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Citizen 92,

Good work. You were on the right tract but just didn't know enough to put the pieces together. Check out this letter to Federal Magistrate Judge Douglas Frazier about the Goss house, Amethyst Revocable Trust, and why the Andrews are living there. Patricia and Mark Andrew's daughter Anita goes by the name Amethyst Andrews as well as other names such as:

Amethyst Andrews - Boerne, TX Age:  50
Also known as: Alicia K Andrews, Anita Kelly Andrews, Anita Kelly Hsu, Anita K Su

There's a lot more to it than this letter states, but it will get you started. Also, no matter what, don't let anyone tell you this is a prank letter. It's not. As a matter of fact, it unravels the biggest news story of all time. Ask Judge Frazier.
January 31, 2014

The Honorable Judge Douglas N. Frazier                                                                                                                               2110 First Street                                                                                                                                                                          Ft. Myers, FL 33901
Dear Judge Frazier,
I hope you received my Christmas card in 2011. Jason tried hand delivering it but he was stopped at security and told they would bring it to you. There is no way I can ever thank you enough for what you did. To me you are the greatest and for that reason, I hope you don't mind but I have something else I need to let you know. It's something you need to know now and part of it you should have known in 2011 had Lee Hollander been able to grasp it. Since I last saw you in court in 2011, something very strange happened in December of 2012. Yesterday I came across information which tells me what happened was no coincidence as I had been led to believe before. Also just so you'll know, I sent this letter out to others but most of them didn't get the full letter. Your letter is five pages and contains information that I wanted you to get before the others.
To tell you what happened as quick as I can, back in May of 2012, I used my home computer to post an ad on Craigslist for temporary floral designers to work the week and weekend before Mother's Day at Ft. Myers Florist. I received a reply from a woman named Anita Andrews of Sanibel. She took the job and worked there a few days. Then on Friday morning when I went into the florist to help Jason, Anita suddenly told another person who worked there that she “just remembered she had already made other plans for that day and the next so she had to go”. That seemed very odd since I had not even met her but just prior to that when Jason pointed her out to me from across the room, Anita quickly turned her head to where I couldn't see her face and then she walked out the door. Just out of curiosity, the following week I asked Jason to call Anita to see if he could find out if she really had made other plans for the weekend or if someone at the florist had upset her. There had been a lot of game playing by the head designer and assistant manager who both wanted the job Jason was training for so the question was valid. Anita indicated with great vagueness that she had in fact made the statement and so that was that. Looking back I highly doubt Anita ever expected to get a call from Jason after she left the florist. However, they talked for a couple of hours that night about various subjects and afterward began talking on a fairly regular basis over the phone. Long story short, Jason and I became friends with Anita. She told us she had spent most of her professional life helping run political campaigns for the Republican Party. She said her parents were big fund raisers. During one of their first phone conversations Anita asked Jason if he would help her work on a campaign for a doctor she knew who was running for the senate. Jason didn't know how to tell Anita he didn't like getting involved in politics and so at first he said OK. Afterward  we happily found it wasn't going to work since our computer had compatibility issues with what they needed and it would have been too costly and too much trouble to change our computer's operating system. I say happily because I felt something was amiss but couldn't quite put my finger on it. So then a couple of weeks later Anita called one day to say she had a good friend who was on tour promoting a book he had written called Cemetery John and that he had two dogs he needed someone to take care of for a couple of months. She asked if we would do it. Jason told her yes and she gave us the address in North Ft. Myers where the dogs could be picked up. A month or so later on a Saturday morning we were out working in the yard and when we came in to get something to drink we noticed we had missed several calls. Checking our machine we saw all the missed calls were from Anita. She had called 4 or 5 times about wanting to come over with her German Shepherd named Achilles. Something was wrong with his ear and she wanted Jason to give his opinion on it. When we called her back she said she was in the area and would be right over. A few minutes later she arrived with Achilles and a man named Keith who she referred to as  “a friend”. Jason met them outside and invited them in. When Anita walked in the door she called out my name really loudly as if she was an old friend who hadn't seen me in years, however this was the first time I had actually met her. Anita then told us she almost bought our house right before we bought it. I had remembered the realtor stating a woman had called her about the house on the day we signed the purchase contract but I didn't think much of it at the time except to tell the realtor that has happened every single time we have purchased a property. At one point during the visit  Anita said Keith had looked at the house with her before we bought it. It was strange when she said that because at first Keith quickly nodded no without saying anything when I asked if he had seen the house before with Anita. But when Anita suddenly piped up saying that he had seen it, Keith suddenly nodded yes with a clearly nervous giggle as if he had misunderstood my question. We had purchased the house about a year and a half earlier. Right after that Anita asked “So if I were to invite you two to my house at the beach, would you come?”