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*(The Massachusetts update is a major one, but with a major caveat)

All details, updated graph & the spreadsheet itself at
Kentucky's enrollment continues to quietly but steadily increase, with private exchange enrollments up 5% over Christmas Eve (from 31,672 to 33,289) and Medicaid expansion up 7% (from 84,480 to 90,254). Ironically, for all the praise they receive for their exchange running so smoothly, KY is actually still only at about 15% of their CBO goal, mainly because it was set absurdly high in the first place (220,000, or slightly higher than New York which has a population 4.5x as large).

After last week's confusing numbers, Minnesota is back on track with private exchange enrollments increasing by 6,440 over a week earlier, or 33%. Enrollment in MinnesotaCare and Medical Assistance went up to 15,997 and 25,948 respectively.

As noted above, Massachusetts is a mess. I've been debating how to handle this; for private enrollments, it looks like I need to combine 497 subsidized, 3,262 unsubsidized (the previous number) and 22K temporary plans, which are apparently qualified/approved but haven't been processed yet. This adds up to 25,759 total, but the article refers to a lower number of 24,256. Given the confusion, I'm using that as the total and listing it below the other number in italics, which I normally use for "unpaid" enrollments. This brings the new tally to 3,759 fully enrolled and 20,497 "semi-enrolled"...I think.

The Medicaid number is more straightforward: 130K transferred automatically from a state-run public health program over to Medicaid proper.

One more update in Oregon, and it's a substantial one despite their severe technical issues: The Oregonian reports a 22% increase in state signups , from the previous totals of 14,700 private and 32,000 Medicaid enrollments. Journalist Nick Budnick, who has written numerous articles on the Oregon health exchange’s non-functioning website, also confirms the correctness of the additional Medicaid figure.

Meanwhile, it was brought to my attention earlier today that the L.A. Times ran a feature story on the ACA Signups website. I'm beyond flattered, but a bit surprised seeing how no one ever contacted me to confirm (or inform me of) anything. The Forbes piece was a simple link, and while Sarah Kliff at WaPo didn't contact me about her story, she and I had at least exchanged a couple of tweets a few days earlier so there had at least been some contact beforehand. Anyway, it's a pretty good overview.

Finally, given how much time the site is starting to eat up, I've gone ahead and slapped a PayPal donation button up on the site. I don't plan on making it into a profit-based venture, but I'm not going to protest if anyone wants to toss a few bucks my way either.

I've also added a much-requested feature: A "Latest Tally" summary on the sidebar. This will let people view the quick main numbers at a glance.

I'm also in the process of reformatting the spreadsheet itself a bit--I've added a new column for (hopefully) tracking the mysterious "off-exchange" (direct) enrollments. So far I only have one entry, but it's quite significant: In New Mexico, one insurer (out of 4 in the state) reports over 1,200 direct enrollments vs. their 2,000 exchange-based enrollments. No idea if this is typical of other states, but if it is, that could be huge.

The other big change on the spreadsheet is that I'm trying to kill off the "notes" column completely, so that it'll fit into a narrower browser window like the rest of the site. Instead, the Notes column will link directly to the blog entries for that particular state, where I can type detailed explanations/notes as necessary. This is an ongoing process, should be done soon.

Originally posted to Brainwrap on Sat Jan 04, 2014 at 02:25 PM PST.

Also republished by Koscadia, PDX Metro, Massachusetts Kosmopolitans, and My Old Kentucky Kos.

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