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Terrorists using the right wing political system in Greece, (No different than the right wing political system in any nation), have begun openly displaying their Nazi philosophy.

This display of Nazism and brazen use of the political system in Greece to stealthily bring themselves up through the political ranks only to show that despite denying so for years Golden Dawn is the Nazi party of Greece.

Their leader, a murder suspect, testified before their governing body in Greece in June and the supporters of that party sang Nazi anthems in support of their detained and charged leader.

Emboldened by its recent success in European and local elections – in which the party emerged as the country's third biggest political force, thanks to a softening of image that has attracted ever-growing numbers of the middle class – the extremists drove home the message that they were not only on the rebound but here to stay. And as they ran roughshod through the house of democracy, hurling abuse at other MPs in an unprecedented display of violence and vulgarity, there was no mistaking what Golden Dawn is: a party of neo-Nazi creed determined to overturn the democratic order. For, far from being contrite, the handcuffed Michaloliakos was in unusually aggressive mood, giving Nazi salutes, telling the house speaker to "shut up", and instructing guards to take their hands off him.

Outside, black-shirted Golden Dawn supporters, lined up in military formation in Syntagma Square, gave a hearty rendition of the Nazi Horst Wessel song – albeit with Greek lyrics. All this was a far cry from the party's recent efforts to distance itself from the thuggery and racist rhetoric from which it was born.

"That day democracy felt a bit weak," said Pavlos Tzimas, a political commentator who has watched the party's rise from its fringe group beginnings in the early 1980s. "After all the revelations [about criminal activity], after all the prosecutions against its MPs, it still has the nerve to act in such a way, in scenes of hate that, frankly, I cannot recall ever being seen inside the parliament," he sighed. "Golden Dawn is not a passing phase, it will not disappear with the end of the crisis, it feels untouchable, it fears nothing, and what we saw this week is its real face. It is not like other extremist parties in Europe. It is a true neo-Nazi force whose aim is to use democracy to destroy democracy."

I can't help but think of Clive Bundy as an icon of the right here in the US. Antisemitic racist misogynist openly defying the laws of the Nation. The likelihood they will become outright Nazis or ethnic cleansers while in power is a given. But what I'm seeing now are attacks on minorities that will increase as the Right thrashes it's way to social obscurity though stupidity, greed, and violence.

We should have made a more lasting statement after the Civil War. And should have definitely not left the slavery cop out in the Thirteenth amendment, they figured out how to profit in all directions on that one.

We should have instead of hiding, coddling, and picking their brains for their science and engineering knowledge actually done more to eradicate the Nazi philosophy. Because eventually we knew this day would come again. It simply isn't right to think some humans are different than others. Their entirely philosophy is denied by biology.(that anti-science meme making sense now?)

We also knew that extremism is bred in economic inequality. So why do they keep cranking down the austerity screws? Why do we need to pay the tax bill of corporations pounding our roads to dust in big rigs while getting a tax write off? Why do they keep cutting services when they know economically they should be expanded?

 The Right wants poor frightened people. Poor frightened people make bad decisions. Poor frightened people have a more difficult time learning. Poor frightened people want to feel valued. Poor frightened people crave feeling empowered.

 "Othering" and racism give those without economic power the feeling they are valued. We see this by the hordes streaming to the border to point weapons at child refugees. We see this in gerrymandering in order to nullify political power.

The recipe is far from new but our television and internet driven memories have been shortened. It is harder to show the population that what they are experiencing is not new. And in fact was deliberately brought about and intentionally calculated, the financial deregulation of the nineties for instance. You can't escape the ties to Fascism/Nazim to economic inequality. So knowing our economy was deliberately broken by right wingers in this country is quite frankly scary.

Education is key.

But so is making sure the population isn't so stressed it is lashing out against the "other" is just as important.

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