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So Rand Paul wants to run for President in 2016. Rand also wants to run to keep his Senate seat at the same time in case his White House bid doesn't work out.

In order to do so Rand needs the Kentucky state legislature to pass a law that would allow him to appear twice on the same ballot, as Senator and for the Presidency, something that has happened several times since LBJ first did it. Of course, the Republican controlled Kentucky State Senate happily obliged, they passed a one paragraph bill to let Rand run for Senate and the White House. The Assembly in Kentucky is controlled by Democrats and they said, hmmmm, let me think, no.

Yeah, it must suck to have the Senate pass something and then have a lower legislative body kill it.

Rachel Maddow did an excellent job covering this last night

My own thoughts and more below the orange infinity . . .

Kentucky Democrats in the State Assembly took their Senate GOP counterparts bill and let it die in the legislative docket at the end of this legislative session. They jokingly claimed they were still taking their time reading the one paragraph bill.

Which leads me to believe that what National Democrats need is a good sip of bourbon.

Rachel Maddow makes the case in her segment that Ron Paul was always a joke fringe candidate who kept his safe House seat and made a mini-career of running for President and saying no to every legislative idea presented to him. He dabbled at running for President, and when he lost, he would not lose his current House seat. Now that Rand Paul can't safely run in 2016 as a White House hopeful AND Senate candidate unless Kentucky Dems suddenly have a change of heart or lose the Kentucky Assembly, which seems unlikely, well, that throws a monkey wrench in Rand Paul's safe try to run for the WH and fall back on a Senate seat should he lose.

Rand Paul now has to choose. Does his family name fall out of Congressional office if he runs for the White House and loses, or maybe he just wants to be that blow hard Senator who never really passes legislation and hires charlatan's who claim to hate Abraham Lincoln for no apparent reason. Your know, just like his dad did for a living while he was running for President.

I always remember Christine "I am not a witch" O'Donnell, as the consummate career candidate. She never really won office, but she always seemed to be running for office. She ran for Senate in Delaware for 3 straight elections cycles and lost every time. She lost to Chris Coons when her whole campaign melted down like a drunken re-enactment of a SNL skit and she ran in the GOP primary in 2006 and finished 3rd. That's 6 years of running for stuff and not really winning, or in House of Representatives language if you're a Republican about 200 appearances on Fox News. All that time Christine O'Donnell could have had a nice cushy House Seat and built up her family brand for almost two decades like Ron Paul did all the while not really passing any legislation, just running for stuff and building up your name brand. That is what Rand Paul wants. He doesn't look like he is going to get it.

Because Assembly Democrats in Kentucky decided to pay the Junior Senator from their State back in his own coin. Rand Paul is now surely frustrated by a lower legislative body wasting time on a bill he wants them to pass. Yeah, that sucks, man. Poor Rand Paul. Getting Paid in the Paul candidacy currency of saying no to legislation is a dish best served grinning from ear to ear.

Rand Paul, who wants to be Chief Executive of a nation whose ranchers don't have to recognize the Federal executive branch exists, might have to make a decision and actually stick with it. Run for President, or be in congress without perpetually aspiring to higher office for the sake of running for higher office and actually legislate. You know, work with other legislators to accomplish things. Or in Tea Party terminology; RINO. I think Paul might stay in the Senate if he can't get a break on this. Why run for President when the whole GOP establishment has decided to hit you first in the primaries when you can stay in the Senate and rely on the fact that there is always the Filibuster? But then Rand might be more aspiration than anything else. It will be interesting to see what happens going forward.

I leave the floor to you

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Originally posted to MinistryOfTruth on Fri Apr 18, 2014 at 09:19 AM PDT.

Also republished by My Old Kentucky Kos.

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