. We exclaimed “Of course we would” and I asked her where she lived since we had forgotten it was Sanibel. She replied Sanibel and I told her that was one of our favorite places. In fact we had gone to Sanibel on the afternoon Jason and I married in 1997. We talked to Anita several times on the phone over the next few months and then one Saturday morning she called. We missed the call at first and she called back a few minutes later. I answered the phone and spoke to her. To our extreme surprise, Anita told me she and Keith had been arrested a month or so prior by Lee County Sheriff's Deputies. She said they were driving down the road and all of a sudden they were being pulled over. Even though Keith was driving, they asked for Anita's identification as well. When she questioned why they wanted her ID too, the deputies became belligerent and aggressive. Following an exchange of heated words, they pulled Anita and Keith from the car and apparently caused Anita to fall, hitting her head on the concrete resulting in a concussion. According to Anita they took her to jail and let Keith go. They took her to the section of Ortez they call “medical” which by the way is a joke since it has nothing to do with medical from what I could tell. While there, Anita claims she was questioned multiple times about whether or not she was a “lawyer???”. Apparently when those questioning her were convinced she was not a lawyer, she was Baker Acted over to one of the hospitals by a woman Anita described to the “T” as being Janice Stepnoski. From what I know, Janice is a social worker at the jail and she also works for Tonya Slater of TLS Consulting part time. We agreed that most of the people who worked at the jail could best be described as “insane” because of their behavior and what we had witnessed with our own eyes which indicated there was something very suspicious and sinister going on there. As soon as Anita told me of her ordeal I told her I had a feeling I knew what it was about. I asked her what the reason was the deputies gave for pulling her and Keith over in the first place. She said they claimed to have received a call about two suspicious people driving in the area. I told Anita I had mentioned her a few months earlier as being a friend of ours to Tonya Slater who Janice works for part time and that Tonya has major ties with the Feds and Lee County Sheriff's Office/Jail. I told her I liked Tonya anyway and found talking to her was the key in being able to complete Someday Soon The Son Is Gonna Shine, accurately. I also said I considered Tonya to be a friend. Anita told me not to trust Tonya and that she didn't think Tonya was on the up and up either. I told Anita a little bit about the FBI coming to arrest me a week after I was supposedly having a major “Dan Quayle for President” get together with everyone I had ever known at our Cape Coral house in July of 2011. I told her according to the FBI, Obama's good friend and Attorney General Eric Holder was the one who got the ball rolling to have the FBI pick me up. Of course the Dan Quayle for President get together wasn't the reason the FBI used for arresting me but the timing was undeniably questionable. I had sent out invitations for the get together by email as a joke just to catch the snakes who I knew were stalking me anyway they could including through my email account and that the Quayle get together was never really planned. The plan was to make a few moves in order to finally lure the snakes out from under the rocks they had been hiding. I guessed the one's who would dare rear their nasty heads would most likely be the same ones who were behind the poorly planned attack on me in 2005 in Maine. I then told Anita some of my ideas about why the people at Lee County might have wanted to know if she was a lawyer. I also stated I had noticed Dan Quayle was one of the three endorsers on the back cover of Robert Zorn's book, Cemetery John. Tonya knew that as well since I had shown Tonya the book. I also told Anita I had done some research and found out the house she and her parents lived in had belonged to Porter Goss and that Tonya also knew that and knew Goss was a former D/CIA between 2004-2006 because I had told Tonya that as well. I told Anita the reason I had told Tonya was because I had felt a little apprehensive about possibly going to any house connected to Goss under the circumstances. I had conveyed that feeling to Tonya months before after Anita mentioned us going to her beach house but I was not able to tell Tonya everything so that she could fully understand the situation. I then asked Anita if she was OK and felt safe. She said yes, indicated she wasn't at home but that she was in a room full of people she trusted as we spoke. I thought that was a bit strange since she was the one who had called us, and so I wondered why she would call us while she was in a room full of people. However I didn't indicate that thought to Anita. She then asked if we would go to Church with her the next night. We said yes, we would be happy to. She also told us she and Keith had gotten engaged and would be wed on December 21st..
