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4 quick hits today, including an absolutely beautiful quote from an official at Colorado's health insurance exchange:

Arkansas adds 5K to "Private Medicaid Option"

Arkansas has added another 5,000 people to their weird private/public hybrid "Private Medicaid Option" program, the one they set up instead of "true" Medicaid expansion.

Oregon adds 1,507 Private QHP & 6,519 to Medicaid/CHIP

Oregon's website is still a mess, but they're slowly adding people, and meanwhile are quietly adding thousands to Medicaid via their clever food stamp data-based "Medicaid Fast Track" program.

Kentucky up 1,400 Private QHPs & 4,600 Medicaid/CHIP since 1/23

Kentucky continues to quietly move along on both the private and public sides.

Colorado: Private QHP up another 5,600 since 1/15

Finally, a beautiful quote from the CEO of Connect for Health Colorado:

"As much as we may have overestimated what would happen in October and November, we underestimated what would happen in January,"
UPDATE: As many of you know, the single biggest missing piece of the puzzle now are the "off-exchange" or direct enrollments...that is, people who are enrolling in ACA-compliant healthcare plans without doing so via the actual exchanges, but directly via the insurance companies.

Yesterday I noted that I've had my first real breakthrough in identifying how many of these there are, when WellPoint (which operates as many of the BCBS's and Anthem, among other names) announced that they've had around 95,000 "direct" enrollees so far.

Tonight I attempted to chart EVERY insurance company/cooperative operating in all 50 states to get a feel for how big of a job it would be to contact every one of them to ask them to provide direct enrollment data.

Below I've posted the results. To put it mildly, I think I'm going to have to rethink this idea:

Update x2:

Kentucky: All right, strike that, KY actually up to 44K Private, 151K Med/CHIP

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