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Let me start by saying I'm glad Rep. Brenner & his wife pulled that disgusting, vile, hateful 'Sandy Hook Hoax' conspiracy theory from their blog even if it meant they got peeved at DKos in the process. The pathetic, and almost sad part, is that Rep Brenner did not pull it from his blog because it was a heinous attack against murdered 5 & 6 year olds and the adults who tried to save them.  


According to Rep. Brenner written statement, he and his wife pulled the story because too many people were attacking him, Rep. Brenner.

Yeeeah ... that's right

... they pulled it because poor, pitiful Rep. Andrew Brenner's "twitter timeline was blowing up" and too many messages were being left on his "statehouse office telephone" by 'activists' at Dailykos.

My wife — who created, runs and owns Brenner Brief News — took the article in question down, primarily because people were using it to smear me. She posted a statement in its place.

~ portion of Rep. Brenner's written statement: why 'Sandy Hook Hoax' conspiracy theory was pulled from his blog

Apparently, it never occurred to Rep. Brenner that he, and anyone else, who publishes a repugnant 'Sandy Hook Hoax' conspiracy theory geared to plant the seed that those children just faked being murdered and their parents were in faked-mourning so America and 'take ur guns away' deserves to be lambasted in hopes they see the error of their ways.

There is more after the orange squiggle but I'd like to take this time to say 'THANK YOU' to DailyKos founder Markos Moulitsas Zúniga!!!

Markos gives me & the rest of us on here a place where our voices can be heard and, as a result, we can rally together, network and get things done that we couldn't do alone. And, as usual, we had our work cut out for us in order to get Rep. Brenner to do the right thing and remove that vile story from his blog.

After I read Rep. Brenner's posted statement & the tweets from him, his wife and their blog's twitter feed I came to the conclusion that Rep. Brenner does not know the difference between truth from fiction ... and probably has not been in touch with reality in a very long time, if ever.

Based on twitter feed & his statement, seems like Rep. Brenner thought it was a-ok to publish that conspiracy theory on his blog since he "didn't write it" and "first amendment" and "DailyKos ... concocted their lie" about the story.

One of the many bizarre, hard to wrap your head around, examples of him not living in reality is when he accused the diary at DailyKos of being a "lie" -- and then to show his readers it was a lie -- he posted a screenshot of the diary's screenshot of a portion of the vile 'Sandy Hook Hoax' piece that was actually on his blog. (head still shaking on that one).

Of course anyone with a functioning brain can see from Rep. Brenner screenshot & by reading the DKos Diary (here) and determine that Rep. Brenner's statement lacks truth but is rich on delusional fiction.

I almost -- almost -- pity Rep. Brenner for the delusional, fictional world he chooses to isolate himself in. But in retrospect, he has shown himself not to be worthy of my pity.

The rest of this Diary outlines, through tweets, the desperate state of denial Rep. Brenner & his wife were, and possibly are, still in over the 'Sandy Hook Hoax' conspiracy theory they posted on their blog.

This twit episode began with this:

Rep. Brenner & his wife used all kinds of excuses as to why it was published.

They threatened "to sue" people who called the story disgusting

and their denial would not be complete without using "First Amendment," reasons

and "I didn't write it"

and 'As Editor-In-Chief my wife 'only edits for "grammer" not content,' ("Grammer" -- really?)

and 'if I'd seen it I never would have published it'

and 'the Editor-In-Chief doesn't edit then publish, our clowns publish their own trash'

and 'neither of us saw it before it was published'

and 'it's not mine, it's my wife's blog.'

As you can see, the tweets are typical and expected denial responses.  But Kossacks and others used social media and let Rep. Brenner know how they felt. I am proud of my DKos family for helping the victims of Sandy Hook get Rep. Brenner to remove the 'Sandy Hook Hoax' garbage he posted on his blog.

Ok, so maybe he and his wife removed that garbage from their blog for the wrong reasons, "primarily because people were using it to smear me."  But at least they removed it and that will prevent the victims of Sandy Hook from having to endure the 'Sandy Hook Hoax' conspiracy theory's vile idiocy.

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