The next evening on the way to Church we talked a little about Porter Goss. We also conversed a little about how she regarded Obama, the Bush family and a few others. She was very forthcoming and outspoken about Obama and most others, however she was extremely reluctant to talk about Goss or the Bush family. As a matter of fact it was though she didn't want to say if she had ever met Goss and when I asked if she thought he was a nice person, Anita replied, “that's not something you're suppose to ask someone”. That was a shockingly surprising response since she had so quickly and without reservation discussed exactly how she felt about Obama and anyone else besides a Bush mentioned. I also asked if her family had purchased the house from Goss. She was equally reluctant to answer only saying that the house had been placed in a trust and that there had been much talk and speculation about the transaction in the past. I didn't ask anything else seeing Anita was for some reason not wanting to discuss much about the house or Goss and was very vague when talking about what her and her parents' roll in politics was. Extremely vague to put it mildly. She always spoke of her work in terms of “projects”. As equally odd I found was that when I asked her what the name of her Church was that we were going to, she couldn't remember the name. She did know exactly how to get there though. Also when we were leaving Church, it was strange that Anita couldn't remember which car she had driven and we had to look around for a few seconds until she recalled which vehicle we came in since Anita had picked us up at our house. Looking back now, every time we saw Anita she was driving a different vehicle. At some point along the way back to our house Anita stated she had only known Keith for three months or so which completely contradicted the statement they made months before about Keith having seen our house with Anita before we bought it. Upon arriving home I gave her a copy of the manuscript I had written of Someday Soon The Son Is Gonna Shine. I let her know it was probably still full of typos. Since it was over 700 pages and I was only up to 1994, I had not had time to edit it much. I told her I was working on the second half of the manuscript with a working title Just Another Palm Sunday – Irony  vs Apathy which would cover the years 1994-2012 and probably be another 700 pages at least. When I handed her the manuscript it was as if someone had just handed her a pink slip telling her she was fired or something. She began exclaiming how busy she was going to be over the next few months with a “project” and didn't think she would have time to read it. I laughed and told her I knew it was a lot of reading. I told her only read it if she wanted the full story on what I believed was the real reason she was pulled over by the Lee County deputies. I naively warned her she would find it to be shocking although something told me maybe she wouldn't be so shocked. She said OK and then to my further surprise she quickly and shyly inquired into the accuracy of the script. I told her it was very accurate. At some point in the evening Anita had also asked if we would attend the wedding which was going to be at the house on Sanibel. We joked about her wanting to get married on the day the world was supposedly going to come to an end according to the speculation over the ending of the Mayan civilization calendar. Perhaps the strangest comment of the night came on the way back to our house when Anita out of the blue made the statement, “We need to get you on the same playing field as the rest of us emotionally”. I was so surprised by the comment, I didn't reply and she didn't elaborate. Now I'm supposing that meant she wished I would learn to stop asking so many questions.
On December 21st we went to the wedding at 3869 West Gulf Drive on Sanibel. We were surprised to see how intimate the wedding was as the only guests there besides us were the bride and groom's immediate family members, a friend Anita had known for 35 years plus her child, a young man who said he worked for Anita in St. Louis, and the man performing the ceremony. There was talk about Anita feeling under the weather but everyone else at the house was just fine. Other than the tissue Anita had in her hand, she looked most radiant and in full health. After the charming ceremony Anita wanted Jason and I to join her and Keith for photographs. We met the parents on both sides who were delightful and gracious as they all were. They then invited us to The Sanctuary Yacht & Golf Club for dinner which was in a private reception room. It was a very enjoyable evening out we rarely got and so after dinner was over we expressed our thank yous and well wishes to the bride and groom and their parents before going home.
