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What Are You Working On? is for all things hand-made, home-made, and creative in a variety of mediums.

Happy New Year everyone! What crafting plans do you have for the New Year? For me, I'm going to finish the never ending Dressy Shawl--I have a few more rows of pattern left, and then the border. I'll probably watch the BCS game with my husband tomorrow evening and work on it then. I also have 2 afghans to finish, and a lace tablecloth that I'm working on. I'm also going to see if I can learn to crochet with a double-ended crochet hook.

What Are You Working On?

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  •  Etui (14+ / 0-)

    "I belong to no organized party. I am a Democrat."--Will Rogers

    by vgranucci on Sun Jan 05, 2014 at 03:41:05 PM PST

  •  Schedule of posters (5+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    Frankenoid, weck, mommyof3, TX Scotia, Temmoku

    January 5 -- open
    January 12 -- open
    January 19 -- open
    January 26 -- winifred3

    Do you knit? crochet? sew? make jewelry? do metal (or other) sculpting? build furniture? create with your hands and heart?

    If you do anything 'crafty' please consider doing one of our Sunday afternoon/evening diaries.

    Respond to this comment or send me a Kos-message, and I'll put you on the calendar.

    "I belong to no organized party. I am a Democrat."--Will Rogers

    by vgranucci on Sun Jan 05, 2014 at 03:42:19 PM PST

  •  I'm thinking about trying my hand at candied blood (7+ / 0-)

    orange peels.  Been digging around looking over various recipes for candied citrus peels, and it's finally that time of year when blood oranges make their all-too-brief appearances on the shelves, and I hate wasting even the peels.  Last year I made dried blood orange zest for use in baking from the ones I ate, but a little goes a long way, so I'm looking for another way to use them.

  •  Great, grand, (6+ / 0-)

    fantastic news, lace knitters -- or those who want to try and are a little nervous.

    Lacis is now offering a service to drill needles, size 000 and larger, with a hole to ease running lifelines.  It adds $5 to the cost of the needles.

    And yeah, I ordered some, although it can get really pricey really quick, so I limited myself to 3 sizes of needles.

  •  For anyone interested, I have a diary up (6+ / 0-)

    at the DK Quilt Guild.

    It focuses on raw edge applique.

    I dream of things that never were and say, "why not"? Robert Kennedy

    Read my short stories for free here

    by winifred3 on Sun Jan 05, 2014 at 04:40:34 PM PST

  •  some sketches (8+ / 0-)

    Bopping along to "Hydro" by Unrest.

    I haven't gotten restarted on Sci Fi Guy! like I wanted, but I'm trying to do a related thumbnail sketch a day to poke the thing ahead.

    Last sketch of 2013 by ~melallensink on deviantART

    Two teen tomboys crossover, Maggie from Sci Fi Guy! and Revellia from InterStellar OverDrive.

    First Drawing of 2014 by ~melallensink on deviantART

    Tibnib + extra by ~melallensink on deviantART

    Brain in water-cooler too by ~melallensink on deviantART

    Hopefully an old comic that I wrote and colored for Pat Pat Moriarity will get posted at BoingBoing in the next few days.

    "If this Studebaker had anymore Atomic Space-Age Style, you'd have to be an astronaut with a geiger counter!"

    by Stude Dude on Sun Jan 05, 2014 at 04:47:39 PM PST

  •  Sci fi Guy! (6+ / 0-)

    No wonder I get frustrated with Sci Fi Guy! It's probably too big to do as a hobby but it may also be uncommercial.

    How big is it? In the past few days I worked up this list of characters. It's a work in progress with a lot of tk's and other things to be massaged out.

