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I am scratching my head over how it is humanly possible to be as clueless as the St. Louis County and Ferguson police departments. To make one mistake is understandable but to have EVERYTHING you do be a complete fuck up is astounding.

1.    Officer kills an unarmed black teen in the street.
2.    Officer who kills the teenager requests assistance but does not inform his   commanders of what happened. Instead, they learn it on the news like everyone else.
3.    The scene is left in the hands of the officer’s own colleagues who allow the officer to leave the scene of the crime. His vehicle is also allowed to leave the scene – presumably breaking the integrity of the chain of evidence.
4.    Victim is left lying in the road for four hours – inflaming the community and presumably destroying evidence.
5.    Witnesses say that the killing officer never bothered to check for a pulse once his victim went down. None of the other officers arriving on the scene checked for a pulse. Bystanders in the medical field were not allowed to attempt CPR.
6.    Rumor has it that the cellphones of possible witnesses were confiscated.
7.    Police launch campaign to protect the officer at all costs - including the destruction of the community of Ferguson.
8.    Police launch a full military invasion of the traumatized town of Ferguson.
9.    Police caught on international TV screaming “Bring it! Bring it you fucking animals!”.
10.    The response to a community protesting police brutality is the imposition of ‘martial law’ complete with authoritarianism, tear gas, rubber bullets, flash grenades and sound grenades.
11.    Police throw the Constitution out the window and arrest, assault and teargas journalists.
12.    Police arrest a well-known public figure for the "crime" of "failing to listen".
13.    Chief of Police praises his officers for showing incredible restraint.
14.    After days of shocking behavior that caught the attention of the world, police finally release Killer Cop's name - while concurrently launching a smear campaign against his victim. This decision to reignite the fuse of the powder keg is not run up the chain of command - despite pledges from the Governor that there is a new Sheriff in town.
15.    Chief of Police specifically says that he is not interested in talking to the community he has been victimizing.
16.    Chief of Police holds multiple press conferences in which he contradicts himself repeatedly.
17.    Chief of Police makes a statement PRAISING the Killer Cop while concurrently smearing the dead teenaged victim at the center of the nation’s outrage.

"He was a gentle, quiet man," Police Chief Thomas Jackson said Friday, referring to Wilson. "He was a distinguished officer. He was a gentleman. ... He is, he has been, an excellent officer."
Police Chief Thomas Jackson, you have got to be the STUPIDEST MORON on the face of the planet. To call you “stupid” is in fact an insult to stupid people.

I hold you 100% responsible for every bit of this national tragedy.
YOU allowed a culture that has consistently dehumanized and discriminated against African Americans and, by so doing, YOU laid the groundwork for the murder of Michael Brown.
YOUR officers referred to a traumatized community as “fucking animals” on international TV.
YOU shielded a man who killed a fleeing teenager, at the expense of an entire community.
YOU have consistently demonstrated that you will go to almost any length to protect one of your own.
YOU have praised a killer and smeared a teenager whose biggest crime in life was possibly stealing a pack of cigarettes.
YOU threw the law out the window and declared war on the very people you are paid to serve and protect.
YOU have demonstrated that you are prepared to lie in order to protect a killer.
YOU are an asshole who should not be in any position of authority. You don’t have the sense or integrity to do the job required.

So many ways for you to have handled this tragedy and you, without fail, have consistently chosen the worst option.

This entire fiasco is like watching a modern day version of In the Heat of the Night. It is tragic and disgusting and infuriating.

2:48 PM PT: I suggest everyone quit this diary and move to the one beneath it on the Rec List The Dumbest Police Chief in America seems to be outmatched by the Governor of Missouri.

Everyone stay safe tonight. All Hell is about to break loose. And for good reason.

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