The next day I was the first to start feeling very weak. Within an hour or so of realizing I was getting sick, I was so weak I couldn't lift my head from the pillow or hardly awaken. At first I thought it was the flu. Jason began feeling the same the next day. We became so incredibly sick, neither of us could hardly even make it to the kitchen to get something to drink. We couldn't stay awake and had it not been for the barking of our dogs, I'm not sure how long we would have been out. What is most horrifying is the fact that this went on for three weeks. When we would try to get up we would only be able to get to the kitchen to get food for the dogs, microwave a can of soup and then make it back to bed long enough to take a few sips  before becoming so weak and tired that we would be out again for usually 10-12 hours at a time at least. It wasn't a matter of falling back to sleep, we were both pretty much just loosing consciousness. This kept going on and I can tell you had it not been for there being two of us to take turns retrieving food from the kitchen for the dogs and ourselves, I very much doubt either one of us would have been able to make it through on our own, alone. When we finally got to a point where we could stay awake for more than five minutes at a time, we calculated the days and were stunned to realize we had been sick for three weeks solid. We had been so sick there is absolutely no way we could have made it to the hospital on our own. We were so sick and out of it we didn't even think to call 911 for an ambulance. Also if it hadn't been for the three months supply of canned soup and dog food we had stocked up on months earlier just in case of any catastrophic event, we would have been in big trouble since we certainly couldn't have made it to the grocery store either. At one point a policeman from Cape Coral stopped by our house to see if we were OK since they or someone in our neighborhood had noticed our car had not moved from the same exact spot for over a week at the point he stopped by. Jason heard the policeman at the door when he was in the kitchen getting food out for the dogs. Then a couple of weeks after we were better, Jason's foot started turning deep purple for no apparent reason. When he told me the only thing he could think of that would cause that was a blood clot, I told him to get in the car and that we were going to the hospital. We went to Cape Coral Hospital's ER and he did in fact have a blood clot. He stayed for a couple of days for observation and was put on blood thinners. He then went home and within a day or so he got sick again. This time it was obviously pneumonia he caught while being at the hospital. Apparently I caught it too. We were sick that time for about two weeks but we knew what it was and fought it from home thanks to Jason's new doctor at Lee Memorial Health Systems. I can tell you the pneumonia was a walk in the park compared to what hit us after the wedding.  A few days later Jason started having stress related seizures again which caused him to loose consciousness and he had to go back to the hospital by ambulance where he stayed for a week for observation. This was all very strange since in 19 years of knowing each other, neither one of us had ever caught more than one or two minor colds in the entire 19 years. Minor colds that lasted only a few days with no unusual symptoms. We guessed the clot was probably caused by extreme dehydration and being bed ridden for three weeks since Jason had never had problems with his blood prior to that time. Funny thing is, after the wedding we rarely heard from Anita. As a matter of fact, I don't think she called but once or twice about a month later. We have not spoken to her at all for almost a year.
The reason for this letter is, yesterday I came across information that suggests the house we went to for Anita's wedding may in fact still belong to Porter Goss and was simply transferred to a trust called “Amethyst Revocable Trust” in 1997 then again in 2004 with Anita's mother for some reason named as trustee. Also for some reason an attorney named Mark “Thor” Hearne was given 10% of the house I believe in 04. Jason recalls Anita speaking of Thor the night of the wedding but he can't remember what she said. The only time I ever asked  Anita about Thor was the night we went to Church with her. She quickly stated that Thor had done some legal work for her family years prior. I remember I had asked about him casually while she was talking about another lawyer here in Florida she had been meeting with about filing a lawsuit against Lee County. I had already researched enough to have seen his name connected with her family's name and the house and I was aware Thor was George W. Bush's general counsel during the Bush 2004 presidential campaign. She seemed to be taken back a little by the fact that I knew about Thor too and her reaction to that subject was the same as discussing Goss and the Bush Family. She brushed it off quickly and noticeably.
