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I don't know if you've had occasion to notice, but one of the Kossacks who regularly jumps in to contribute during fundraisers is Fineena. Yes, Fineena of the wonderful, lacy scarves and shawls, and of the beautiful warm woolen cowls. (Etsy shop here) She typically offers to share the proceeds from her Etsy shop with the person who is the focus of the fundraiser; here is a link to her latest offer to be of help.

I mention this because Fineena knows how important it is to give what you can, to keep the cycle flowing. This time, it's her turn to ask for help.

As has been true for many who are on the edge, this is not the first time she's asked. Unfortunately, once one loses one's grip on the brass ring, it's almost impossible to grab hold of anything stable. This particular crisis came out of the blue, however, something she didn't expect.

In her words:

I've never had a great relationship with my landlord but since October it's gotten much worse.  This time it's not about money.

The landlord has stopped repairing anything in the duplex.  I haven't had a working dishwasher since the beginning of November.  The biggest problem is mice & rats.  I told them in October & November that I thought I had them.  They've done nothing about it until this week & that wasn't much & that was only because the tenant on the other side called the owners directly.  I really don't know what the problem is with me but this isn't the first time he's told me to leave but we've always worked it out.  Not this time.

Yesterday, Fineena moved into a long-term-stay hotel, without her dogs, who are boarding at her vet's office. (An offer from an old friend for temporary housing fell through at the very last minute.) She is looking, has been looking, for a new place to live, though there too it hasn't been an easy process. In early March, Fineena had some serious health issues, many of which have not been fully resolved. The good news is that she doesn't have cancer, which was a possibility. Or a heart attack, the concern that started a whole cascade of tests. But she does have COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) and a heart condition, both of which are not being treated since she lives in NC and can't qualify for Medicaid. All of this was breaking news simultaneous with her 60-day notice to move.

Long-term, Fineena does have some promising options. There's a part-time job on the horizon which she hopes will materialize soon. In the meantime, she is contemplating filing for SSDI on the basis of her heart condition and the COPD; a hospital social worker is helping her with that process. She would prefer to work, but in the end one has to do what one must. For now, she is relying on Etsy income.

Her May budget has obviously been all shot to hell, between the costs of moving, of living in a costly week-to-week, and of boarding her two dogs, her adorable Airedales. Thus Fineena is short at least $2500: one month's rent plus security deposit, and the boarding costs for her sweet and silly dogs.

There are three ways you can help. One is to make a purchase from among the items in Fineena's Etsy shop, which she operates under the name WillieRu. Please go here to review her current inventory. As a very satisfied customer--both for myself and for friends--I encourage you to take a look. Her work is beautiful, and though the word is overused, unique. "One of a kind" does not suffice.

Another is to purchase a gift certificate from the Etsy shop. (There are other values besides the one linked.) Fineena made me a cowl on commission, a gift from my husband last Christmas (one of the specific items on my wish list). It's exactly what I wanted and then some. She will be happy to discuss colors, size, and materials with you. I guarantee you'll be pleased with the results. However, it might take her a bit longer than usual to make a custom design, since all her raw materials are in storage.

Another is to make a direct contribution to Fineena's PayPal account,

Apart from the financial support, Fineena could use some logistical support, especially if you live near Charlotte NC. Again, in her words:

Most things are in the $1000 range & we aren't talking about luxury homes.  I must have something with a fenced area for the dogs so it has to be either a duplex or house & that is really limiting.  Also some places want a pet deposit - I saw one that wanted $375 non-refundable.  I need something one-story & with hardwood floors & in a safe area.
We know from other sources that the rental market is indeed very tight, one of the more pernicious consequences of the housing disaster. Almost everything she checks into is gone before she can look at it. If you can help Fineena locate a suitable home, she would be very grateful.

I know that many of us have little to nothing to spare. But that hasn't stopped us before from chipping in what we can for those of us in need. And those of us who are more comfortable also rise to the occasion, in ways we community fundraisers appreciate deeply.

Whatever you can give--recs, tips, tweets, Etsy orders, or contributions--are very welcome. Thanks so much for doing what you can do.

Originally posted to Community Fundraisers on Tue May 06, 2014 at 04:33 PM PDT.

Also republished by Kos Katalogue and PWB Peeps.

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