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Don't like today's SCOTUS decision which allows more money to buy our elections? Please sign and share this WolfPac petition. The site also lists ways to get involved.

Here is their plan:

Our Ultimate Goal:

To restore true democracy in the United States by pressuring our State Representatives to pass a much needed 28th Amendment to our Constitution which would end corporate personhood and publicly finance all elections in our country. There are only 2 ways to amend the Constitution. (1) Go through our federal government  (2) Go through our State Legislators via an Article V. Convention of the States.

Wolf PAC believes that we can no longer count on our federal government to do what is in the best interest of the American people due to the unfettered amount of money they receive from outside organizations to fund their campaigns. We point to the failure of the Disclose Act as rock solid evidence that this would be a total waste of our time, effort, and money.  We also point to the recent decision by the US Supreme Court to not even hear a case filed by Montana claiming it did not have to abide by Citizens United, as proof that state legislation is not a suffient measure to solve this problem.   We believe that we have no choice but to put an amendment in the hands of our State Legislators, who are not, at this moment in time, completely blinded by the influence of money and might actually do what 87% of the country wants...take away the massive influence that money has over our political process.  

Step 1:  Believe

Convince enough people to believe that we still have the power to change our country for the better and that it is still possible to have a true, representative democracy in the United States. Convince those same people that we have a plan that can work if they are willing to do any of these vital things for us;  volunteer their skills, spread the word via telling others, posting our link through email or Facebook, donating, or becoming a Wolf PAC Member.  Think about how much power we would have if just 1/3 of 1 percent of us were giving only $10 a month to this cause...we would have 10 million dollars a month to educate people and actually change the system for the better.  You can become a member and help us have the power we need to fight fire with fire by Clicking Here.

Step 2:  Action

Build a structure of volunteers in every state and district in the country that is capable of contacting their State Legislators at the drop of a hat.  We know that State Legislators listen to people within their own districts and that if they get just three calls on any given issue they are going to pay attention to that issue.  If we can build our network big enough to put pressure on State Legislators in every district in the country then we will win. That's why we really need you to sign up to volunteer.  All we need you to do is be willing to make a call to your local State Legislators when needed.

Step 3: Focus

Once we have found those states that are the most receptive to joining this battle with us we will focus our time, effort, and money on them until we get that vital and historic first state to call for an Article V. Convention for the purpose of limiting the influence that money has over our political process.  According to Article V, Congress must call for an amendment-proposing convention, “on the application of the Legislatures of two thirds of the several States”, and therefore 34 state legislatures would have to submit applications.  

Step 4: Connect

After we have gained momentum from getting that first state "on the board" we will then begin to introduce State Legislators all around the country to each other via conference calls, webinars, etc. and show them that this a real possibility if they are willing to stand up together.  Explain to them that a convention is the only way to restore true democracy to the United States and that they have a chance to be part of something incredibly historic.

Step 5: Demand

Make every election in the United States from now until this problem is solved a one issue election.  If the influence of money in politics is at the root of all other issues in our country we must start voting like it.  We will inform the public by running television commercials, radio ads, social media, internet ads, and using the media platform of the largest online news show in the world, The Young Turks.  As we get more and more states to call for a convention with the purpose of getting the influence of money out of our election process we will identify these states on our interactive map so that the public can click on each state and read the legislation themselves.  

Step 6: Enforce

Once an Article V. Convention has been called we will continue to put pressure on our Legislators to do exactly what they called the convention to do.  There will be so much media attention at this point due to the historic nature of the event that no Legislator would dare propose an amendment that the vast majority of the country does not agree with.  Once an Article V convention has proposed amendments, then they would have to be ratified by three-fourths of our state governments (i.e. 38 states) in order to become part of the Constitution. That is why we are confident that an amendment to deal with money in politics in the United States is the only possible amendment that could come from such a convention.

Step 7: Rejoice

Celebrate the fact that we had the courage and persistence to accomplish something truly amazing and historic together.

Something to keep in mind:

Near the turn of the 20th century the states wanted a direct election of senators, and Nebraska was the first state to call for an Article V. Convention in 1893.  By 1913 the movement had come within one state of reaching the necessary 2/3 threshold that would force a convention.  When it became clear to Congress that the 17th Amendment was going to happen one way or another they decided to preempt a convention  by passing it themselves.  The threat of a convention is the strongest message we can send and the most effective way to restore our democracy in the United States.  This can and must be done in a far shorter time period then it took for the 17th Amendment, then again, they didn't have the power of the internet and other technology we will be using in this battle.

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Daily Kos Diary about the decision:


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