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This is a screen shot of a google image search of "Fractured Orbital Bone." I have not been able to find video or other images of Officer Wilson's face at the time of the shooting that are clear enough to say with certainty whether or not he appears to have wounds consistent with a fractured orbital bone. However, it is interesting to note from Piaget Crenshaw's video that Officer Wilson rarely reaches up to touch his face. Most people instinctively reach up to survey damage after they have been punched in the face. But, none of this really means much because it all requires raw speculation.

Besides, whether or not Officer Wilson has a broken eye socket is really immaterial. The fact remains that Micheal Brown's over six foot tall body had a bullet in the top of his head. This means the final shot could not have been to the forehead as "Josie" has stated in her now infamous hearsay testimony. The final shot must necessarily have been to the top of the head. Not only that, but the community anger doesn't come from the Micheal Brown case alone. Micheal Brown is merely the straw that broke the camel's back. You would have to be from Mars not to notice that with shocking regularity white people can go where they please armed to the teeth with assault rifles and not even have to show their IDs when if a black person so much as sneezes in public, they get shot down like a dog in the street.    

Unfortunately in this case, we have an autopsy drawing that appears to the untrained eye to show gunshot wounds to the face, when in fact they came down from a higher angle. Dr. Parcells explains that some of those wounds are exit and reentry wounds. Crucially, one of the wounds to the top of the head above the right eye(they seem to think) exited at the right eye, pierced the chin, and reentered near the collar bone. This indicates a trajectory nearly straight down through the head into the body, which, unfortunately is consistent with a bum rush scenario. The two shots close together to the top of the head could have been the result of a lightly squeezed trigger. Note that a semiautomatic pistol with its trigger pulled too lightly can fire two bullets in quick succession instead of one. This would be consistent with an officer backing up on his heels. There is also a graze wound to the right thumb that looks like it could match a reentry wound to the chest that would be in the same basic trajectory as the head wound if Micheal had his hands out in front with his head down in the classic bull rush position. Without any gun shot wounds to the back, it really isn't as open and shut as it sounds. The one wound to the inside back of the forearm could have as easily come from the back as the front. Eyewitness testimony is obviously going to be key. If what we have seen so far from Fox News is any indication, I hope those eyewitnesses have thick skin.

I have at least a little sympathy for an officer who might be a little bit scared being bum rushed by a rather large Micheal Brown. The question is, the Ferguson Police with all their military hardware don't have tazers and pepper spray and shit? This is what President Obama was referring to, I believe, when he was taking about poorly trained beat cops. There is not enough focus on how to handle certain situations without lethal force. We have technology up the ass that can be used instead of pistols with 15 round magazines. There is no reason in the world for cops to open fire like Bruce Willis in a "Die Hard" Movie every time there is a problem. After all, Barney Fife only had one bullet and he had to keep it in his top pocket.

The Brown family lawyer explains the location of the two entry points to the top of Micheal Brown's head at about 8:18 in the video. The actual explanation of the autopsy drawing is done by Dr. Shawn Parcells at about 16:50:


Link to search request:

Daily Mirror post containing Piaget Crenshaw's video:

Here is a press conference with the president that was interesting for several reason, both regarding Ferguson and Iraq. Specifically, I thought his response to questions about the militarization of American police seemed subdued - see 8:46. Later around 22:00  he acknowledges higher rates of criminality by Black and Latino boys before talking about unequal justice in America. I just get the feeling that he is tip toeing through the tulips of institutional racism when tromping with rubber boots might be more satisfying. I trust him because I know he knows what he is doing. And whatever catharsis I want from the man will probably not be helpful.

On the topic of Iraq at 11:46 he has some interesting things to say about "Mission Creep." Specifically at 12:44 he talks about a "viable Partner" in the region. He basically explains why we didn't start bombing back when John McCain was begging for it, the timing wasn't right. I am way paraphrasing here. They(we) had to get rid of Maliki and develop the right kind of rapport with the other players in the region before we could start air raids on ISIL. Otherwise, the Humpty Dumpty like process of putting Iraq back together again would be that much harder.

3:37 PM PT: Sorry folks, I know most of this is old news. This was a diary that I started and did not have time to finish because of my job as a laborer(snarky but true). I am posting this because an email told me someone had a problem with an image used here. My question is, how does someone have a problem with an image in an unpublished diary?

Mon Sep 08, 2014 at 8:21 PM PT: Once again the commentators make the diary. If Officer Wilson had any injuries whatsoever, the images of his face would have been plastered all over the news.
Thanks to all of you for sharing.

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