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On July 2, 2009, I ventured into the world of internet blogging.  

This was a huge milestone for me.  I only had my computer for less than a year, and I was not familiar with all the ins and outs of posting (hey- I'm still not up to par on what can be done with this marvelous tool).

But that sense of community was felt right way.  Here were all the like minds.  People who shared my frustration, my anger and my desire to elect the right people who can make this country the great nation she was meant to be.

Five years ago, this little orange squiggly decorative separation device did not exist.

Five years ago, Keith Olbermann (remember him?) had this guy on his show.  He had a weird name and I wondered who he was and why did Keith feel that what he had to offer was important.  When he was on the show again, I wrote down his name and looked him up- mostly out of curiosity.  And found Daily Kos.

I still remember what it felt like posting that first diary  A little anxiety, wondering if anyone would care.  A lot of trepidation, worrying if anyone would agree or would I be ridiculed and laughed off the site.

But that first diary was OK.  I wrote about the lies that still exist today on mainstream media.  And I added a poll, which I was told you guys enjoy.  I wasn't ridiculed.  Nobody laughed.  And I became a Kossack.

Sixty five diaries later, while I still enjoy writing what I feel, I'm still not as computer savvy as I should be.  I can't link, or drop images or embed videos.  And I must admit- the lack of those abilities have prevented me from expressing a number of thoughts in diary form.  Without the links- I would have been writing hearsay- something the integrity of this site would not allow- or tolerate.  Oh well.

I made the rec list twice, which was a great feeling.  Like, "Wow- you like me.  You really really like me."  And I bombed a few times, too.  Which is OK because I did it- it's done and my life away from here still goes on.

I made Top Comments once- and that was a thrill- but a greater thrill was getting a rec from Meteor Blades.  Wow, I thought.  He likes me.  He likes what I had to say.

Silly, I know.  But I enjoyed it anyway.

I have top mojo- another thrill.  Funny side story about that.  About two years ago, my computer died.  Instead of just chucking it and getting a new one, my husband insisted that we send it to be repaired.  Two weeks later, and still no computer, I argued that I need a computer now.  Enough of waiting for this guy to keep putting us off with excuses and delays.  "You don't understand, " I told him.  "I'm losing mojo!"  I got a new computer the next day.

I never participated in pie fights,  I found them a waste of time and energy.  If I didn't like what I read, I moved on.  And the few times someone challenged me on what I wrote- I also moved on- maybe nursing a hurt ego for awhile, but not worth getting into a tither about.

I found many amazing writers here.  Too many to list and feel awful if I left someone out.  Oh what the heck- I'm naming my favorites:  

Ministry of Truth- you have touched my heart in so many ways.  I wish only the best for your future.  Sara R- what you have done for this community is beyond amazing.  You will live forever in your quilts that will be treasured heirlooms to those who have received your love.  Meteor Blades- such a tough big guy with a gentle soul and caring spirit.  I saw through your ruse right away.  BFSkinner- your musical diaries are a welcome relief, especially during times of frustration and angst.  commonmass- my heart broke for you and with you.

I could name so many others- see- that's why I didn't want to start.

I never made it to a Netroots- a goal I still maintain.  The one time it was held close to me (Providence) I couldn't get the time off from work.  Which, by the way, upset me a little bit.  Instead of being held in the summer like all the other times, this one took place in June- the week of my preschool graduation. But I watched all the video feeds and read every diary written about all the fun being had without me.

So that's it- my anniversary diary.  Five years of reading, writing and sharing good times and bad, happy and sad.  Mourning those who passed away. Welcoming new writers every day.

Edit:  OMG!  See- i did leave someone and something out.  And I can't believe I did.  True Blue Majority-and The Grieving Room.  The place where I was able to receive comfort when my sister died.  The place I still go to every Monday evening (shameless plug) to give and receive understanding of shared grief.

9:49 AM PT: Update:  Thanks so much for the posting on Community Spotlight!  I am truly humbled.

Originally posted to grannycarol on Sat Jul 05, 2014 at 06:51 AM PDT.

Also republished by Community Spotlight.


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