If you haven't already and have time, would you please read the complaint I filed in Maine's Federal District Court describing in detail what happened to me in 2005. It is 100% true. The fire chief in Fayette, Maine named Ron who was our key eyewitness to all the lies the police told is now dead. He supposedly committed suicide which is exactly what they were obviously trying to stage my death to appear to be had they been successful in murdering me. Ron's friends don't believe he committed suicide either and some are scared to talk. According to those who should know, the attack on me was and had to have been ordered by someone at one of the highest helms. Also, please let me know if you have seen the letter I sent to President Clinton in 1999 and the letter I sent out by email exactly a week before I was attacked in 2005. Given that letter and everything else, I think it's fair to say there are some questions that need to be answered and there are many many more questions raised in Someday Soon The Son Is Gonna Shine that need to be looked at as well. Believe it or not it all comes full circle and relates back to when I was about 10 years old and my mother married into a family from Miami. My step father's sister was married to Frank D. Hall. The same Hall family that controlled Desoto County for decades by controlling the DeSoto County Court which had and I believe may still have only one Judge. Frank was never a DeSoto County Judge like his father and some of the other Hall boys even though he was a lawyer and had a 20,000 acre ranch there in Arcadia he nherited from his father who was well known for being a ruthless power monger. The story as I was told years ago is the Halls got all the land from delinquent tax sales. Since then I have heard there's a much different story behind how they came to take over the land and it's horrible. Nonetheless, instead of being a Judge, for decades Frank was Honorary Consul General to Thailand and his law partner Swann was Honorary Consul General to Japan. Swann was also responsible for getting legislation past decades ago making the number of representatives in one given area of Florida proportionate to the area's population. Thus DeSoto County being lightly populated received less representatives and therefore fewer chances of someone looking into what kind of psychos the Halls really were. Right after Swann's success getting that passed, Frank partnered up with Swann in his law practice in Miami. I had the unfortunate opportunity to overhear many conversations and be witness to what I now completely believe was and possibly still is an organized crime ring involving Frank and many others within the State Department and various branches of government around the world. I believe the ring is behind human trafficking of children and young adults for forced sex. I also believe I know the answer to some yet to be answered questions regarding those mysterious 30,000 plus emails described by one FBI agent  before his mouth was sealed as being “sexual in nature” which somehow and for some reason General John Allen and Jill Kelley found time to pass back and forth to each other. Jill Kelley of course being the gaudy wanna be socialite from Tampa and appointed Honorary Consul General??????????????????
Please let me know your thoughts. As you know, going through the courts for answers didn't work, nor did going to the media. They don't have enough information to put the pieces together to figure out what's going on.   Also I wanted you to know there is so much you were not made aware of that happened the day I was suppose to be released after my first round of hearings. According to one of the deputies with the US Marshall's Service, his boss resigned after voting for my release despite the fact that he/she had been ordered to vote against my release. If that's the case, I don't know who that was so I would also be very grateful if you would please thank him/her for me along with whoever it was with the State of Florida who offered to put up my bail and everyone else who voted for my release or helped me. I also want to know who was “ordering” others to vote against me. Since Eric Holder was behind my arrest, I'm pretty sure I can guess. I also want you to know I have great reason to believe the people at the jail were not going to really release me the day you ordered them to. It was hell getting out of there and I literally had to trick them into it. After waiting hours while they made it completely clear they were up to no good, I came up with a plan to make them think someone on my side with the FBI was downstairs waiting with Jason. As miracles do happen, at that moment there just happened to be someone from the FBI waiting downstairs in the lobby along with Jason. I overheard the jail staff talking that they were getting nervous and feeling like they were about to get busted. When I was let out I got a really good look at the man I'm referring to and I'm next to positive he was Comey. I also believe I recognized the woman he was standing with at the door as we left. I had met her in the early '90s in Florida. She had worked for the CIA for 15 years at that time and is included in Someday Soon The Son Is Gonna Shine. The only thing is I have reason to believe he wasn't really there to help me but the people in the jail didn't know that. It's complicated and not something I want to go into in this letter. Although I will say having had a sneaking suspicion on the ride back to Ortez after leaving your courtroom, I asked one of the US Marshall deputies who I knew was good if he would please call someone at the Justice Department to go to the jail to make sure they didn't jerk Jason around when he came to pick me up. So it could be that the guy who looked like Comey was there to help. I can prove all this but I don't want to say how in this letter because I don't want the proof destroyed. I also want you to know for that and other very valid reasons, I had to do what I did the next day and I to this day know I did the right thing. If you had heard what Tad Parks of Pretrial Services was saying on the phone and how he said it you would understand. He was actually trying to suggest he had higher power than you and certainly when he would say “the Judge” he would say it with disdain. It gave great credence to my gut feeling about what I believe they were up to and that Tad could not be trusted either. If I had shown up at his office, I believe there's a good chance you would have been lied to and told I never showed up and had jumped bail. Meanwhile, only God knows what they were planning.
