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Joseph Houseman, gun-humper, yelling paranoid, delusional rants of "Revolution" - similar language as Nevada cop killers Jerad and Amanda Miller.  
Police were scared and residents were scared as Joseph Houseman trotted around with his gun and screamed similar rhetoric as Nevada cop killers Jerad and Amanda Miller.

Michigan news is reporting

KALAMAZOO, MI — Police reports and recordings of a sometimes tense 40-minute encounter with a belligerent, rifle-toting man offers insight into how officers tried to defuse a volatile situation without infringing on his right to openly the gun on a city street.
The gun-humping nutjob is Joseph Houseman and he's pissed that our "rights are being taken away" and is convinced he has a legal right to "threaten" police officers and their families.
A transcript of the exchange between police and the paranoid gun-humper:
HOUSEMAN: That's my First Amendment right.

Geik: No it's not. You can't swear.

HOUSEMAN: That's bull---. I can threaten you if I want to.

GEIK: That's incorrect.

HOUSEMAN: I can threaten you. I can threaten you're family. I didn't threaten your family, I said I could.

UNIDENTIFIED OFFICER: You said a war was coming.

HOUSEMAN: I didn't say a war was coming.

UNIDENTIFIED OFFICER: You said a revolution is coming.

HOUSEMAN: Think about it. You know it is.

Here's a transcript of a different officer trying to reason with the gun-humper:
GEIK: If I was going to open carry, which I have done before, there is no way in heck I would have come to a laundromat full of people trying to dry their clothes with an Auto Zone, carwash and 10 cop cars.

HOUSEMAN: That don't mean (expletive). I'm trying to raise awareness.

GEIK: You're trying to make a statement, and you got it and now you lost your gun.

HOUSEMAN: You guys aren't always right.

GEIK: No, but in this one, we're 100 percent right.  As I stated 12 minutes ago, you're not detained. You were detained initially because the officer was trying to have a conversation with you, a legal, lawful, allowed, non-intruding Fourth Amendment conversation and when you start screaming obscenities and grabbing your genitals armed with a rifle, you crossed the line.

HOUSEMAN: I apologize. I have a bad attitude because we're losing our rights.

Twelve Police officers arrived on the scene and the first officers on the scene, turned over negotiations to a trained SWAT negotiator.  Police closed down the street and took up defensive positions behind their vehicles as they talked to Houseman.  As it turns out, Houseman's gun was not loaded ... thank goodness.

They closed down the street, called SWAT and even though he threatened the lives of Police officers, it sounds as though police were afraid to charge this fool for fear of going to the Supreme Court.

Police were scared:

Officer 1: He wouldn't take a PBT, and we took it (the rifle) away for a CCW violation because he was being irrational and having violent mood swings. I thought he was going to start walking, so now, he's put the cards on the table, he's called our bluff, what do we do? (He mentions a meeting that was happening at KDPS when he received the call.)

Officer 2: I didn't like that, I was thanking God when he stopped. That crossed my mind too, at one point it looked like he was going to start walking across the sidewalk, I was like, s---, we kind of have to go hands on now and stop him.

Officer 1: That's where I was going. It was alright, we're going to arrest him, interfering, and we'll go to the U.S. Supreme on this baby.

In the Department of Public Safety's decision not to pursue charges, Webster said later that even though Houseman did not have the rifle in a sling and was  "fidgeting" with it, it was not evident that he was "brandishing" it.

I own guns and have for most of my life.  But, in my opinion, only freaks, paranoid freaks, open carry weapons that look like assault rifles in their attempt to "raise awareness" of some BS lie that our "rights are being taken away."

Originally posted to TeamSarah4Choice on Mon Jun 16, 2014 at 01:22 PM PDT.

Also republished by Christie Watch and Shut Down the NRA.

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