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This is an urgent action alert from Regina Chichizola, I will post more information as the campaign to save Trinity and Klamath River salmon builds momentum:

Last week federal officials at the Department of the Interior announced that, unlike in previous years, they will not preventively release Trinity River water from Lewiston Dam to avoid a Klamath River fish kill. They instead will only release water once the fish are sick and dying. This unscientific process will take at least four days and will likely lead to a large-scale salmon die off.  Water will instead go to the Central Valley to allow farmers to irrigate the dry eastern valley.

It is unacceptable that junior water right holders hundreds of miles away are getting water while the salmon die. Juvenile and spring run adult salmon are already dying in the Klamath and there still one month of summer until the fall run enters the river. There is no doubt that if water is not released from the Klamath's largest tributary, the Trinity, we will have a repeat of the 2002 Klamath River fish kill.

This same week those of us located on the Klamath River, watched the river turn bright green with toxic algae and the party responsible for the algae, Warren Buffett’s PacifiCorp, again applied algaecides behind their dams without public comment or notification. This practice has been proven to releases the algal toxin, Microcystin, which is a potent liver toxin. PacifiCorp’s dams create this toxic algae and all science to date shows that only dam removal can stop the blooms.

PacifiCorp has stated they support dam removal repeatedly. However on August 15th PacifiCorp will apply for a Clean Water Act permit from California to keep the dams, and will not even include an analysis of dam removal in their permit application.
After ten years of fighting for dam removal are we supposed to just accept this? Well PacifiCorp thinks so.

Dead fish, toxic green rivers, chemical use in the river, is this now the government is protecting the fish and the people? Crops can go fallow, dams can be removed but if we lose the salmon it may be forever. Those government agencies that are allowing parties like PacifiCorp and Westlands Irrigation District to kill our rivers have names and sit in air-conditioned offices.

This is why on August 19th we are going to these offices in Sacramento to demand water for the Trinity River and dam removal on the Klamath River. We will go to the Bureau of Reclamation and to State Water Board and let them know there will not be business as usual while the rivers are dying. Please join us!

For more information please go to Save the Klamath Trinity on Facebook, sign the petition; Stop a Klamath Fish Kill: Release Trinity Water on or go to or email klamathrights

Busses will be going to Sacramento from Hoopa and Orleans and hopefully Klamath and Arcata. A benefit will happen in Orleans this Friday. It is time for us all to get together to fight for the rivers. Please join us.

Originally posted to Dan Bacher on Tue Aug 05, 2014 at 04:29 PM PDT.

Also republished by DK GreenRoots.

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  •  The Native Nations depend on the salmon (7+ / 0-)

    They are the protectors of the Earth and always have been. White industrialists and the Federal government should NOT be permitted to kill the salmon, and not releasing water from Lewiston Dam is going to do exactly that. Killing off this year's salmon run is going to go a long way towards extinction of the Klamath River and Trinity River salmon. Once gone, that's forever. Even creating hatcheries and moving salmon eggs there can't truly replace the native salmon. Each run's salmon is unique.

    Here in the Pacific Northwest, we have a number of salmon runs. I live on a parcel of land that contains the headwaters of the main tributary of a named salmon stream, although Fish & Wildlife is convinced that the beginning of the stream is on my neighbor's land downstream, not on mine, and nothing I do - including bringing them out and showing them! - has convinced them otherwise. We know different, and we take great care not to do anything to harm the seasonal streamlet and our cedar bog. After the cedar bog, the water gathers back together and becomes a significant stream on my next door neighbor's land.

    We never see fish up here, and for good reason: the cedar bog. The river otters looooove to get some salmon (and one year came upstream and in one night, wiped out my neighbor's trout population - trout which he took great care to keep out of the stream).

    Wandering, sorry. What I was trying to get to is that the Native Nations here protect the salmon, often create and run the hatcheries, and understand that salmon is integral to their way of being. The Native Nations affected by this proposed fish kill know the same thing (a friend of mine is a member of one of the affected Tribes). We. Have. No. Right. To. Do. This. To. Them.

    An organ donor saved my life! Shop Kos Katalogue

    UID#39520 01/06/2005

    by Kitsap River on Tue Aug 05, 2014 at 05:23:00 PM PDT

  •  I found an interesting (8+ / 0-)

    article about dam removal for last Sunday's Overnight News Digest.

    Setting rivers free: As dams are torn down, nature is quickly recovering

    Ceiling Cat rules....srsly.

    by side pocket on Tue Aug 05, 2014 at 05:23:44 PM PDT

  •  let the river run. stop wasting life. (5+ / 0-)

    Things are bad enough to not make it worse.

    Stop Coddling Republicans. Fight. Give Them Nil. No Comity. No Courtesy. They Have Forfeited Any Expectation Of Civility. Treat Them Exactly As They Deserve. With Disdain. With Ostracism. We Are Democrats, Not Doormats!

    by renzo capetti on Tue Aug 05, 2014 at 06:09:52 PM PDT

  •  excellent, post about the Orleans benefit? (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    details if you have them..and do you contact Lost Coast Outpost up there about any of this.

    I posted a link to the story they ran recently about this issue, but had seen nothing about the application to keep the dams, aftyer all this time, now that???

    Thanks Dan.

    an article on Times Standard website today, I can't read it, because...this and that..won't open for me, anyway...go there for another article about Rio Dell getting water back today after recalibration etc...

    This machine kills Fascists.

    by KenBee on Tue Aug 05, 2014 at 11:16:52 PM PDT

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