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We had two fine meetings last weekend, in Detroit and Ypsilanti, and now it's time to promote the next round. Our purported agenda is to help with NN14, but of course we also simply chat and check in. Please join us at one or the other if you can. Remember, it's not this weekend, Memorial Day Weekend, but the one after.

Lansing-area meet-up:
Saturday 5/31 dinner, 6-8 PM, The Avenue Café, 2021 E. Michigan Ave., Lansing 48912

1. peregrine kate
2. lehman scott

1. ProvokingMeaning

The location choice in Lansing is thanks to lehman scott's suggestion. I hope meeting in an authentic "movement" venue will help bring other folks out!
Oakland County meet-up:
Sunday 6/1, lunch, 1-3 PM
Location TBD--please see poll or add to comments

Possibilities identified so far:
Downtown 51 Grill, Pontiac (downtown, just off Huron, inside Woodward loop)
Hogan's, Bloomfield Hills (15 & Telegraph)
Pasquale's, Royal Oak (Woodward & 13 1/2 Mile)

1. peregrine kate
2. Brainwrap
3. Chem Bob
4. Michele
5. Sharon B.
6. Gregsullmich
7. GwenM
8. Amy L. S.
(Please note, I'm providing DKos handles if I have them, and first names with initials if I don't.)

1. ProvokingMeaning

RSVP via comments or Kosmail to me, please.

Below the orange curlicue, I'll provide some details about the NN14 prep we've planned already, plus a few photos from our meetings for your delectation.

To refresh your memory, these meetings are largely to help out with NN14 organization, doing tasks that really can't be done remotely--or at least not as well as with local folks. There are seven general tasks we are tackling at the moment. I'll list them all and give you some sense of where we are now and what we need.
Trust me, we will be in a place to need more input and support during our next round of meetups!
(I'd also like to send you back to my earlier resource diary for information about NN registration, volunteering, etc.)

1. Publicity and Recruitment among local Democratic Clubs
GwenM and I are still planning to hit many of the local clubs, once we have the handout for publicity (in the works).  
Please let me or GwenM know if you have a local Democratic Club you'd like us to visit, or if you'd like to share the outreach with us.

2. Metro Detroit Tours
There is still some strong interest in seeing what we can pull together regarding local tours, whether within walking distance or more ambitious (and complicated). Here are the current possibilities being investigated, probably for Wednesday afternoon, Saturday morning, or Sunday morning:

A. Rivera Murals/Kresge Court lunch/Museum of African American History.
B. Rouge Plant, especially the assembly plant.
C. "Feet on the Street"  tours, particularly for Detroit houses of worship and Southwest Detroit.
D. Walking tours of downtown Detroit led by a local urban planner.
We welcome more help in checking these out and making them happen. Kosmail me if you're interested.

3. Visitor Information Guides
Our plan is to organize a list of local restaurants (and maybe clubs?) that are either 1) within walking distance or 2) at a People Mover stop.
So far, we want to make sure to include Greektown, and Harmonie Park (especially Colors). It would be great to have (IMHO) the name, address, phone number, website, one-line description, and hours, maybe a $$$$ scale too.
Local attractions within walking distance--e.g. Mariners' Church, and the Riverwalk--would be a good idea to include, too.
We will need copy, including reviews, for all of this. I'll check into our space limitations and deadlines. Let me know if you want to take on some of this.

4. Hospitality Lounge
For those of you who've attended an NN before, you'll recall the important role played by the Hospitality Lounge in the middle of the Town Square (the exhibitors' hall). The Lounge is a place to chill out, meet folks, recharge your electronics, people-watch. Putting it together is largely up to us.
We all agreed that having a Motor City/Michigan theme for decor would be excellent.
We're also hoping to have some local folks help hang out, with assigned shifts, in the Lounge, to answer questions about the city and about NN.
This is a big project, still needing some input and support. Please Kosmail me if you want to take part.

5. Newbie Orientation
We'd like to staff a "Newbie Orientation" early Thursday morning. Exactly what that would entail is TBD. What would YOU like to see us cover at such an event?
Please share your ideas with me, including whether you'd like to take part as a presenter/host.

6. Michigan Residents' Scholarships (local fundraising)
This is an idea in the very earliest stages. Please contact me if you have any ideas, particularly about prospective donors.

7. Buses to/from Metro Airport--or nearby
Since our mass transit in SE Michigan sucks, it seems like a nice idea to help out all the NN14 attendees who are flying in and facing a costly ride to/from DTW. If you have any ideas, please contact me ASAP.

And now some teasers about what you missed!

Shepherd's Pie, Grand Trunk Pub, Detroit
Two delectable (and substantial) meals at our Saturday venue--within walking distance of Cobo Center on Woodward.
The Grand Trunk Pub's take on a Detroit classic, Maurice Salad
An historic downtown Detroit landmark. (I'll study up to make sure I know all about it.)
Base of the Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument, Campus Martius, Detroit
One of the new downtown installations. I'm not sure how I feel about the beach.
Kossacks were here.
Kossacks on the loose...part I
2thanks and peregrine kate at the downtown beach
and part II
sydneyluv, peregrine kate, ICanDoThis at the Sidetrack, Ypsilanti (after Eclectablog's departure)
Hope to see you at a meet-up soon!

What's your preference for our Oakland County venue this time?

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