    Sci Fi Guy! Cast list

    Core Four plus More:
    1. Merv Gustafson
    2. Maggie Ostergaard
    3. Tom the Catgirl
    4. Xerkibub J. Spage
    5. Prothee (robot companion)
    6. Zed the Spaceship
    7. Little Neutrino (big old fat black cat)
    8. Cy (cyclops kitten)

    Iroquois City Science Fiction Clique:
    9. Leroy Stovik
    10. Bruno Brunell
    11. Marshall tk
    12. Janice Sarkozy
    13. Claudine tk
    14. tk “Fig” Newton
    15. Simon Vnkra
    16. Trivia Tim Baumgartner
    17. Peter Hjorth
    18. Tina Bjornstrand

    More teens:
    19. Gunter tk
    20. Hephzibah tk
    21. Hans’ granddaughter tk

    22. Olaf Gustafson
    23. Lena Gustafson
    24. John Ostergaard
    25. Marsha Ostergaard
    26. Hans Angstrom
    27. Babs tk
    28. Male Johnsen tk
    29. Female Johnsen tk
    30. Ignatius “Iggy” Stovik
    31. Claire Stovik
    32. Ralph Brunell
    33. Gladys Brunell
    34. Edward Knight Edworthy IV
    35. Jolene “Fatso” Facseaux
    36. Hector Gonzalez “spelled with a z!”
    37. Helmut Geldt (Martian Market proprietor)
    38. Tim “Turbo” Garrett, rent-a-cop
    39. Mrs. Katz
    40. Esdel Putzman (take-that to a certain ex-partner)
    41. Muffin-top Milf tk (revival of the ‘70s version of Winnie)
    42. Girls’ Softball coach tk (possible Katisha expy)
    43. Her CPA husband (possible Euxaphort expy)

    Local media celebrities:
    44. The $100 Matinee emcee tk
    45. Captain Cowboy
    46. Stereo Steve
    47. Don Wingman
    48. Don’s sidekick tk
    49. Stereo 101 Deejay tk
    50. “Winston Smith”
    51. “O’Brien”

    Misc Extras:
    52. Fido Jr. (Geldt’s cat)
    53. ‘80s Diesel Punk Junior

    Galactic Central:
    54. Tibnib I.U.U.U.U.U.U. Fomunculus
    55. Uddle
    56. Eiya
    57. Pherm (giant brain in a tub)

    Rural Gustafson brood:
    58. Swenn Gustafson
    59. Ingrid Gustafson
    60. Junior Gustafson
    61. Sonja Gustafson
    62. Sauron (23 pound yellow tomcat named by Junior)
    63. Barkie (dog named by the rest of the family)
    64. tk “Grandpa Tractor“ Torsen
    65. tk Grandma Torsen

    More rural folks:
    66: Neighbor tk
    67. Neighbor’s son #1 tk
    68. Neighbor’s son #2 tk
    69. Big mechanic tk
    70. Little mechanic tk
    70a. “Terry Paramour” (if I go to that extent of Muse Abuse)
    70b. “Richard Paramour” (if I go to that extent of Muse Abuse)

    21st Century (corrupted by observing it):
    71. Adult Leroy
    72. Adult Bruno
    73. Older Edworthy
    74. Older Hector
    75. Older Steam Punk Junior
    76. Pallet Jack Guy
    77. SYSTA VIII
    78. Really old Tim Garrett
    79. Mall nerd#1
    80. Mall nerd#2
    81. Mall nerd#3
    82. Nerd wannabe
    83. Chunky chesty mother#1
    84. Chunky chesty mother#2
    85. Cecilia
    86. Sea Serpent#1 tk
    87. Sea Serpent#2 tk
    88. Sea Serpent#3 tk
    89. Dame Dribble
    90. President Smith

    Binary Boogie (the Earthlings):
    91. Steve Jobs
    92. Steve Wozniak
    93.Mick Jagger
    94. Mick’s daughter tk
    95. Basil tk
    96. Nerdette #1
    97. Nerdette #2

    Binary Boogie (the aliens):
    98. Obbohym Nottafoom
    99. Ebbo
    100. Spund
    101. Peesle
    102. Sploss
    103. Exexexex
    104. Kleck
    105. Tall robot tk
    106. Short robot tk
    107. Girl robot tk
    108. Big robot tk

    See You Later Studebaker:
    109. 7-year-old Geldt
    110. Rover (his big fat pregnant calico)
    111. Younger Olaf
    112. Younger Lena
    113. Younger Swenn
    114. Younger Hans
    115. Hans’ wife tk
    116. Hans’ kid #1 tk
    117. Hans’ kid #2 tk
    118. Hans’ kid #3 tk
    119. Overlord Reebie Nullop Nine-Three, aka: Missus Mainline “Mayinleen” Ford
    120. Fweeny Two-Two
    121. Thoan Four-One
    122. Sheeby One-Three
    123. Thrudd Five-Seven
    124. Glipnop Eight-Four
    125. Meesie Six-Two
    126. Aab Three-Nine
    127. Starlet #1
    128. Starlet #2
    129. Extra in rubber movie monster costume

