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Republicans and other Conservatives managed to jump the shark years ago by claiming to value human life; while leaving human lives outside the womb to suffer under their policies.  What would appear to be a contradiction in terms

They are not pro-life, and I can prove it.  They are anti-abortion, and anti-choice: for women, of course.  Corporations should always get a choice, right?  They claim that abortion should be prevented and abolished, then they actively, decisively, in full conscience desire to take away birth control that would limit abortion, refuse to recognize rape as rape and tell rapists to stop raping, and continue to deny the science that more people=more climate change=less comfortable living conditions on Earth (or no life at all, something that should logically bother someone who claims to be "pro-life").

The idea of "quality of life" is a complete non-issue to them, unless the topic of immigration comes up.  Then boy howdy, they're yelling from the hills how "yet more illegal aliens" is exposing the American people to destitution and contagious illnesses.  

What prompted this post is Judge Jeanine Pirro's latest conspiracy theory rant about how President Obama is deliberately trying to "change the demographic of America" (salon talk for black and brown people rivaling white people in population, the idea which infuriates and terrifies Conservative whites) with his funding of immigration holding facilities and legal hearings for immigrant children.  And of course they are blaming him for this, even though the policies that require this kind of action were actually signed by Republican hero George W. Bush before Obama took office.  To my knowledge, this is the only time Fox News admits that Republican obstructionism will hurt them, because Obama will be the one to shoulder responsibility for the mess they left.  You know, like Obama has been doing for the past six years.

I digress.  Back to how the Republicans and Conservatives disrespect human life.

Judge Jeanine Pirro, in her hand-wringing monologue screamed from the rafters about the dangers of immigrant children, whom she publicly shames for suffering from fairly common afflictions such as hoof and mouth disease, lice, scabies, strep throat, chicken pox, and measles.  Although these diseases can happen in any country, she thought it was super important to point out the burden these children are; because they are immigrants and not like real American kids who deserve kindness and treatment when suffering from miserable afflictions.

But wait - I thought Republicans respected human life.  I thought they really liked the idea of more children in America, not less.  Isn't that what they've been trying to do the past six years since Obama was elected?  Force women to produce more children, regardless of the cost to themselves and society?  If they care about quality-of-life, why do they only bring it up when it's the kind of human life they don't want to share the country with?

According to their rigid, fascist worldview, all women must give birth to every pregnancy, whether they consent to having their body occupied or not.  They don't want women to have a choice when it comes to sharing her food, oxygen, access to health care and physical space but they sure as heck want corporations to have a choice whether to share a small amount of money to pay for birth control that could prevent abortions in the first place.  Supposedly, life is a precious thing to them yet they could care less about the cost women shoulder by such policies.

Here's the thing, Republicans - these immigrant children you are openly trashing and throwing under the bus - they are the ones you would have demanded to be born regardless of hardship or consent.  Yet here you are, disrespecting the value of the human lives of immigrant children while pretending you are "pro-life."

That is how I can prove Republicans and Conservatives really don't care about anyone's lives except those they feel will further their agenda.  They don't really care about unborn fetuses, they hide behind them to inflict their pro-rape, anti-woman agenda.  

And while John Boehner is tsk-tsking the President for lack of responsibility, I have yet to see Republicans take any responsibility for their blatant lack of respect for the human lives of people who've been born.  I have yet to see them take responsibility for their constant legislative stonewalling, disrespect for Separation of Church and State, obstruction for American citizens to access needed health care, denying the female half of the population the right to say NO to other people occupying their bodies, and now they want to deny immigrant children the right to be seen as human beings by accusing them of being dirty, contaminated, or affiliated with gangs.

When will it end?  When will their war on specific demographics stop?  Likely not until America is once again white, Christian, Conservative, and without any respect for the rights of others.  

Originally posted to lagertha on Sat Jul 12, 2014 at 08:40 PM PDT.

Also republished by Community Spotlight and Sluts.

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