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More Computer Risk!  This time to users of WindowsXP:

Hey338Too brought up another coming problem for WindowsXP users as Microsoft will be discontinuing support for it.  He promises a diary on this tomorrow; look for it.


According to ComputerWorld, there are around 488 million (488,000,000) computers running XP today.  That makes for one very large bot-net, let's hope that DKos users aren't part of that number!


h/t and thanks to Stand Strong for:  Arstechnica article on Cryptolocker


DK commenters have confirmed that this is a valid alert.  Be careful and especially be careful on links in diaries.

Great argument for doing frequent backups.
Good tip from T100R


Got this notification about a new computer virus, Cryptolocker, in my email.  Has anyone heard re. this?  Is it valid?

Important Notification Regarding a Recent Computer Virus Outbreak  

Currently, there is a very serious form of malware on the rise this month: Cryptolocker. This is a high security threat that does not have a resolution at this point in time. Prevention is key.
What It Does:
Once installed on your computer, Cryptolocker encrypts your files, rendering them impossible to open unless you purchase a decryption key from the hijackers. This particular form of ransom ware is more egregious than others because even after it is eradicated from a workstation, the user's files are still encrypted and cannot be unlocked. Once the ransom ware is removed, clients lose the ability to pay the hijackers the fee to unlock the files. The way Cryptolocker spreads from one user's workstation to a company's entire network is also dangerous and a very real risk.


This malware is contracted by clicking on email attachments or through social media Facebook, Linked-in etc.  Spam filtering services such as MacAfee, Google and SonicWALL are aware of this malware and are actively blocking emails that contain trace elements of this and other malware.  Please follow these preventative measures:
Do not click on attachments in emails from someone you don't know or companies from which you haven't expressed interest in receiving product information.
Do not open any attached files, even from people you know, unless you were explicitly expecting that particular file.
Do not click on links, advertisements or pictures that pop up on your screen when visiting other websites.
Do not respond to unsolicited emails.
Do not engage in social media games or click on links that appear on social media platforms.


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