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When it rains it pours. Like a pack of wolves closing in on a wounded animal, pundits are coming out from every corner to take their shots at Governor Christie, while he's flailing to keep from drowning under the weight of investigations from two federal prosecutors, and a newly charged up New Jersey legislative committee.  All three are investigating Christie's alleged involvement in political retribution involved with the George Washington Bridge closing, possible other real estate machinations, and alleged intimidation and political extortion in the case of Mayor Dawn Zimmer.

Now, Shaun Mullen, of The Moderate Voice, brings up an entirely different bridge scandal that he believes may be the one that actually be CHRIS CHRISTIE’S BRIDGE TO OBLIVION?

Mullen first reminds us, that in 2010, Governor Chris Christie single-handedly killed off a popular $8.7 billion commuter train tunnel under the Hudson River, that promised many jobs, and a substantial boost to the economies of the  New York - New Jersey regions. Christie argued that it was just too expensive, but that argument has become unglued because Mullen says it has now become clear that Christie has planned all along to use New Jersey's share of he money for the construction of that project to "bail out" its highway and bridge system that has been driven deeply into debt under Christie's poor leadership and mismanagement.  

This “chop shop option,” as one columnist aptly termed it, is paying for, among other things, the $1 billion reconstruction of the Pulaski Skyway, a heavily traveled but 82-year-old bucket of rust that is the main connector for the Holland Tunnel.

One big obstacle stood in Christie's way:

By law, the authority can only fund roads leading to the GW Bridge and Lincoln Tunnel, but Christie got around that inconvenience by browbeating the authority’s lawyers into asserting that the Pulaski Skyway is an “access road” to the Lincoln Tunnel, which is about as far from the truth as Trenton is from Kiev.

Schaun Mullen suggests the logical alternative might have been to raise te gas tax, which is the second lowest in the nation, and provides the example that a one-penny increase would raise $50 million.

But Christie, a bully without peer, knows only one way to get things done. No, make that two: By lying and being underhanded. Come to think of it, he would make a perfect Republican presidential nominee, but on top of all the other problems he has foisted on himself, the Pulaski Skyway deception will make his nomination a bridge too far.

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So Shaun Mullen proposition is that totally apart from whatever happens with the other criminal, ethics, and legislative investigations, being exposed, once again, for his Machiavellian political "bullying, deception, and lying," to New Jersey voters, drivers, and tax-payers, as well as the workers and business that would benefited from jobs and economic boost of the commuter train under the Hudson river, is the "straw that breaks the camel's back," - the "bridge to far," - that Mullen expects should and will finish off any hope that Governor Christie can relaunch his presidential ambitions.

His image as a "bullying, deceptive, and lying thug" is now solidified in the minds of national voters with too many easily remembered symbols for him to overcome, or "bridge."  So for Governor Christie's presidential ambitions are now just so much "water under the  bridge."

10:52 AM PT: A humbleopinion made this comment which clarifies part of the issue here. Mullen is not suggesting this deception and political manipulation is illegal but representative of his pattern of deception, and manipulation.

There are so many bad faith and evil decisions (1+ / 0-)
and actions, each one by itself is not enough to get traction, but now that they are all coming out of the woodwork, the whole picture of Christie's governmental malpractice and potential criminal activities can be seen.

People unfortunately expect self dealing, kickbacks, and bribes in our political system.  What crossed the line for Christie's gang is political activity that callously puts so many citizens directly in harms way.

“The future depends entirely on what each of us does every day.” Gloria Steinem

by ahumbleopinion on Sun Apr 20, 2014 at 10:32:24 AM PDT

Because he did not want to raise the gas tax tto pay for aging bridge repairs, which would have looked bad to out of state Tea Party voters.

He sunk an important approved of project that would have benefited residents of both NJ and NY saying the money would not be spend, all while knowing he intended to use it to bail out his bridge repair fund which was in large debt.

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