    Operation 404 (aka: Men in Black):
    130. Agent 103
    131. Agent 107
    132. Agent 127
    133. Agent 141

    134. Hermillion Vassowary
    135. Cast Iron Joe
    136. Agriculture
    137. Industry
    138. Belle of Brass
    139. Drought
    140. Rust
    141. Igor

    Boat Anchor Engineering (more Brassellians):
    142. Jolly Boat
    143. Holly Boat
    144. Ferrick Anchor
    145. Tumblehome (Mechanic)
    146. Greenhouse (Mechanic)
    147. Beltline (Mechanic)
    148. Rocker (Mechanic)
    149. Crown (Gibson Girl expy)
    150. Plenum (Gibson Girl expy)

    Iroquon IV:
    151. Underdog costume gal tk
    152. 7’3” 153 pound guy in a papier-mâché Darth Vader costume
    153. 6’1” 311 pound girl in Spock costume
    154. Plain Jane in Jessica 6 costume
    155. Some guy suffocating inside of a Peterson’s Puppeteer costume
    156. Person in cardboard B9 costume
    157. Merrick McQueen (the guy with Chinon 506SMXL)
    158. Plumeria
    159. Begonia
    160. Tubby
    161. Triplets’ dad tk
    162. Triplets’ mom tk
    163. The dad’s assistant tk
    164. Surprise appearance by some SF writer with big sideburns….

    Work in progress #1:
    165. Elf Minstrel #1 (dream sequence)
    166. Elf Minstrel #2 (dream sequence)
    167. Elf Minstrel #3 (dream sequence)

    Work in progress #2:
    168. Huge alien dude tk
    169. Robot sycophant tk
    170. Grownup Fang expy#1 tk
    171. Grownup Fang expy#2 tk

    Other nekomimi:
    172. Fluffellia Wiskoes
    173. Wok Bait

    Corndogs (summer replacement comedy variety show):
    174. Blanche Alabaster
    175. Comedian #1 tk
    176. Comedian #2 tk
    177. Comedian #3 tk
    178. Comedian #4 tk
    179. Comedian #5 tk
    180. Comedian #6 tk
    181. Grumbly (cartoon bumper mascot)

    Catch ‘Em Catsos (cartoon inside of the cartoon):
    182. Haywood Bailer
    183. Norman D. Beech
    184. Barry J. Fishbait
    185. Wumbilu
    186. Dandelion
    187. Shugnellia

    Grannie Goth & Her Horrid Hordes’ Hoard (animated cereal commercial):
    188. Jewel
    189. Jule
    190. Grannie Goth
    191. Pillage
    192. Plunder
    193. Buddy

    Cyclops Gyros (animated commercial):
    194. Cyclops
    195. Glasses girl

    Animated Misc:
    196. U. Q. Eekeek (cartoon mascot of Stereo 101)

    “A far better place” (if used)
    197. The Big Guy “with the beard”
    198. The Girls “with the wings”

    Other notable machines:
    199. Mervmobile (Merv’s ’75 Mercury Bobcat Villager)
    200. Daisy Mae (Oly’s 1964 3/4 ton Champ)
    201. Heavy Chevy 454 (Swenn’s C-10)
    202. The Deere Hunter (Swenn’s D-21)
    203. Anemone (Junior’s Allis powered ’49 Land Cruiser)
    204, Lulu Bell (Iggy’s DEC PDP-11/34)
    205. D-17 (Geldt’s orange and crème ’66 Bel-Air wagon)
    206. The Behemobile
    207. The Voluptuous Vulture
    208. The Buxom Bat
    209. Big V Airlines refurbished L-188

    "If this Studebaker had anymore Atomic Space-Age Style, you'd have to be an astronaut with a geiger counter!"

    by Stude Dude on Sun Jan 05, 2014 at 04:54:05 PM PST

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