Here's something else you should know that happened while I was captive that I find most interesting. While I was waiting for the second round of hearings a woman from the jail (who I can ID) came to see me late Sunday morning. She wanted to know if I knew what was really going on. I told her I wasn't sure. She then stated with a shocked look about her, “I received a call this morning ,and well I want you to know I just spent the last two hours on the phone talking to the....Director of the FBI....about you”.  I simply replied with, “hmm”. She then asked if I thought the people at the FBI were trying to help me or trying to hurt me. I stated that I wasn't sure. She then took a long look at me, paused and said, “I have to tell you, I don't think they're on your side, at least not from what was told to me”. I asked her, “So you think they're trying to hurt me?” She concluded with, “Yes, I definitely think they're trying to hurt you”. Neither of us said another word as she got up and walked away. She was the strangest woman of them all and I have suspicion she is the person behind most of the more sinister criminal activity involving the people running that jail and the sheriff's office. This is important also because it happened after you had been promised the FBI was going to look into the matters you asked about. In other words, my guess is you were lied to. The FBI agent Jim Ronsinski who came over with the others to arrest me walked in the door and said, “Wow, you guys were right, she does look psycho”. I didn't say a word.  As soon as he said that the nice older deputy from the Sheriff's Office said, “Hold on right there. You better shut up because I won't put up with that kind of abuse. She has been nothing but nice to you and she politely invited you into her home so I suggest you show some respect”. Ronsinski looked embarrassed and so he somewhat apologized with a little grin, “sorry”. Right then a nice young man from Cape Coral PD stepped up and said, “Ma'am I don't know what he's talking about but I swear I never said anything like that about you”. I thanked him for his words and said I believed him which I still do.  Not one minute later Ronsinski did it again by proclaiming, “I couldn't care less what the police in Maine did to you”. As soon as he finished the nice older deputy from Lee County said calmly and quietly, “So that's how you people have been doing it. That's why she......I see. OK, now it all makes sense”. Ronsinski knew he had been caught but didn't seem to care much. I can also tell you the report the FBI provided you and Judge Laplante in Maine regarding what had happened in Maine and up to that point was such a ball of crap. I know for a fact Jim Ronsinski with the FBI asked a policewoman with Cape Coral PD to provide false information for the police report. He was so cocky and out of control he actually did it right in front of me and then grinned before walking away. I imagine that report was provided to you and Judge Laplante who by the way was a really nice person and noticeably suspicious of Holder and the FBI's real motives. For the record, I think Ronsinski at some point had a change of heart and was truly sorry about what he said and had grown suspicious of his bosses at the FBI. It's obvious they were trying to scare me into shutting up about the Bible Code which I have no intention of ever doing. That alone proves to me the FBI probably lent a hand in what happened to us in Maine in 2005 and so now obviously I have Goss and others to wonder about. Which begs the question, what are they really worried about? They keep talking in terms of “national security” when it could not be more clear the only thing they're worried about is their own “job security” and keeping their dirty secrets and power.  The FBI hasn't changed since the J. Edgar Hoover's days. If anything it's gotten worse. I don't mean to throw so much at you but just in case something happens to me I also want you to know I have evidence that some of the people at Lee County Sheriff's Office are running drugs and I'm positive Mike Scott knows all about it. Who with half a brain believes his story that he didn't know his good friend Spence was a major part of the largest most brutal drug cartel in NY. Also so you will know, I would like to fill you in on what else happened while I was in jail. In fact, I told one of the jailhouse workers I was going to report it all to you and her response was with a twirl of her finger, “Woopty doo, like I care”.
