 'became lethargic'.  His owners took him to the vet repeatedly, who could find nothing wrong -- because the vet was thinking respiratory, not skeletal problems.

    I adopted this kitty from his first owners.  He had some behavioral oddities that I chalked up to a lack of socialization due to his time on the porch.  He was very unwilling to be touched, particularly around his head, bu the behaved in all the normal cat-ways and was willing to learn how to live nicely with others.

    After he had been with me for several months, I noticed that when he was grooming his paws -- doing that rapid-bite with his tiny front teeth thing -- that the top plate of his skull from ear to ear, was moving up and down as he bit -- a shocking thing to see.  I had worked quite a bit to get him to trust my hands, and I was able to persuade him to let me examine his skull.  Although uneasy, he allowed me to feel for injuries and discover the 3/4" indentation between his right eye and ear, the healed fractures on both sides of his lower jaw, and the detached area between the skull's top plate and the back of the skull.  Later that winter, he asked (in an unusual way) to be stroked, and let me find the spinal damage caused by the whiplash effect of his injury.

    He lived with me quite contentedly for seventeen years.

    I meant to keep this shorter, but had to tell the story of my Buddy.

    But ask your friend to use a petting-session to examine her kitty's skull and skeleton.  If the kitty freaks out or tries to get away or yowls or tries to protect certain areas, it may be worthwhile to get some imaging done to rule out fractures.

    Buddy 'wept' his whole life long, and he would tear me to pieces if I tried to lie him down on his back in my lap.  After I understood the radiating fractures, this made sense to me.  The injury had apparently blocked the drainage-ducts for his tears, and they had nowhere to go but down his face.  These wet places got dirty, and his first owners (I later confirmed this) used to lie him in their laps and hold his head while wiping away the dirt -- while the fracture was still fresh and unhealed.

    He also was always spooked when he saw a hand come over his head to pet him, even if it was mine.  I always had to explain to new people that the loved being petted, but to bring their hand up from below his face, as you wold with a strange dog, of he would run away from the pets he wanted.

    •  Thank you for this! (3+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      CroneWit, whaddaya, greenearth

      However, the kitty's problems have been coming and going for a while, not constant. I'll ask my friend about the possibility of recent head injury, though.

      The more people I encounter, the more I appreciate our cats.

      by Old Sailor on Sun Dec 01, 2013 at 11:03:21 AM PST

      [ Parent ]

      •  Buddy's symptoms fluctuated with weather (3+ / 0-)
        Recommended by:
        Old Sailor, whaddaya, greenearth

        cold weather really made his bones ache and gave him a headache.  And I just now remembered one of his odd things that ties in.  After washing his face/ears, he would have a sneezing fit -- and I'm just realizing now how the paw-action would have jostled the cracks around his eyes/sinuses.

        I realize the 'broken bones' possibility is slim, but kitty's response to Mom's touch could give enough info to go on, to see if imaging is necessary or not.

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