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Free Republic post: Youngest Obama Daughter's Real Name NOT 'Sasha', but Soviet/Russian 'Natasha'...
Youngest Obama Daughter's Real Name NOT 'Sasha', but Soviet/Russian 'Natasha'...

It was once not uncommon in 'captive' communist satellite nations (subjugated to the USSR) to give your child a Russian name, mostly to show support for the Soviet system and provide them a leg-up in the commie world. But how many (esp black) Americans do YOU know with a Russian first name?

How amusing it is then that the Obamas' last federal tax return revealed a fact not publicly known- that 'Sasha's actual legal name is 'Nastasha', which means 'birthday' in the language of the USSR. And something tells me it wasn't just because it sounded pretty.

Of course it's a family tradition with Obama- after all, his parents met in Russian language class at the University of Hawaii. And WHAT kind of people took Russian in America in 1961...? Outside of CIA spooks, Lee Harvey Oswald comes to mind...

Digging around, I found that there are 37,000 people named Natasha in the US, and since the internet is never wrong, I'm taking that at face value. That means that there are a lot of freakin' COMMUNISTS in America!

When will the media start reporting this name that the Obamas kept hidden for so long, even though it wasn't hidden at all? People are properly outraged, below the fold.

So if he really had a son, his name wouldn’t be Trayvon? It would be Boris?
I thought it was interesting how it was hidden for 5 years... normal people don’t hide their kids’s names.
And they would've gotten away with it too, if it wasn't for these dastardly Free Republic kids!
Actually it's a diminutive of Aleksander or Aleksandra. In Russia you'll find both boys and girls being called Sasha.

I have no idea why the Obama's started calling Natasha 'Sasha' but there are a lot of things about them I don't understand.  

No freakin' clue. None! For example, who knows why I call my son Aristotle "Ari"? And no one has a clue why we call my daughter Elisandra "Eli". These are deep, deep mysteries.

So it's probably because they're deep undercover spies.

At least they didn’t name her Tawanna or Tasheka.
... because then you'd have a real reason to hate them?
Malia . . . Malcolm X?
Sure. You go with that.

Or, you could stick with reality. Your choice.

do any of these people use their real names?
Lets ask everyone named Bob, Bill, Jen, Dick, Mike, and Liz, for starters. Also, why is Mitch McConnell hiding his real name, in plain sight? (Addison Mitchell, by the way.)
Sasha never was short for Natasha in Russian, that part is nonsense. Sasha is short for Alexandra, and Natasha is short for Nataliya.

Then why, in the Obamas' minds, is Sasha the short form of Natahsa? It could not be an affinity for things Russian, since that would imply ignorance.

I think 'Sasha' is simply their nickname for her.

Holy crap, could that be it? Seems like a craaaaaazy theory!
My dog was named Sasha...She was a fluffy, snow white cockapoo. Not sure why I decided on that name...but it must have come from my somewhere in my Russian background. Both my grandparents were Russian.
Your dog was a KGB spy. Admit it!
I’ve been talking that up for some time as yet another symbol of obozo’s loyalty to the communist agenda (as if we needed one).
Uh oh, is someone trying to bogart your credit for cracking this mystery?
Natasha spelled backwards is Ah Satan!  
Case closed!
When did the Obamas change their daughters names from Malaria and Sharia?
A look at their birth certificates should clear tha... what, now they're questioning that too?
Natasha is also an Arabic Muslim name, which means gift of their moon idol.
Make up your minds! Commie or terrorist!
obummer is fair game. IMHO, the girls aren’t.
Sensible, except ...
It was Barky and Mantoinette's adult decision to choose a Russian name for their baby so that is certainly fair game. They made many calculated political decisions including later not using her given name. One of the reasons thin skinned Barky absolutely hates Mittens is that Mittens has 5 sons and he has none.
What the-- That sound was my jaw hitting the floor. I'm serious. It was a five-foot drop.
It is the fact they have been lying about this and everything else since this all started that is the issue.
My jaw ain't leaving the floor.
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