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This one's a doozy. Even some of my friends and family in Texas are squinting their eyes, twisting their arms and saying, "WTF?"

The 'Open Carry Texas' group out of Houston has decided to march through a predominantly black neighborhood to 'educate' people of their rights. The first thing that comes to most of our minds? What if armed black men decided to march through a predominantly white neighborhood to educate… Wait, let's go one deeper. What if armed black men decided to march through a white 'Stand Your Ground' neighborhood to educate them… Let that one roll around in the brain for a minute.

There is talk the march was originally planned for Juneteenth Day, a holiday that celebrates the abolition of slavery. That would have been June 19th, but there was some sort of schedule mix up - you know, it being open carry, open season. They're very busy.

Also there is some kind of mix up as to the legitimacy of the group's proclaimed canned goods fundraiser to be held on the same day of the march:

Joe Deshotel at Burnt Orange Report, upon learning of the original event, checked with the local church that the event’s organizers stated they had coordinated with to do the canned food drive portion of the march. As one would suspect, the church had no idea what was going on and confirmed that they had not discussed any such drive with Open Carry Texas. It appears that the group was caught in a lie, as they were merely trying to create the illusion that this event was something more than just a bunch of nut jobs marching through a neighborhood carrying guns.
Deshotel also reported:
"One Open Carry member posted to Facebook:

 '...white people think that most young blacks are just thug a$$ed pieces of $hlt! Prison and home life are no different for most of them. You go to prison, you still eat for free, free cable, free roof over your head, free gym membership, free......there is really no punishment for them. Going to prison will not change their lives, just their address.'"

The page has been removed.

They want press? They've got press. The more stories like this, the more the public will be sure to lobby and vote for more gun restrictions. Are they stupid - or do they just look stupid?  

The jury's out.

H/T Mindy Fischer/Liberals Unite

Originally posted to Leslie Salzillo on Tue Jun 24, 2014 at 09:22 PM PDT.

Also republished by Shut Down the NRA.

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