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This will be a short diary.

I have been watching Meet the Press with David Gregory, and am troubled by something Gregory asserted in his interview with Fort Lee, NJ mayor Mark Sokolich. He asked the mayor to comment on the fact that Governor Christie's people were, in fact, trying to find out what really happened with the GW Bridge fiasco, by introducing an email that he claimed was written by Bill Baroni to Regina Egea and quoted, "I will get to the bottom of this abusive decision which violated everything this agency stands for." The graphics on the screen showed a copy of the "To" and "From" portion of the email, which was as he asserted. But he then simply put the disembodied quote up on the screen, without showing the actual e-mail.

I am not a journalist but I have been following this story avidly. I would think anyone who claims to be a real journalist as Gregory does, and who is interviewing someone directly connected to the story, would be well-enough versed in the background material to know that the particular email Gregory was referring to was originally sent to Baroni, as well as others overseeing the Port Authority, by Executive Director of the PA Pat Foy, and that Baroni was simply forwarding the email to Egea for her information.

To Mayor Sokolich's credit, he immediately corrected Gregory and went on with his answer. Gregory said nothing and continued his show. My reaction was "WTF?" Maybe he was truly confused, in which case he is as bad a journalist as we think, or he was deliberately misleading his viewers, in which case he is an even worse journalist than we thought. In any event, he has sunk to Fox News lows in his desire to manipulate the facts.

As an aside, at the end of the show they put up "pictures of the week"' one of which showed a frozen Niagara Falls. A little research would have revealed that the photo was not from the most recent polar vortex, but was from several years ago

Just saying...

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