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Readers of this paper knew about the Seattle Pacific shooting yesterday, before the local
print media had printed one word.

The college shooting in Seattle yesterday is another number to add to the long list of
usually young men going into a school to murder. In the near future, another man
will walk in to a room and start killing people.

Most of you know I have an adult son who chooses to be homeless and lives to get
"high". I was sitting in a car with my son when news broke about the shooting.

Before I could speak, my son mentioned he knew why the shooter was trying to kill.
"He was shooting yuppies, those xxxxxx's don't deserve to live." I  calmly mentioned
that the term "yuppie" used to mean a lifestyle of people who already  were
out of school and were living a certain way. My son was not in a good mood, he had just
had the "latest" love of his life break up with him. He was very angry when I mentioned
that I bet the shooter may not have even known who he was trying to kill.

"It doesn't matter", he said, yuppies, police,and xxx"s need to die. It's their fault "Tom"
keeps loosing girlfriends.

I have written so much about my son, I want to talk about someone YOU may know
that you may have concerns about. I have spent years talking to experts about  Mental
illness as well as violence.

Accept the fact that guns and rifles will ALWAYS be easy for anyone to get. It is much easier to get one when your homeless, you just need money. If doctor's knew the
moment someone will kill, our society would be much different. Alcohol and drug abuse
plays a role for some, but usually the shooter will seem quite normal before he kills. He is psychotic  sometimes. He will seem paranoid, some one is out to get him, angry, ashamed, withdrawn. He will seem to have clarity before he kills. He is on a mission
and sees his victims as objects. He feels nothing for them. Learn about "Delusional Disorder."

The killer comes from any type household, even wealthy. My son suffers from
schizophrenia. His voices tell him who to hate.

If you see any sign that a loved one is acting strange, get him help today. The younger
the better. Drugs  began changing my son's brain when he was 12 years old. He
assaulted his Mother when he was 14. No help was ordered for him. I paid
for him to see a doctor but he rarely agreed to go.

If you are a loved one has P.T.S.D., killing people is  not in your plans. I'm told I have
P.T.S.D. and am Bi-Polar, I never have felt an urge to walk into a crowd and start

If your a parent, I urge you to REALLY know what's going on in your son's life. That means looking at what  he is writing or reading on the net. I thought giving
my son money and "things" would keep him away from bad behavior. I was giving
 him money to buy drugs with. He gave me signs he was having problems, I
had my head in the sand.

I have given you some of the basics I know. I can't say, nor can doctors, that THIS
person will kill. The killer sometimes doesn't even know he is going to kill until he does.

See you below.

Live every day as if it is the last day on earth. Someday you will be right. I am so sorry
for the victims yesterday. As a parent of a mentally ill person, I know that easily could
have been my son who murdered yesterday.

I just wish someone would watch him. He is dangerous.

-The only certainty is
that nothing is certain.

-Pliny the Elder

Originally posted to Vet 65 on Fri Jun 06, 2014 at 09:57 AM PDT.

Also republished by Mental Health Awareness and Community Spotlight.

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