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NormAl and I leave on Wednesday for Detroit, bringing quilts and hats and scarves for veterans.

The quilts are for the Detroit VA Nursing Home and the hats and scarves are for homeless vets, to be distributed by the VA Nursing Home.

Follow me below the fold for an update on both projects and plenty of pictures of great work.

Quilt by RK2

RK2 photo IMG_20140709_215039_zpsi2voqlb7.jpg

First I'll run the numbers.  Total hats and scarves in hand = 90 !!  Between 5 and 7 more are expected.  The Excel table is below.  If I have made any mistakes, please let me know.  Packages have been arriving nearly daily here.  Sometimes more than 1 package a day.

As the spreadsheet shows, many people did more than they committed to. For some people life intervened and they couldn't make their commitment. Life happens. The key point is that 90 hats and scarves were promised and we have 90 hat and scarves!!

Particularly high on the overachievers list is: HappyinNM, Marguerite, Eve and Susan S.  Thank you for your wonderful work!!

        Hat    Scarf        Received

Dale  F.                         Cash donation           
Peregrine Kate                Cash donation           
WFH        3    2    3 hats
NAR            1   
Susan S.            5    8
Shellly L.            2   
Tabatha            1   
Eve        2        6
Kat D            1   
Kathy T.        2    2    4
Nicole            1           3 hats
Jody N.            1   
Sharon N            1   
Marguerite            3    6
Broths / Barb        20    20
Fineena            5    5 scarves in the mail
Elizaveta            2    2
jlms qkw            1   
BLW            2    2
Temmoku            1    2 scarves; 1 hat
mommyof3        2    2    1 hat; 1 scarf
Texas Mom            2    2
Cali Scribe        2    2   
Arlene        2    2    Received 4 hats & 1 scarf
suejazz        4    4    Received 4 hats & 3 scarves
Frankenoid            1   
Question Authority            2   
HappyinNM        1    1    Received 10 hats
McRonan            1   
Supenau            4    4

             18       72   

Some hat and scarf pictures are below:

Hats by Marguerite

Marguerite K's Hats photo IMG_20140710_212425_zpsuezz9dbf.jpg

Hats by Eve

Eve S. Hats photo IMG_20140710_212704_zpsrkottqnm.jpg

Hats by HappyinNM

HappyinNM photo IMG_20140615_104031_zpsex5gwxc4.jpg

Scarves by Susan S.

Susan S. Scarves photo IMG_20140710_212947_zpsad8k2qme.jpg

Scarves by Texas Mom

Texas Mom photo IMG_20140703_184411_zpsqstp3axk.jpg

These are just some representative pictures.  As we have over 90 hats and scarves, we do not have pictures of each one.

Total quilts we have at this moment is 38 !!  (with NormAl and mine to be added) I don't know if we have any more quilts on the way to us at this point, but that would give a total of 40 quilts at this point.  Below is a list of the quilts we have on hand and who they are from.

Who sent    # of quilts
MaggieJean          2
VTGal                  5
Beadlady           4
Leu2500            4
Elizaveta            1
Pam from CA    3
Sara & Ann           5
Silver Willow    5
ERRN                   3
Bridget R.          6

Again, if there are any mistakes, please let me know in the comments section or via Kosmail.  We have pictures of all the quilts.  I've been putting them up in WAYWO and quilting diaries in the past month.  Below are some of the quilts we've gotten in in the last couple of week or so.

Bridget R. (a non Kossack) quilts

Bridget Rost 1 photo IMG_20140712_213636_zpsmcdyjrgm.jpg

Bridget Rost 2 photo IMG_20140712_213729_zpstcyuaovc.jpg

Bridget Rost 3 photo IMG_20140712_213836_zpsyqardmy9.jpg

Bridget Rost 4 photo IMG_20140712_214002_zpstutgpl1d.jpg

Bridget Rost 5 photo IMG_20140712_214038_zpsoef0lbnk.jpg

Bridget Rost 6 photo IMG_20140712_214116_zps7wmlm71x.jpg


Priscilla 3 photo IMG_20140709_215457_zps1kz5eabx.jpg

Priscilla 2 photo IMG_20140709_215425_zpskhnz9lsg.jpg

Priscilla 1 photo IMG_20140709_215340_zpskbniav5t.jpg

Silver Willow:

Silver Willow 1 photo IMG_20140703_194557_zpsty3yb7ni.jpg

Silver Willow 2 photo IMG_20140703_194517_zpsdjsvqd6c.jpg

Silver Willow 3 photo IMG_20140703_194443_zps4zhyedkg.jpg

Silver Willow 4 photo IMG_20140703_194359_zpsikicy934.jpg

Silver Willow 5 photo IMG_20140703_194318_zps7co5cfvl.jpg

SaraR & WingLion:

Silver Willow 5 photo IMG_20140703_194318_zps7co5cfvl.jpg

Sara Ann 2 photo IMG_20140703_193721_zpsoznmmh5d.jpg

Sara Ann 3 photo IMG_20140703_193644_zpssgsuaswz.jpg

Sara Ann 4 photo IMG_20140703_193555_zpsuxhb5owp.jpg

Sara Ann 5 photo IMG_20140703_193518_zpsyimrlkan.jpg

Pam from Calif:

Pam from Calif 3 photo IMG_20140703_184722_zpsvvugzcsj.jpg

Pam from Calif 2 photo IMG_20140703_184618_zpstqc8mc51.jpg

Pam from Calif 1 photo IMG_20140703_184458_zps8pcgfenn.jpg


Elizaveta photo IMG_20140703_184254_zpsicyzqd0j.jpg

NormAl1792 & winifred3, tops finished still need quilting and binding.

 photo IMG_20140713_143546_zpswd7prbhy.jpg

 photo IMG_20140713_172238_zps06u2szou.jpg

How about everyone else -- what are you working on now?

Originally posted to What Are You Working On? on Sun Jul 13, 2014 at 04:00 PM PDT.

Also republished by Support Michelle Obama, DK VA Hospital Service Project, DK Quilt Guild, Protest Music, and Team DFH.

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