I noticed the pretty younger girls who were brought in were being kept in medical and kept so drugged all they could do was sleep. I also noticed there was a doorway off the medical section that I only saw what appeared to be the upper level male jailhouse employees going into. I also saw men walking through the unit and into that same doorway who looked to be dressed in military getup. But most suspicious of all was the night an extremely pretty girl was put into my unit. She was a voluptuous 18 or 19 years old with a beautiful face and long gorgeous wavy dark auburn hair. Here's what she told me. She had been pulled over in Cape Coral but for some reason she had been taken to the Charlotte County Jail and told the Lee County Jail was full. She wasn't given access to a phone to call her parents or anyone else to tell them what had happened and where she was. Her parents had been calling her cell phone over and over for hours but of course the police had her cell phone. Hours later by the grace of God one of the cops at Charlotte County decided to answer her cell phone and that's how her parents found out where she was. She was only then allowed to make a call. After that they brought her back to the Lee County jail and put  her in with me. A couple of hours later the guards came for her and said her parents were there. Knowing what I know it sounded to me like she was being hidden in Charlotte County until the cops could figure out if anyone was going to go out of their way trying find her. I cringe to think what would have happened to her had her parents not continuously called for hours.  While at Lee County I also had the opportunity to see the jailhouse workers abusing an elderly woman in a wheel chair who was brought in for a trivial offense. The woman was having a seizure and couldn't stand up to get out of the wheel chair so the jailhouse workers pepper sprayed the hell out of her while laughing and then turned the wheel chair upward until the elderly woman fell out of the chair and onto the concrete floor. Five minutes later when she regained consciousness she couldn't remember what they did to her. The jailhouse workers also pepper sprayed my food which was fine since I wasn't eating it anyway since there was no telling what else they had done to it. My favorite was the fact that the jail house workers went out of their way to make me think Jason had died at the hospital the day I was arrested and then refused to let me use a phone so I didn't find out he was alive until three days later on Monday morning when I met Lee Hollander and John Hisler for the first time before my hearing. Then after that hearing on the ride back to Ortez they forced me into a small metal box of a Lee County transport vehicle with the heat and fan on full blast and drove me around for about 30 minutes in the middle of July. I really thought I was going to die. When we arrived at Ortez they pretended it was by accident however two or so hours later another woman said the exact same thing was done to her. Also some of the men jailhouse workers sat in chairs watching the girls take showers as the woman jailhouse workers laughed at the girls screaming because the water was ice cold and they were locked in the shower stall. Another favorite was the first day I got to Ortez they gave me a green outfit they called a turtle suit which only partially fit. So instead of providing me with another outfit they made me wear the suit which was not even covering my front and like that I was forced to walk down several long halls as at least 30 – 50 men jailhouse workers walked past me in the opposite direction getting a full view and commenting. This  was all done before I even had a hearing. I was not allowed to have a roll of toilet paper, or even a small bar of soap. They claimed it was the rules in medical. They also took my medical records from the hospital without my permission and never returned them to me even though the doctor at the hospital specifically told me to make sure I gave the records to my doctor when I got home. He told me to make sure I looked at it too but I never got a chance to. I didn't have glasses and I couldn't read without them. The woman who said she had talked to Robert Mueller for two hours had them with her when she came to talk to me. She had to have gotten them from intake. Nor was I given a medical check on intake as required by law. Something else happened while I was at the jail that still almost makes my skin crawl. As strange as it sounds, it involves my mother who some of the people at Lee County jail somehow knew very well. I definitely don't want to talk about it here but it's something that needs to be figured out. Apparently my mother came to know a whole lot of very high up people within government through her involvement with the Halls and she had absolutely no intention of helping me get out of jail. She was only pretending to help.
Thank you again Judge Frazier for all that you showed yourself to be. You are a true hero but very few know. Especially since as you know, my case was conveniently deemed “classified” and sealed in 2011, as expected. A case in which I was arrested for proclaiming with an expletive or two “THE TRUTH WAS GOING TO COME OUT ONE WAY OR ANOTHER”. I knew it would be because of something they did and that they would be  their own undoing. Again, I just had to lure them out to get them to do it.

Charlotte Palm - 3516 Delilah Drive, Cape Coral, 33993
Attached: PDF - Someday Soon The Son Is Gonna Shine.


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