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The United States Supreme Court decided that as a corporation, Hobby Lobby is entitled to religious beliefs.  And as such, they have the "religious freedom" to pick and choose which medications they will cover though their insurance policies for their employees.  This includes medication that THEY BELIEVE will cause abortions, despite scientific evidence to the contrary.  Their supporters are celebrating this decision as a victory for religious freedom.  Well, as the self-appointed Progressive Christian Prophet Of Rage, I will do my part to expose the hypocrisy of Hobby Lobby and its supporters.  Join me 'round the bend.

I listen to the Norman Goldman show almost daily.  Yesterday's show was particularly interesting, as Norman spelled out what makes a corporation different from a person.  I'm working off memory, so bear with me - and please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.  Norman stated that the reason why a corporation exists is because it limits the liability of its owners.  For example, if Big Ty's House of Taters (home of the best French Fries in Chicago, heh...) goes under because people just don't order 5-lb. orders of cheese fries, and it is not incorporated, then I am on the hook for all of the debts and liabilities.  And since I didn't incorporate, creditors can come after my personal finances to satisfy the debts.  However, if Big Ty's House of Taters, INC goes under, then my personal finances are insulated from any debt my business ensues.  In short, a corporation protects its owners by limiting its liability.

With the Supreme Court's decision, 5 male, Catholic justices determined that an entity designed to protect actual people from having their personal finances tapped has the same rights as a human.  All of the rights, none of the responsibilities.  Connect this with the Citizens United decision, and it spells bad news for everyone.

But I digress.

As a Christian, I believe in salvation.  Salvation saves the soul.  And no, this entry is not a discussion about deconstructing my faith, and I will not entertain any comments that discuss the validity of what I believe.  That being said, a corporation is not a human.  A corporation, despite what looks like apparent evidence to the contrary, cannot sin.  And most importantly, a corporation does not have a soul.  And if it does not have a soul, it cannot experience a conversion or faith-based experiences.  A corporation is a soulless, mindless construct designed to shield its owners' personal finances from any corporate liabilities and debt.  Therefore, as a corporation, Hobby Lobby does not have any "religious freedoms."  Its owners might, but the company is no more entitled to "religious freedoms" than my car is, even if I baptize my car and promise it eternal salvation.

But, for the sake of argument, let's take Hobby Lobby's claim seriously (as The Supremes did).  Let's say that Hobby Lobby IS entitled to religious freedoms, as a fundamentalist Christian entity.  Everyone, including writers at, has pointed out Hobby Lobby's hypocritical stance regarding women's reproductive medication.  

And while Hobby Lobby continues to benefit from its rank hypocrisy, its supporters turn a blind eye.  They pat themselves on the back and thank Republican Jesus for a company having its "religious freedoms" protected.  And while they congratulate themselves on being holier-than-thou once again, they absolutely refuse to address Hobby Lobby's glaring hypocrisies:

1. Hobby Lobby had no problem covering such medication until they were "told" that they had to. Then, like a petulant child, they went whining, all the way to the Supreme Court.

2. Hobby Lobby invests in companies that manufacture the same chemicals that offends their so-called religious sensibilities.

3. Hobby Lobby does business with China, a country that (at the risk of understatement) doesn't do the whole pro-life thing.

This decision is not about faith. It's not about religion (and, right-wingers, please tell me how a soulless, manufactured entity such as a CORPORATION can experience SALVATION). The right-wingers have even begun to use red herrings about Hobby Lobby paying a decent salary, which is NOT THE POINT.  This is about power, plain and simple.  The power of a right-wing company to impose its views on its employees.  The power to get the United States Supreme Court to aid and abet in the mistreatment of women (remember, they removed buffer zones that protected patients from the venomous vitriol and graphic imagery of pro-birthers yelling in their faces).  

The floodgates have been opened.  And the Supreme Court helped to kick those floodgates open by clarifying that this decision is not just for the four items sought by Hobby Lobby.  Per the Supreme Court, this decision can apply to ANY birth control medication, because it may violate ANYONE'S religious freedoms.

The 1990's rap group The Disposable Heroes Of Hiphoprisy said it best:  Hypocrisy is the greatest luxury, raise the double-standard!

I can't wait until a company owned by Muslims decides to follow Hobby Lobby's lead.  The right-wing freak-out will be delicious.

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  •  HL folks, like Duck Dynasty and Bundy clan (3+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    on the cusp, Vita Brevis, AJayne

    are all Dominionists, following Rushdooney's theology for a theocracy in the US.  You can attribute this desire to micromanage their neighbor's mote is that the beam has been forever removed from their eyes in their worldview.

    Blame it on two recent misunderstandings of standard Protestant theology.  One is the faith, not acts belief, that acts are not necessary; only faith provides salvation.  Of course this ignores James' observation that works are fruits of the tree of faith.

    Second is the once saved, always saved is the other modern innovation.  Once you have your Come to Jesus moment, you cannot lose salvation.  Therefore, you now have all sorts of time to micromanage your neighbors' behavior instead of reflecting upon your own acts.

  •  Sharia Law? Why Not? (3+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    Vita Brevis, OooSillyMe, terrypinder

    The Supreme Court said if it is your sincere religious belief you have Constitutional protection, eh?

    So Wiccans should be able to impose their long as they're sincere.  Ditto for Buddhists, Libertarians, Jehovah's Witness, Voodoo, Satanism & Hari Krishna.

    Go for it, guys.  The SC would love to hear your case.....especially if it chips away at Obamacare.

  •  I wonder, at what point did this corporation (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    Vita Brevis, AJayne

    become human?
    It must be at the point the pen touched paper to create the Executive Summary. Or when the first page of the business plan was printed?
    At, I think it was when the idea was first written on that dinner napkin. Yes, that's when.

    Maya Angelou: “There's a world of difference between truth and facts. Facts can obscure truth.”

    by JoanMar on Wed Jul 02, 2014 at 07:01:30 PM PDT

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