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CNN is reporting that Port Authority chairmen David Samson resigns. Governor Chris Christie is holding a press conference right now. I did not catch the beginning of it.

Governor Christie says Samson called him this morning and told Christie that the Governor was going to need to implement reforms and needed to start with a clean slate.

Update: Here's the first MSM report. I'm putting it here because I have about a dozen update of Christie's conference. I'm looking for a transcript which I'll put in an update below as soon as it comes up. I'll also be around all night, checking in here, or looking for trouble elsewhere near by in another post. cheers.

Port authority chairman gives resignation to Christie

TRENTON, N.J. — Another official has resigned in wake of a New Jersey investigation into lane closures on the George Washington Bridge, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said Friday at his first news conference in more than two months.

The chairman of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, David Samson, gave his resignation to Christie before the news conference, and it is effective immediately, the governor said.

Federal prosecutors in New Jersey are looking at whether Samson, a Christie appointee, helped steer $2.8 billion in construction contracts to companies his law firm represented as well as Samson's role in the traffic jams that snarled Fort Lee, N.J., in the first full week of September.

Christie Holds Trenton Press Conference to Announce Resignation of PA Chairman Samson

12:06 PM PT: A reporter asks if the report was fair to Bridget Kelly.

Christie responds that the report was factual, and that was the important thing.

Next question. "When can you put this behind you?"  

Christie responds: I just doing my job, what else can I do.

"I'm doing the best I can."

"I'm doing the best that I can. Hopefully, some of that confidence will be restored."

Question, inaudible.

CC  "The facts are the facts. Every one of the facts are back up with documents. I've got relationships with most of the law firms in the area. I think the report is throrough, exhaustive and will stand the test of time.

12:10 PM PT: CC: I've known for over a year that David Samson has wanted to go, but I asked him to stay on."

Q: You will you appoint to replace him?

CC: In the short-term it will have to be someone from within. In the longer term we will have to see.

Q: Why didn't you ask Bridget Kelly why she closed the lanes.

CC: I would have been accused of intimidating or manipulating her by some of the more irresponsible members of the press.

12:12 PM PT: Q: Some about Wildstein (inaudible) I think if he was so terrible why did you bring him in.

CC: Your question is riddled with inaccuracies. David Wildstein has never been a close friend of mine. He was a friend of Boroni.

12:15 PM PT: CC: I've done a lot of soul searching.

CC Listen. I obviously believe that having David Wildstein at the Port Authority was a mistake.

Q: What is the role of the State AG, a piece of furniture?

CC: Naww, They are there to enforce the law, He is not the state's ethics officer. Refuses to get into if he should be elected.

12:18 PM PT: CC As for a Kevin O'Doud has never waivered, especially with regard to getting to the bottom of Bridget Kelly, we put it on the side until this report, but I stand fully behind him.

I missed what he said about Boroni, sorry.

Q   Why didn't you have a press conference until now.

CC  I'm not going to stand up here and play dodgeball with you. If I know he questions you are going to ask, and I don't have the answers I'm not going to come out here. I know you think you know what you are entitled to.

Q ?

CC Anything you ask me that requires me to speculate on what David Wildstein, or Bridget Kelly were thinking I'm not going to do it.

12:24 PM PT: Q:   Should there be an investigation of the PA

CC  I missed it. he mentions an internal investigator, an independent investigator, and possibly possibly splitting the PA in two.

Q ?

CC I gave them everything they asked for. I gave them my cell phone, and all documents.

Q Did you not ask Kelly because you didn't want to know.

CC Christie puts down the reporter says those kinds of questions are ridiculous.

12:28 PM PT: Q  

CC  No adverse inference can be drawn under case law in a criminal law from the defendant not testify.

Q I'm having trouble hearing from his TV

Q How much is this Mastro investigation going to cost taxpayers?

CC  I do not know. We are not going to doing anything to hide the cost of this report. Everything will be disclosed.  

12:33 PM PT: CC I will be going to Las Vegas, and will be having private meetings will donors, but I will not know which until I get there.

CC I take complete responsibility for Bridget Kelly for being in the position she was in. And, I take responsibility for letting Boroni hire Wildstein.

Q What did Wildstein say to Drewniak? Why didn't Drewniak come to him.

CC People have to go through channels. All people  go through Kevin ODoud or Charley McKenna. Mike went to his superviser Maria (Camella?)

When Mike had information he would go to either Maria and Charley. In this instance the report says he went to Kevin. This is how an office works efficiently. Otherwise you will be overwhelmed.  

12:35 PM PT: CC Listen everybody, It's such a joy to be able to finally come back and be with you.

The single most important thing is for me to learn from this and do the job of Governor of NJ. I've got 3 and 1/2 years to do it and this is what I intend to do.

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