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I've seen a lot of diaries lately that leave some of us without sufficient words of description or reaction.  As a crazed grammarian who was involved in the Net when your choices were .edu, .gov and The Well. (look it up) I've watch Netspeak evolve over time.  But as the world changes, language changes and sometimes the changes leave us without the words we need or the ones we have seem insufficient.  As an example, the word, "sheeple" for those who follow the scapegoat, or any goat for that matter.  Perhaps they are just following the dinner bell.
 This is an open list.  Open to addition, subtraction, modification, scorn, reaction and, probably, eventually, redaction.  Have fun, feel free to comment, coruscate and confiscate for your own use.  The 2014 Edition of Definition opens below the scroll.

Stuple (Stew-pul): noun, con. Stupid people. see sheeple.

Peavil (Pee-vul): noun, adj.  Incomprehensibly heinous being mimicking human form.

Retug: (re-Tug): noun, adj. 1) Legislative action that occurs repeatedly for no rational discernible reason.  See ACAPPA legislation.

Cruzie: (Krew-zee): noun, 1) Specifically pertaining to actions and detachment from objective reality as personified by Ted Cruz (R) TX.  2) Stuple/sheeple who emulates #1.

Hammish (Hah-mish): noun, 1) Person who ascribes to literal interpretation of Bible.  Syn. Evangelical, Bible Thumper.  see also West Borough Baptist Church.

Pilot Bread (pi-Law-t Bre-d): noun, 1) Large, pale, carbohydrate laden object with no discernible reason for existence.  Often past "sell by date".  Never possesses "best by date"  Syn. political cracker.

Phallacy: (fal-ah-See): Blatant fabrication, obfuscation, or falsehood often espoused by Cruzie's or those who can be described by nickname for Richard.  See Nixon.

Bilbo: (bil-Bow): Short sighted politician of the Tea Party, usually a Cruzie, always interested in gold.

Poramya: (poh-rah-My-ah) noun: Descriptive for actual race relations in United States circa 2008CE.  Contraction for Post Racial My Ass.

Nyesci: (Ni-si) noun: 1) Actual scientific fact/s explained, in layman's terms, by actual scientist.

OK Corral: adj/noun: What happens on comment thread whenever guns are mentioned in diary. See "Firearm Flame Wars"

Dunn Deal: noun/adj.: Incomprehensible to reasonable human beings.

FloriDuh: (fl-or-i-DUH) alt. noun: Pejorative term for mental acuity of US Southern peninsular state.

Boeburn: (Bow-bur-n) adj.: Unnatural dermatic color of John Boehner, (R) and Oompa-Loompas. See Putrid Pumpkin (standard color wheel) Not to be confused with Bo Burnham, comedian or Smashing Pumpkins rock band.*

IRT/IWT: acronyms: I Remember That/I Was There

NEIOW: (nee-Ow): acronym 1)Not Everything Is On Web.  Usually used by diarist when they are requested to provide links to lazy commenter.

ICAB: (eye-Kab): acronym 1) I Cracked A Book  

RCRKABA: (Rik-a-ba): acronym. Reality Checked Right to Keep and Bear Arms: Definitive Constitutional right to carry a musket and powder.

AFPPA: (Af-puh): acronym. 1) Argument For Post Postpartum Abortion. see Cruzie, Peavil, Stuple, et al

*Any offense to Oompa Loompas should be directed to actor Gene Wilder as Willie Wonka meme sites.

RRKABA: (Rik-a-ba): Definitive Constitutional right to carry a musket and powder.

4:50 PM PT: PPR: (pee-per): acronym 1) Pitbull Paralegal Rant  Result of obsessive detective actions taken by someone frustrated by inability to afford law school.


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