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If there ever was a back-handed defense of the misunderstood Republican Men -- conservative Commentator Kathleen Parker, just dished one out to conservative Mike Huckabee. Regarding his misunderstood caveman like comments towards that 'other gender' earlier this week:

COMMENTARY: Kathleen Parker: Is GOP waging a war on women?

by Kathleen Parker, Washington Post; -- January 26, 2014

“And if the Democrats want to insult the women of America by making them believe that they are helpless without Uncle Sugar coming in and providing for them a prescription each month for birth control because they cannot control their libido or their reproductive system without the help of the government, then so be it, let us take that discussion all across America because women are far more than the Democrats have played them to be,” Huckabee added.
Paging Dr. Freud ...

As Republicans can’t seem to learn, it’s all in how you say things. Even if Huckabee was only describing how he believes Democrats think of women, he may have parted the curtain on his own unconscious processes. Who, really, is worried about women’s libidos?

No one thus far in the debate about health insurance coverage of birth control has concerned himself with libido-related concerns except, notably, Rush Limbaugh. It was he who made the leap from Sandra Fluke’s insistence that health insurance should cover birth control to his conclusion that Fluke is, therefore and obviously, a “slut.”

Alas, and sadly for Huckabee, his introduction of the libido and all subsequent mental associations not only distracted from his essential message but placed him squarely in the frame with Limbaugh. So why do these men concern themselves so much with what women do with their, ahem, “reproductive systems”?

Whoa!  Did Ms Parker just demote Governor Huck into the same crude class as the self-appointed Judge of sluts himself, Rush Limbaugh?  I believe she just did.  Sorry Huckabee, it's not like you rely on Advertisers like Rush -- oh wait scratch that -- since you just took over his drive-time Radio slot in many the dis-enlightened-parts of the country.

Uh oh!

No worries though Uncle Mike 'Sugar' Huckabee -- a lot of Republican Men make that mistake. You see it's really difficult to "empower women," while at the same time deny them their individual rights and freedoms.  That really does takes some sleight of hand -- just ask Reince what a touchy tap-dance that one can be ...

GOP tries pushing back against “war on women” rhetoric

by Nia-Malika Henderson, She The People, -- January 24, 2014

Two different and competing faces of the GOP have been on display this week as the Republican National Committee hosted its annual winter meeting.

One was former Republican presidential candidate and Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee, who stepped into the contraception debate when he suggested that Democrats pander to women “by making them believe that they are helpless without Uncle Sugar coming in and providing for them a prescription each month for birth control because they cannot control their libido or their reproductive system without the help of the government.”

Republicans quickly went into clean-up mode, with Chairman Reince Priebus, calling the statement “goofy,” and saying he would not have used the same phrasing.

What war on women? That just political rhetoric,” said Henry [Chelsi Henry, cabinet aide to the chief financial officer of Florida, and an African-American], who said her experience growing up as a child on welfare led her to the Republican party. “We are for women. Women being in leadership.  Susana Martinez and Nikki Hale.  Let’s highlight the fact that they are in office.  What do our results show?”

Right, the Party of Old White Geezers -- is really secretly the Party of Diversity, with enlightened women leading the way ... from the GOP Committee tea-rooms.

That might sound good on paper Papa Priebus -- but show us the proof of this GOP game-change, that you seek ...

Here's a hint GOP Game-meisters:

The Party of Women, one that valued women's insights and values and concerns -- just might include a few more ACTUAL Women in the key roles of strategy, leadership, and ACTUAL Candidacies ...

Republicans Don't Have a Single Woman Running a Battleground Senate Campaign

by Alex Roarty, -- January 26, 2014

But in the battle for the Senate majority, only two GOP campaigns have women in charge, and one of them is a tea party insurgent running against a sitting Republican senator backed by the NRSC. In Mississippi, Melanie Sojourner runs state Sen. Chris McDaniel's insurgent effort against Sen. Thad Cochran, while in Tennessee, Alice Rolli heads up Lamar Alexander's re-election campaign. Neither will face a viable Democratic opponent in the fall.

By contrast, more than a third of the Democratic campaigns in key Senate races are led by female campaign managers [...]

It's in general elections, where their candidates face off against Democrats that Republicans most struggle to connect with female voters. Led by Democratic accusations the GOP was waging a "war on women," Republicans suffered a huge gender gap in recent elections: In 2012, President Obama won 55 percent of the female vote against Romney.

Many Republicans don't blame overt sexism for the lack of female representation in GOP campaigns. The problems start well before those decisions are made, when junior-level women aren't cultivated to learn and apply for political- and executive-level positions. One Republican involved in the process, granted anonymity to speak candidly, said many young women are often "shuffled" into the communications and finance departments. Those are important jobs, GOP operatives say, but they often aren't the ones making final decisions.

With all those conflicting priorities -- it's no wonder GOP Decision-making Men are so confused and misunderstood.  You see they need women voters to win elections, but to gain women voters GOP men will actually have to give up some of their cherished GOP 'in your womb' politics.  And afterall, who's knows what's best for GOP women, if not for pasty GOP men? Affordable Health Care is that last thing GOP women want for their sink-or-swim families -- right Ladies?

And that's why the issuer of the GOP Party makeup, has just made-up this new 'No more War on Women' GOP policy:

GOP readies for 2014 with new tactics, familiar messages

by Stephanie Condon, CBS News, -- Jan 22, 2014

Ultimately, Priebus told reporters, the committee wants “a primary that doesn’t destroy our candidates.”

The RNC is also considering a tactical defense against the Democrats’ “war on women” attack that in 2012 brought down candidates like Missouri’s GOP Senate candidate Todd Akin. The committee will consider a new resolution that states the RNC will not support the “strategy of silence when it comes to Republican candidates and the issue of “life,” urging candidates to defend their positions and fight back.

The resolution states, “Staying silent fails because this strategy allows Democrats to define the Republican brand and prevents the Republican Party from taking advantage of widely supported pro-life positions… to attract traditional and new values voters.”

This is going to be another fun election cycle.  It's got GOP Clown-Car + Train-wreck written all over it.

Because that's just what their GOP Party needs, is for GOP Men to keep making themselves more "plainly understood" to those "values voters."

Because calling women "sluts" and "libido-crazed" baby-machines -- is not clear enough already, I suppose.

They just need to somehow explain, how the GOP is really all about returning us to a time when "Father Sugar Daddy knows Best."  That's all.  And then all these American Family-values Misunderstandings could plainly cease.

Because once the Republican Men are plainly understood -- then all this gender-equality commotion could revert back to 'quiet rooms', where it once used to belong.

Paging Dr. Priebus!

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