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Who wouldn't want me on their frontpage?
I don't go to Fright-Wing websites for news but rather entertainment.  I chuckle at their delusions and marvel at their hunger to be fooled.  However, I am truly dumbstruck by the absolute, total and universal denial that anyone was shot and killed at a Cici's Pizza and Walmart on Sunday.  Zero reference to a Bonnie & Clyde story chock full of the ultra-sensational, complete with photos of them in evil Joker makeup.  Manifestos have been uncovered.  This is a story that writes itself... just cut and paste from Facebook and you've got a BOFFO post!  

Yet, on the conservatives sites, where these two "revolutionaries" would have found encouragement and solidarity right up until Sunday morning... nothing, zip, nada.   Here are a selection of story headlines that have appeared in Redstate since the shooting occurred:





Those were just a couple of many frontpage stories.   There were dozens of dairies posted none of which seemed to notice that two policemen and a civilian, all with families and guns, were mowed down by a pair of highest order loony tunes.   Like a revers dog whistle, they didn't seem to be able to hear the sound all around them.

So I checked out Hot Air, one of the newsier sites in the Wingnut-O-Sphere to see how conservatives were commenting on this tragedy:

That would be the sound of crickets.  Not a story, not even a link to an AP blurb since the shooting.  It is as though some Invisible Hand hit a kill switch on this incredible event.   HASN'T ANYONE SEEN THE PICURES OF THIS DUDE IN JOKER MAKEUP??  This is salacious copy wrapped around mesmerizing real crime horror!  Drudge should be riding this for weeks and yet:
Doctor Accused of 'Frequently' Sexting During Surgery...
Cop killings up 53 percent...
More than 57,000 veterans awaiting initial VA visits, audit finds...

64,000 who sought care were never seen...
REPORT: IRS Sent Database Containing Confidential Taxpayer Info to FBI...
Harry Reid: Sale of My House Will Create 60 Jobs...
REPORT: Slave labor used to catch shrimp for COSTCO, WALMART...
Aussie Prime Minister seeks alliance to 'dismantle' Obama's climate policy...

JUNE: Icebergs Afloat On Lake Superior...

Okay, I am interested in Icebergs on Lake Superior but honestly.  Of the hundred or so other stories linked Drudge did not think any of them were LESS important than "5 Dead Including 2 Cops and Concealed Carry Defender"  That would have been my headline IF I worked for Drudge but noooooooo.

Radio silence people and it's uniform.  Like, if you call your ultra-conservative acquaintance who doesn't trust the "lame stream media"  they probably don't realize anything happened last Sunday.  Is it mass delusion?   Is it disbelief that all of the crazy that Lefties predicted was true?  Could gun toting, Gadsden Flag waving, black helicopter avoiding militia really be menaces to society?   They aren't just cute pets to be underfed and forgotten while the grow'd ups go to work?

NAAAAHHHH, that couldn't be it!  How about money.  How about the NRA, the Heritage Foundation or a hundred Koch sock puppet organizations putting out the word that keeping a lid on the crazy keeps ad dollars flowing?  Last year numerous conservative bloggers were exposed as Play-for-Pay scammers.   Follow the money.  Many have a vested interest in keeping the hood over these birds of prey.  It is this very purposeful misinformation that directly led to the deaths, not only of two cops and an innocent shopper, but two psychologically malleable cretins who were bent by the Right Wing Hate Machine until they snapped, crackled and popped.

Rush, Billo, Erick, Allahpundit and all of your bow tied Regressives are responsible for this.  Heck we don't need gun control, we need hate control, fear control and most important: lie control.

Originally posted to Reinvented Daddy on Tue Jun 10, 2014 at 07:52 AM PDT.

Also republished by Shut Down the NRA.

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