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Police in Indiana last April punched, tazed - as many as 7 times - handcuffed and knelt on the neck of a woman in her mid 50's who's car had been hit by another car while she was parked. Police told her to produce insurance documents, and the ones she had were out of date. Police told her she was being reported as an uninsured motorist, and she kept asking questions, prompting the officer to open his car door violently, hitting her in her mouth. She was tazed at least 4 and as many as 7 times, handcuffed and had a large and heavy police officer kneel on her neck on the sidewalk for some time.

She has been charged with resisting a police officer and various other charges, and the local police say this event was justified, and the charges against her will stand. NO ONE in the city has responded to this woman's family when they questioned the charges and the brutal police response to a woman who had been sitting in her parked car...
Note there is a video clip of much of this police attack...You may not want to watch it.

I have no idea what the hell the police in our country are doing, what they have become or where they are going, but this is NOT right. This police behavior is far, far too common. It is being seen all over the USA, and has been happing for several years and seems to be escalating.

 I see almost nothing about this on any news media anywhere other than online.
What the hell is happening...

Originally posted to old mark on Thu Jun 05, 2014 at 05:32 AM PDT.

Also republished by Police Accountability Group.

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