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The new speaker of the House, Senator Ted Cruz (R-BS), just prevented John Boehner (R-Totally Screwed) from bringing to a vote his bill to throw children to coyotes, because it doesn’t throw them to coyotes fast enough. Since a bill supposedly intended to address the humanitarian crisis on our southern border didn’t include a provision that prevented humanitarian actions on the part of President Obama, Sen SCruzed advised his House puppets to prevent a vote on the bill.

Of course, it was a bad bill that had no chance to become law. It was insufficiently funded, and had more to do with getting more guns on the border than it did with addressing the problems. It was intended to deport refugee children, and to ensure they didn’t get adequate asylum hearings. Nevertheless, passage of any bill might have allowed something sensible to come out of a conference committee – if Republicans didn’t also block a Senate bill (which they did).

Just as happened during the last fubar over funding the government, Sen SCruzed decided that having his name on a wrench thrown into the works is more important than actually doing anything. Does anyone think this move will make Republicans more popular in advance of the November Congressional elections?

But the worst thing of all, for Republicans, is that they will stay in Washington to work (well, what passes for work among Republicans) at least one more day, instead of starting their vacation tomorrow.

Since even Republicans are insisting Something Must Be Done, this may well require the President to do something by executive order. The statement from the Republican caucus actually said, "There are numerous steps the president can and should be taking right now, without the need for congressional action, to secure our borders and ensure these children are returned swiftly and safely to their countries."  I shit you not. Republicans in the House are encouraging the President to act on his own -- for which lawless actions, of course, Republicans in the House earlier this week voted to sue him. You really can't make this crap up.

The award for greatest personal tragedy goes to Boehner (well, to the children on the border, but who cares about them?) who got his manhood handed to him again on a silver platter. He could have gotten a bill passed, by proposing something reasonable and getting Democratic votes along with the few remaining non-batshit Republican votes. But no. He is now the eunuch poster child for not having enough balls to stand up to teabaggers. Pretty sad.


UPDATE: must-read article: GOP Tells Obama to Ignore Congress One Day After Suing Him for Ignoring Congress

Thanks to the recs and tips, raising this to DK's daily rec list! I am humbled.

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