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President Obama and congress:

 Please kill the Keystone XL pipeline.  As it stands the planned route

crosses the Ogalalla aquifer and if a spill occurs there it will impact the

drinking water for millions of Americans.  The tar sands bitumin

CANNOT be easily cleaned up as it sinks in water instead of floating

on top.  Not to mention it is far more toxic than normal crude oil

which is toxic enough.

 I see you want to help drought stricken CA.  Instead of building a

pipeline to carry oil, how about we build a water pipeline(s) to carry

fresh water from areas of the country with an abundance of fresh

water to areas that need it.  If it was made a national project and not

privatized the entire country could benefit from such a system.  If you

take excess water from flood prone areas like the SE and divert that

water to CA and other farming areas in need it would greatly improve

crop viability and water access everywhere. Such a system would rival

the national highway system if flooding in the midwest in spring could

be diverted to reservoirs in the western USA or where ever there is

need for water.   Please think about this as a national priority.    

Water Resource Conservation and Diversion to Reservoirs that need


A priority of the United States is for clean water to be available for

viable food production and drinking water.  Privatization of this

precious resource is not in the best interests of the country as a whole.

 No one should have the right to privatize and prevent humans and

animals from having this necessary resource that ALL life needs.  No

one should have to pay for the basic necessities to life such as clean

water and clean air, nor should any company be allowed to exploit

human kind and animal kind by owning any such company.

Therefore I propose this bill.

I.  All water and air in the country belongs to ALL of the people of

this country.  

  A.  No entity shall be allowed to charge anyone for water, air or any

other naturally occurring vital to life substance or thing.  

 B.  Anyone who collaborates to make such critical life substances

unaffordable to anyone in the country shall be jailed for not less than

20 years.  

C.  Any corporation, business, or person who deliberately poisons

water and/or air with any toxic chemicals shall have their business

terminated and the perpetraitors of such a crime will be jailed for not

less than 20 years.    

II.  In order to achieve a viable and equitable water supply a pipeline

that would divert excess water runoff to reservoirs across the country

shall be built to provide clean water to accommodate farming,

drinking water, and other non polluting uses.  

  A.  Fracking that pollutes massive amounts of water will no longer

be tolerated.

  B.  A pipeline that will be run by government and provide both jobs

and clean water across the country will, by necessity, need to have

pumps, pipelines and reservoirs that crisscross across the country to

contain water that gets diverted from areas with excess water to areas

that need the water.      


Do you believe the Keystone XL pipeline is good or bad for our country?

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